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This is a syllabus for the "Introduction to EVE University" class, taught periodically for new members to the UNI.

This syllabus is current as of April 29th, 2013.


Class Information

This section contains the standard information of this class pertaining to scheduling and class contents. The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the EVE University forum. Additional information relevant to the teacher is listed under Notes for the Teacher.

General Information

Text for an advertisement for this class on the EVE University forum:

[size=150][color=#FFFF00][b]Introduction to EVE University[/b][/color][/size]


This class is a general orientation for new (or relatively new) members, and anyone else that isn't sure they know exactly what they can do in EVE University. It should last 90 minutes to two hours, depending on how many questions are asked.

[color=#FFFF00]Topics covered:[/color][list]
[*] Our Mission
[*] EVE University Rules
[*] University Management and Structure
[*] Purposes of Chat Channels
[*] UNI communications: Forum/Calendar/Wiki/Mumble
[*] University Services and Benefits
[*] Joining UNI Fleets
[*] Missioning Around Aldrat
[*] E-UNI During Wartime (the WSOP)
[*] Titles
[*] Q&A - bring your questions about the UNI and how to get the most from your experience here

[color=#FFFF00]Student requirements:[/color][list]
[*] Mumble registration and access - please have your Mumble access sorted out well in advance of the class! Use this guide to set up Mumble:
[*] Access to the Class.E-UNI in-game chat channel

[color=#FFFF00]Questions?[/color] Post here in this thread.

Notes for the Teacher

Required materials:

  • Class.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links from this syllabus.

There is a lot of material to cover here, so keep the program going briskly. Post the links in the syllabus into Class.E-UNI chat, so that participants can click for more details in their areas of interest. Encourage questions posted in Class.E-UNI chat, and try to answer them as you go along. Keep an eye on the clock - it is all too easy to go beyond two hours with this material.

Class Contents


Welcome! This class is designed primarily for new members of EVE University, or for those who have been around a while but aren't sure that they know all that they should about the UNI.

Over the next 90 minutes or so, we shall cover some important information about UNI polices, organization, services and benefits. This class is also your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the UNI.

(Instructor should then introduce himself or herself - covering relevant experience level and background.)

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • You should be docked up safely in a station. Don't get distracted by this class and get blown up by evil gankers.
  • Please configure your Mumble settings for "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so.
  • Feel free to type any questions in the Class.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.


  • Someone recording in mumble? If not, is there a volunteer who can post it to the class library on the wiki?

Everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin....

EVE University and Our Mission

  • Welcome to the UNI!
  • If you are new to EVE, you are in the right place!
  • We are a non-profit training corporation whose mission is to help new pilots in New Eden and prepare them for their future careers, whatever that may be. Whether it's mining, PI, missions, wormholes, nullsec, pvp, industry, station trading, anything: the UNI has people who can teach you what you need to know to be successful.
  • We do not mind if you move on once you have learned everything you wish to learn from us - that is what the UNI is all about!
  • Once you become a member of the UNI, you are really a member of our extended family forever, even if you leave. You'll see UNI alumni and friends in our Chat.E-UNI channel, for example - even some with negative standing to the UNI! They are welcome to contribute to our chat and forum discussions, because they can be very helpful to our members.
  • Our original founder, Morning Maniac, founded the UNI to provide a safe place for new players to learn. He's since turned over the UNI to our current management team, though he checks in from time to time to see how the UNI is doing. We are proud to continue Morning Maniac's original vision, growing the UNI into one of the most successful corporations in the game.

EVE University Rules

As you know from your application, the UNI has a set of rules and policies that all Unistas are expected to follow. This isn't meant to be draconian, it's meant to give you the opportunity to learn about the game while avoiding needless deaths and creating conflicts for the broader UNI community.

