The Score (Angel Cartel) (Level 1)

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ObjectiveKill Angel Cartel Partrol
FactionAngel Cartel
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Mission briefing
We got reports of an Angel Cartel patrol in this sector. Our surveillance patrol reports they are scouts providing intel back to their leaders for a much larger raiding party. We cannot have them discover our weak points or gather any intel on our convoy travel routes. Teach them a lesson for us, <Character>.

Single gated pocket where you kill Angel Cartel ships. Despite the mission telling you to 'destroy all the ships', only the 'main target' and the surrounding group needs to be destroyed.

Structures do not drop loot.

Blitz: Kill Destroyer and the group around him (Gistior Defacer/Haunter) by the ghost ship and the mission will be marked as complete.

Single Pocket

No Aggro at warp in.


Frigate 9 x Frigate Gistii Nomad/...
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Gistior Defacer/Haunter

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