The Disgruntled Employee

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Mission briefing
Nugoeihuvi Corporation recently sacked one of its employees after a routine inspection revealed a large amount of indecent pictures stored in his personal database. Sadly, this ex-employee wasn't all too pleased with our decision, and has resorted to camping outside of our headquarters and harassing our customers. Fortunately though, we dug up some old offenses this guy made and revealed them to the authorities, who promptly lowered his security rating quite a bit. In effect, he's fair game. Please warp over to the location on the bookmark I'm about to give you and squash this little pest. I doubt he will survive for long, as some of our customers are heavily armed. So hurry up and take him out if you want your reward.

Single pocket with gate.
Video: [Corax]


  • Kill the ex-employee, ignore the rest.


  • No loot

When you first activate the acceleration gate you get the following message:
"The disgruntled smut-king's hideout is supposedly located within this former asteroid belt which has been almost completely mined to oblivion. A suspicious looking hollow asteroid and a few barren rocks are all that remain of this once densely packed belt."

First pocket
Group 1 (15km, auto aggro)
Frigate 1 x Frigate Infester Alvi
Drone 1 x Drone Mammon Apis
Group 2 (30-40km, no auto aggro)
Frigate 1 x Frigate The Ex-Employee

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