  • Code of Conduct - there are five general rules that every UNI is expected to follow at all times:
    • Honesty. Yes, it is possible to be a pirate or scammer in this game, but that is not permitted while you are a student of Eve University. What you do with the skills you learn here once you leave is up to you, but while you are in the UNI, you will be expected to treat fellow members, and other players in EVE, with honesty and openness.
    • Respect. We will not tolerate members making personal attacks on or "talking smack" to anyone in the EVE community. Respect the property rights of others.
      • Post no inappropriate content in public channels. You may be an adult, but not everyone in the UNI is also.
    • Follow the EULA. We all agreed to it. You can find the EULA here: Eve Online EULA
    • Freedom. Nobody requires you to fight, mine, mission or engage in UNI events. You can log in and play EVE as much or as little as you wish. What you do while in the UNI is up to you - all we ask is that while you are a member of the UNI, you will comply with our policies and rules. Note, however, that if you are inactive - that is, you don't log in - for more than 30 days, you will be dismissed from the UNI: Inactive Member Policy
    • Balance "self" with "service". Once you get more experience in the game, you are more than welcome to join us in passing that wisdom onto others. Our community of members helping each other is what makes the UNI strong. If it was not for volunteers, there would be no EVE University. If you want to contribute but do not yet have the experience, consider editing the wiki, contributing to our forum discussions, or applying to be a Personnel Officer.
  • Movement. The UNI has guidelines about where/what you should fly, as stated in the rules. Above all, don't fly what you can't afford to lose, and always watch for war targets!
    • High Security Space (0.5+) is fine. Be wary of trade hubs, as they're often camped by war targets. This is why you should set up a hauler alt! (for another class...)
    • Low Security Space (0.1-0.4)- You're free to travel, but learn the mechanics of low-sec and understand the risks.
    • NPC Nullsec (0.0) - NPC Nullsec: Great Wildlands, Curse, Syndicate and Outer Ring are okay. Venal and Stain are NPC nullsec, but are not free travel zones as you have to travel through claimable nullsec. Get a good map, and learn where these regions are located: Ombeve's Eve in 2d Map and Dotlan Evemaps
    • Claimable Nullsec (0.0) - held by other player corporations. Do NOT go there unless you're part of a fleet with an Ivy League officer either leading or taking responsibility. DO NOT GO ALONE!
    • Wormhole Space - enter at your own risk. If you find that your only exit leads to Claimable Nullsec space, you are allowed to leave on the shortest path towards Empire space (low-sec or hi-sec), but report to the UNI Director of Public Relations, Irdalth Delrar afterward. When in doubt, contact a UNI director first before ever traveling through Claimable Nullsec space.
  • Overview. You must have set up your overview as per the Overview Guide - be sure to set this up after this class, if you have not already done so.
  • Combat. Read our Rules of Engagement carefully!
    • In Hisec you are generally only free to engage "flashy" targets (assuming you've set up your overview to E-Uni standards). Flashy targets are outlaws that did something illegal in the last 15 minutes, have a security status below -5 or are wartargets. You can attack -10s that aren't flashy in hisec, but CONCORD will blow you up and you will lose your ship. So, unless you know what you're doing, keep that safety on green.
    • In Low Security Space the UNI operates under an NRDS rule of engagement - "Not Red, Don't Shoot". If it isn't flashy on your overview or standing from our alliance isn't -5 or -10, don't engage. Be aware that engaging a valid non-flashy target lowers your Security Status.
    • In NPC 0.0 and wormhole space, the UNI operates under an NBSI rule of engagement - "Not Blue, Shoot It" - a more aggressive policy. In NPC nullsec and W-Space, you may shoot ships neutral to the UNI, except non-combat ships like industrials and freighters, and we also do not attack neutral player-owned starbases (POS structures).
    • When in doubt, assume that our rule of engagement is NRDS, not NBSI; until you know these rules backwards and forwards, don't change your in-game safety setting from green.
  • Communications. Because the UNI is a neutral institution, we have strict rules about how we communicate with outside parties:
    • No contact with hostile parties - no talking to War Targets or pilots with a standing to IVY League of -5 or -10 , no talking in Local chat while you're in a combat fleet (unless directed by an Fleet Commander or Director) Report hostiles attempting contact to a UNI Director. You're free to chat in local in all other cases (but you don't have to remember the rules above).
    • Postings on any blogs or forums must never mention a past or current conflict that involves the UNI. This especially applies to the official EVE Online forums: - be smart, don't post anything that will provoke people!
    • Speaking of the the official EVE Online forums, no UNI (except our CEO, Azmodeus Valar) is allowed to ever post anything to the "Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center" forum: - (Note: you must be logged into EVE Gate to use this link.)

