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The Syndicate Logo

Intaki Syndicate, also known as the The Syndicate, is a gray organization operating from the region of Syndicate.


Five hundred years ago the Intaki people lived a simple life on their home planet. For them the sky was a mystery they were only slowly unfolding with their pre-industrial technology. Then the Gallente arrived and swept them into the modern age in one swift stroke. The Intaki, initially overwhelmed, adapted quickly and within a century they had seasoned space travelers and active members of the Gallente governing body. They soon established their reputation as fair-minded humanists that excelled as deft negotiators and clever businessmen, fitting perfectly into the Gallente way of life.

During the Caldari - Gallente war many of the Intaki symphatized or even joined the Caldari. The Gallente responded by exiling many of the Intaki.

Formed by Intaki exiles from the Gallente Federation during the Gallente-Caldari War, the Syndicate has slowly grown in stature and influence and now serves as an important link between the empires and the illegal elements in the outer regions. Syndicate space is a pirate haven, but still retains enough civility to allow pretty much anyone to travel there to do business. Syndicate markets are always chock full of contraband goods and illegal wares that are hard or impossible to come by elsewhere. Each Syndicate station is a autonomous entity, but they cooperate on security and information issues. The unofficial leader of the Syndicate is Silphy en Diabel, a former Sisters of EVE agent who returned to Syndicate space to save her family's fortune. Since then she's turned out to be just as resourceful and ruthless as her late father.

The Syndicate has close ties to Serpentis, and a single ship of their own make: the Intaki Syndicate Catalyst.

The Syndicate in PvE

Ships belonging to The Syndicate can be encountered in few epic arc missions. The Syndicate is seen flying Serpentis ships so they deal kinetic and thermal damage, are weak to the same damage and also use sensor dampening.

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