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For the nitty-gritty of coding see coding notes

This are the personal notes from Evon R'al on editing the wiki.


Templates used (short info)

  • {{Anchor|<name>}} - Creates an invisible "anchor" that can be targeted by links. Possible use: keeping the "old" jump point active when renaming a header. Preferably to be removed after al links to that jump point have been updated.
  • {{Banner|<content>}} - Primarily used for standardizing maintenance templates. Also to make it easier to do samples in the docs without putting the template and doc in the templates maintenance category
  • {{Box|<border color>|<contents>|<border style>}} - Page wide box. Default: + border color, medium grey + Border style, dotted. 02 June 2021 No | allowed in contents (breaks the box)
  • {{Cleanup|<reason>|<date=Month Year>}} - Non content related. Needs to be at top of the page. Cleanup box shows up wherever the code is placed
  • {{Co|<text color>|<background color>|<text>}} - Colors text and background. Uses the usual CSS(html) options, e.g. named or hex(#). Background color may be omitted.
  • {{Color|<text color>|<text>}} - Text color can use the usual html options, e.g. named or hex(#)
  • {{CMBSiteInfo}} - See template page
  • {{Damagetype|<damage code>|<damage code>|<damage code>|<damage code>|<damage code>}} - damage code is em, ex, ki, th ot omni. 1 damage code needed rest is optional.
  • {{Deletion|<reason>}} - Mark page/article for deletion
  • {{Disambig}} - Mark page as disambiguation page
  • {{Hatnote|<note>}} - Link to additional or further information. Used at the top of the page.
  • {{m3}} - m3
  • {{Merge|<page 1>|<page 2>|<...>|<Page 20>|<target= target>|<discussion= talk page (full name>}} - On top of page. Can link to up-to 20 pages to merge with.
  • {{MessageBox|<head>|<text>|<collapsed=yes>}}
  • {{Mission stub}} - Used to indicate incomplete Mission report
  • {{MissionBriefing|<mission briefing text>}} - To put the mission briefing from the agent into the page, copy from the left side of the mission offer
  • {{Missiondetails}} - see template page
  • {{MissionLinks}} - Box(vertical) with mission links on top right of the page
  • {{Missionrelated}} - Box(horizontal) with mission links as footer (Place at bottom of the page)
  • {{NPCTableHead|<header text>}} need to be closed with |}after the last NPCTableRow of the table
    • {{NPCTableCSS}} - Once on page where NPCTableHead is used
    • {{NPCTableRow|<ship/structure size(icon code)>|<number of>|<name(s)>|<ewar=ewar (see template page)>|<point= (see template page>|<cargo=loot>|<drop=drop>|<trigger=trigger>|<note=note>}} - 1 or more as needed. cargo(shiny){{{cargo}}}, drop(not shiny){{{drop}}}, trigger{{{trigger}}} and note{{{note}}} show up as tooltip to the respective icons
    • {{NPCTableSeparator|<Separator text>}} - 0 or more as/when needed
    • |} Do not forget to close the table
  • {{Plainlist|<wiki list>}} - Suppress the marker in front of the list items.
  • {{Update|<Update reason>}} - Content related. Needs to be at top of the page. Update box shows up wherever the code is placed
  • {{Work in progress|<description>}} - Indication that somebody is working on the article/page. Only to be used for a limited time

For other templates see category Template.

Magic words

Behavior switches

  • __NOTOC__ - Suppresses the table of content


  • {{NAMESPACE}} - User
  • {{PAGENAME}} - Evon R'al/Wiki edit notes
  • {{FULLPAGENAME}} - User:Evon R'al/Wiki edit notes
  • {{TALKPAGENAME}} - User talk:Evon R'al/Wiki edit notes
  • {{SUBPAGENAME}} - Wiki edit notes
  • {{SERVER}} -

See also:


For checking CSS:

"Renaming"/moving an article/page

An article/page can not be renamed.

An article/page can only be moved. When doing so:

  • the content of the page is "moved" to the new name
  • the history of the page is moved as-well, so it stays available.
  • if a talk/discussion page exists the option to move it is offered.
  • the old page is automatically changed into a redirect page, admin's can move without leaving a redirect but regular editors can't

It is not a good idea to copy the text of the page into a new page because then the history is been lost. And the history staying with the old page loses its relevance.

Icon information square.png Note: As the wiki is a database, I assume that the data is not really moved, there is just a new pointer to the record(s)

Moving a page is a multi step process:

  1. the actual move ("arrow" next to the search-box on top of the page)
  2. go back to the old page and evaluate and adapt, if needed, the links pointing to it (What links here, under tools in the left navbar)
  3. Check for, and change, Double redirects
  4. evaluate if the old page:
  • stays a redirect
  • needs to be changed into a disambiguation page {{Disambig}}. The original page is split into two or there is a new page about the subject E.g.
    • the original page was getting to broad and rewritten in two, or more, pages
    • or mission "Do something" exist for multiple levels and/or factions so there are now the pages "Do something (Level 1)" and "Do something (Level 2)"
  • is a candidate for {{Deletion}} because of spelling error in the page name or something like that
  • write new content. Maybe a broad overview of the subject with links to one or more pages with the details (including the "new" page)

Interwiki links

Interwiki links are links to pages of other projects, using a prefixed internal link style.

To use interwiki links use [[ followed by the prefix, a colon and then the page name and the closing parenthesis.

So for a link to WikiPedia [] could be replaced by [[wikipedia:Hyperlink#Wikis]]

For prefixes known by UniWiki see Interwiki data

See also

Wikipedia: Hyperlinks § Wikis

MediaWiki: Manual interwiki