EVE University During Wartime

  • The UNI is constantly at war now, so read the Wartime Standard Operating Procedures. These rules are designed to minimize losses to War Targets and keep unistas safe. Learn it, live by it.
  • The UNI WSOP used to be very restrictive, but we have since relaxed many of the rules. This puts more responsibility on your shoulders as a member of the UNI. The key things to remember are: during wartime, don't make yourself an easy target, don't fly anything expensive and shiny, and don't do anything that will make the war fun in any way for our enemies.
  • If you undock during wartime, you should be on Mumble.
  • You can fly almost any ship, but it is recommended that you don't fly faction ships or with faction modules until you're a Sophomore, and don't fly T3/Unique/Pirate ships until you're a Graduate. This is so that students don't try to make up for experience with shiny things.
  • All Capital ships require the permission of a director to fly.
  • You may run missions, but it's recommended that you either mission a good distance away from Aldrat or be in a fleet.
  • War Loot has to be put into the War Loot Hangar in PTS. Loot can also be used to help fleet members who lost their ships. The proceedings of the loot go directly into the Ship Replacement Program.
  • Do not communicate with any war targets! If they communicate with you, do not respond, and tell the Director of Public Relations, Irdalth Delrar, or another director immediately!
  • Violation of Wartime SOP can result in your ship being destroyed, you being podded, and/or expelled from the UNI.
  • If you would rather continue with unrestricted, "normal" activities during wartime, please drop corp. There are no negative repercussions for doing this, and you will be welcome back into the UNI with open arms.
  • Please consider staying with the UNI during wartime, however. Wars can be a lot of fun, and the UNI provides ships and modules to reimburse your losses, so why not give it a try?

EVE University Management and Structure

  • The UNI is split into five departments, each headed by a director, who are in turn assisted by managers and staff.
  • Our benevolent CEO is Azmodeus Valar. Please note that the UNI is not a democracy. While Azmodeus always listens to the opinions and advice of her directors, managers and students, when she makes a decision on policy for the UNI, that decision is final.
  • Human Resources - Director: Marius Labo
  • Education - Directors: Bairfhionn Isu (Head of Department) and Neville Smit (Teaching Director)
    • Responsible for organizing classes such as this one! Also responsible for assigning mentors, and setting up university-wide events. Check the in-game calendar for the latest schedule of events and classes - click the date in the lower left corner to see the calendar.
    • Mentor Program - Apply to get one-on-one instruction and help from experienced UNI Graduates.
  • Logistics - Director: Turhan Bey
    • Responsible for organizing UNI mining ops, operating our POS (player owned starbase), managing our research labs, supervising our ship-building programs, and looking after the UNI hangars - as well as producing items to keep them stocked.
  • Public Relations - Directors: Irdalth Delrar (Head of Department) and Bashir (Diplomatic Director)
    • Responsible for maintaining relations with other corporations, and for managing our forums, wiki and website.
    • Irdalth Delrar is our Director of Public Relations, and is our main diplomatic contact with outside parties. Contact Irdalth if you ever have a diplomatic question, or an issue with non-UNI players or corporations, or as mentioned previously, if you get stuck in claimable nullsec space.
  • Special Projects - Director: Frood Frooster
    • The Special Projects department is in charge of the various campuses (which we'll cover later) and the Ivy League Navy.
    • Ivy League Navy - Admiral/Manager: Croixant
    • New Eden is a dangerous place, even in high-sec, so the UNI maintains a standing defense force. Everyone that joins the UNI is automatically a member of the ILN.
    • When you joined the UNI, you automatically became a member of our standing defense force, the Ivy League Navy - congratulations!
    • The ILN is capably run by our Admirals and assisted by many other ILN offciers.
    • During peacetime, ILN officers have no direct control over students, but during war a command from them is to be obeyed without question. They cannot order you to fight, but they can order you to dock up and stay there for your own protection - if they do, dock up or you will be added to Ubercado's corpse collection.
    • The ILN is a great team to interact with, if you are interested in learning more about player vs. player (PvP) combat. Check out the ILN chat channel, Mess.ILN, to discuss fittings and combat tactics.
    • ILN details and how to get involved.
  • Student Advocate - In addition to the above departments, there is a Student Advocate (link)who is chosen to function as a mediator, addressing issues at student level before they escalate to the point where a director should need to get involved. If you have a conflict with another unista or have a complaint, the Student Advocate is the person to get in touch with.

Communications in Eve University

The UNI provides a number of ways to converse and communicate with the corporation membership:

