What's in a Name - "Poke"

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This mission is a part of What's in a Name multi-part mission.

ObjectiveApproach Gallente Battleship
Mission briefing
New plan. It's a bit riskier, but it should get the message across.

There's a Gallente battleship "practicing maneuvers" in the region. You're going to practice maneuvers too--right across their bow. Pass by their ship as close as you can. It will scare the hell out of them.

But please, whatever you do, do not fire on the battleship. It will win that fight.

Battleships and You
Seriously, don't fire at the battleship.

Single pocket with gate

Single pocket

Message on activation the gate:
Attention, you are approaching a Gallente Federation vessel on official exercises. Turn back now.


Battleship 1 x Friendly Battleship Gallente Battleship Vessel
Agent Message on completing the mission:
You should hear the reports. The Gallente are now paranoid that we're going to roll right over them! Of course our line is just that you were taking photographs for your family or something, but they're scared senseless.


No minable asteroids.
Buildings drop no loot. Destruction of that structures will get your standing to Gallente Federation decreased.
You can attack Battleship and kill it (it will not fire at you as you are attacking it), but it drops no loot.

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