The Good Word

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The Good Word
ObjectiveTake the preacher called Tolmak from the Yunshin Z refining complex to your agent.
FactionScions of the Superior Gene
Best damage to dealKinetic
Damage to resistKinetic / Thermal
Ship suggestionBattlecruiser
Mission briefing
Have you heard those crazy sermons that people are talking about? The ones delivered by this self-proclaimed “prophet” who calls himself Tolmak? Yeah, that freak who's trying to create a religion. He's got a lot of converts among the discontents of our little corner of the universe. But he's also got a lot of enemies, people who don't like what he's been spewing. People who might try to kill him. Thing is, certain powerful people find him useful. A nice distraction from more political pursuits. They'd like him alive.

One of his acolytes set up shop in our little corner of the universe and began preaching to the locals. This “priest” is not exactly causing trouble, but he's making certain powerful people uncomfortable. Not only that, but we've heard reports of violence against this cult in other sectors. We'd like to quietly remove this man from the picture and avoid any possibility for backlash in our own areas. At the same time, we don't want to make a martyr out of him and build further support for this cult. The situation needs to be handled discreetly.

He's currently preaching on Yunshin Z, a refining complex. This is a low population industrial center with little contact to the outside world. We can afford to make bold moves here. Your task is to find this preacher and return him to us. We'll handle the rest.

Wait a few seconds for spawns.

Pocket 1

First room starts off empty. 6x Cruiser (Scions of the the Superior Gene) in Caracals warp in at 70-80km. Orbits at 17km.

Multiple Spawns:
5x Cruiser (Scions of the Superior Gene)
4x Tolmak's Zealots (Friendly, kill if you want)

Gate is intially locked. It will unlock when the first wave is cleared. (Can activate it if you are quick before npc's spawn)

Pocket 2

6 Cruiser (Scions of the the Superior Gene) Caracal start firing from 12-14km. Also orbits at 17km. Blitz: Grab Tolmak from container, wait for completion, and warp out.


32x Veldspar

Loot: 1,000,000 isk
Salvage: 750,000 isk
Bounties: 0 isk


The Scions of the Superior Gene are a minor extremist cult. They believe that the Jovians are gods, and their technology is sacred – too pure to be used by the lowly empires. They have a small fleet of well-armed ships used exclusively to "purify" those who they feel have offended the Jovians.

Tolmak has managed to convert a number of people to his religious message. Some of them are so fanatical they're willing to fight for him. These zealots form a motley fleet of whatever small ships they have been able to buy with donations from their planetside brethren.

Activate the first gate before NPC's spawn, Grab Tolmak from container, wait for completion, and warp out.

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