  • Chat Channels and Mailing Lists
    • The UNI maintains a number of special interest channels - check the wiki list for those that may be of interest to you.
    • There are three chat channels of special importance: Alliance, Corp and Chat.E-UNI
      • Alliance - Used for forming fleets, or for important announcements by uni management. Keep it clear...
      • Corp - Used by students to make official requests. For example: to request skillbook reimbursement, or requesting items from the hangars. It can be tempting to raise other conversations here but please do not.
        • Flashy Alliance and Corp usually means something important. Please do not dilute it with chatter, requests for comments on your fittings, and saying hi.
      • Chat.E-UNI - Use this channel for everything else, including saying hi, bye, general chat and questions about Eve, not continuing memes.
    • Wartime Note - Other than forming fleets in Alliance, during wartime there is to be no talk of UNI fleets or tactical information on any channel outside of the fleet itself. With around 2,800 members, we cannot be sure if there are spies in corp (actually we are fairly certain there are....). Suspicion is a part of Eve, get used to it - the larger nullsec corps will likely be far stricter on this than we are, so consider this a part of your training :)
  • Forums
    • Divided into public discussion, UNI discussion, ILN, events and education, Q&A topics, and staff areas. Be sure to note where you are posting, and whether it is a public forum (open to non-members) or restricted to UNI members.
  • Calendar
    • We use the in-game calendar for posting all classes and UNI events.
    • You can access the calendar either by clicking in-game on the date in the lower left corner, or by viewing it on EVE Gate.
    • Check this for class and event schedules (and cancellations!)
  • UniWiki
    • The Eve University wiki (a.k.a, the "UniWiki") is a great resource for information about the UNI and about EVE, in general.
    • All Eve University documentation can be found here. Note that the Wiki is always the source of the definitive version of our current policies.
  • Mumble - Obviously there is no need to tell you how to set it up, because you would not be in this class otherwise!
    • You do not need a microphone, unless you are a Fleet Commander, Wing Commander, or Squad Commander in a fleet.
    • Generally during classes, only the teaching staff will be talking. You should post any questions in Class.E-UNI chat.
    • Do not join fleet channels unless you are in that fleet. Do not idle in the Docking Bay.
    • The Public Lounge section on Mumble is a great place to get answers to EVE questions from experienced UNI Mentors, such as Seamus Donohue (a.k.a, "Encyclopedia Donohue").
  • Where to find passwords for Chat, etc: Corporation button in the NeoCom (on the left) > Alliances > Bulletins
    • Never give anyone our passwords - direct them to Corporation > Alliances > Bulletins - if they can't get access to this, they have no business getting our passwords anyway!

University Services

  • Classes and Events
    • Most classes are organized by UNI Teachers, Professors and Guest Lecturers, but anyone who has the time and inclination can run one. Read Joining The Faculty if you have an interest in teaching.
    • Check the in-game calendar for the current schedule of classes and events.
    • The Class Library - contains recording of past classes and lectures.
  • Ship Building Programs
    • The UNI provides programs for you to acquire ships at lower prices:
      • BYOM Ship Production - Bring Your Own Minerals - if you provide your own minerals, the UNI will build a ship hull for you. Check the Corp Hangar under the Store tab for blueprints of ships available.
      • PYOS Ship Production - Purchase Your Own Ship - if you have the ISK, you can buy ships directly from the UNI at cost.
      • [Freighter Production]] - The Uni has a freighter production program, able to be paid for either with ISK or BYOM (bring your own minerals).
  • Corporation Hangar
    • You need an approved hangar-access title to be able to open hangars - we'll talk more about titles later. In the meantime, you can request items via Corp chat. You will need to be at Pator Tech School in Aldrat to receive items from the hangars.
    • The Alpha hangar contains meta 0 modules, ammo, tech I frigates, and introductory-level skillbooks. The Theta hangar includes modules and ammo for cruisers and battlecruisers, and related skillbooks. The Psi hangar includes modules and ammo for battleships, and advanced-level skillbooks.
    • Don't abuse the hangar! Follow the policies on the wiki: Corporation Hangar
    • Contributions to the UNI hangars are always welcome! Drop your contributed items into the "UNI Contributions" storage container in the Alpha hangar. For more information about other kinds of donations to the UNI, see this link:
  • Mentor Program
    • At your request, you can get one-on-one guidance and coaching from experienced UNI Graduates, to help you learn aspects of the game.
    • Mentorships last up to three months. We match Mentors with students based on compatible faction, playing times, and game interests.
  • The Skillbook Program
    • We will reimburse the cost of any skillbook that retails at under one million ISK for the NPC price. If in doubt of the NPC price, it is the one at the "school" stations (e.g. Pator Tech School) - HQ will always have the definitive price. We will reimburse up to a maximum of 1M ISK of skillbook purchases per day - that is, 1M worth of skillbooks per 24 hour period.
    • Any skillbook that is above 1M in price is up to you to fund - by the time you need these, you should be able to generate enough income to afford it! If you want more info about how to generate ISK in EVE, attend our EVE Careers 101 class.
    • To request a reimbursement, post it in Corp chat - be sure to include a link to the skillbook name, and the amount for you need to be reimbursed. Please be patient when making reimbursement requests. Once you have the Freshman title, you can get to the skillbook wallet yourself and will be expected to help with reimbursement requests.
  • The +3 Implants Program
    • This program is for players who have been in the game for less than 3 months
    • For the small fee of 5 million ISK each eligible Unista has the chance to get their hands on some training implants
    • Check the topic for the information on how to obtain the implants
  • Jump Clones
    • The UNI has 8.0+ standings with Wiyrkomi Peace Corps and Khanid Innovation, and you can use these to obtain jump clones. You cannot obtain jump clones in or near Aldrat unless you grind 8.0 standings with a corporation yourself.
    • Note that corporate standings are the average of standings for all members that spoke with a corporation's agents - those members who do not talk to a corporation's agents do not count towards the average. Therefore, DO NOT EVER speak to any agent in Wiyrkomi Peace Corps or Khanid Innovation at any time! If you do, you will instantly drag the UNI average down and prevent everyone from being able to get new Jump Clones. This will most likely result in your being removed from UNI until you have an 8.0 standing to maintain required standings.
  • Mining Loaner Fleet
    • The UNI provides free use of industrial ships and mining vessels, with suitable fittings, to aspiring haulers and miners. This is an 'on-loan' basis, so we expect it back in the same manner it was delivered.
  • Incursion Loaners
    • Will supply fitted Battlecruisers so that Unists can try Incursions. The loans are short term and are only intended to give people a taste of how incursions are run and the rewards available. People will be expected to progress in to incursion Battleships if they wish to join fleets on a regular basis.
  • Ship Replacement Program
    • Ships of Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser size lost during wartime or official Uni Ops may be replaced by making a request through the Ship Replacement Program. This covers the hull only, no modules.

Special Projects

We have several projects that specialize in several aspects of EVE or are just another way to do things. Each of these groups has their own wiki page, which you can read for requirements on joining and suggested skills/ships.

  • Amarr Mining Campus
    • The Amarr Mining camp (or AMC) is to provide E-UNI students with the opportunity to mine in organized fleets, learn how to run fleet operations efficiently, and to earn ISK in a friendly co-operative environment.
    • Join Channel Amarr Mining Camp ingame to get suited up and directions.
  • LoSec Campus
    • The LoSec Campus (or LSC) was formed by students who wanted to live in low security space to primarily PVP but also do Missions and Exploration.
  • Project: Solitude
    • Project: Solitude was formed to establish a University presence and trade hub in an isolated high-sec pocket (in the midst of low-sec) in the Solitude region.
  • Wormhole Campus
    • The Wormhole campus aims to provide students with a chance to experience W-Space living, with all its challenges and opportunities.
  • Nullsec Campus
    • The Nullsec Campus maintains and supports a Uni base of operations in NPC Null-Sec, giving students a chance to experience life far away from Empire Space.

Missioning Around Aldrat

  • Comprehensive list of agents within 10 jumps at Mission Guide to Aldrat
  • Minmatar Mining Corporation (MMC) - lots of agents, no jump clone facilities.
  • Caldari Business Tribunal (CBT) - does offer jump clones!
    • Both MMC and CBT offer a selection of L1-L4 agents in the near vicinity.
  • Also consider missioning elsewhere, and having a Jump Clone for getting to Aldrat fast.

Joining Fleets

Titles Within EVE University

  • Three titles in the UNI are of special significance: Freshman, Sophomore and Graduate. These designate your tenure and level of participation in the UNI.
  • In addition, there are three sub-titles that provide access to additional UNI resources: Alpha, Theta and Psi - each level provides more access.
  • Freshman and Sophomore titles are automatically applied, as are Alpha and Theta hangar access, when the appropriate requirements are met. Note that you must apply to receive the Graduate title - it is not automatically processed. Kaein Soturus is the current UNI Title Manager. He and his staff review and verify all title applications, so it can take up to a couple of weeks to process - please be patient when you apply for your titles.
  • There are other titles in the University (e.g., Personnel Officer, Teacher, Professor, Mentor, ILN Officer, Manager, Director, CEO, etc.), awarded when you join certain UNI programs or promoted in various departments. Check the wiki for the requirements and information on other titles.

A Final Note

  • Thanks for attending this class!
  • EVE University offers many opportunities for fun and learning. This class is just an example of what is available. Get involved, join a fleet, read the wiki, join a class or event, browse the forums and ask questions. That is what the University is here for.
  • That is the way you will find your path to success in EVE.
  • Good luck, and fly safe!
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