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Short Skill Plan
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Skill training:

Skill Plans
Skillbook Reimbursement Program

The Short Skill Plan is intended to get new characters into useful ship fits early so that they can take part in many EVE University fleets while they train up more advanced skill plans. It is not required, but it is recommended.

Pilots who are not members of the University might still find the Short Skill Plan useful if they want to basic skills in a wide range of cheap Tech 1 frigates and cruisers.


This plan is intended for very new characters. If you have been playing a while it is likely that your character will have most of these skills already.

The Short Skill Plan is broken into two segments: the Frigate Damage Dealing plan, and the Cruiser Damage Dealing Plan. They are intended to be trained in that order, and the Cruiser plan builds on the skills in the Frigate plan.

These skill plans will not get you into all EVE University doctrine fits, but they will enable you to fly more basic fits for some of the same hulls, which will let you attend fleets while you are training the necessary skills for doctrine fits.


Training times will vary depending on whether the character is Alpha or Omega, and on their attributes, implants and any cerebral accelerators. The following are estimated timescales, with no implants or accelerators:

Frigate DD Basic

N.B. The following timescales assume that you have Hull Upgrades III trained, as most starting characters do. However, if your character is Caldari they will not have this by default, and the plan will take a few hours longer if you have not already trained this.

Omega.png Omega: 5 hours, 58 minutes, 10 seconds Alpha: 11 hours, 56 minutes, 20 seconds Alpha.png

Cruiser DD Basic

Omega.png Omega: 4 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes, 46 seconds Alpha: 9 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes, 31 seconds Alpha.png


All of the skills on this plan are covered under EVE University's Skillbook Reimbursement Program.

The total costs for each stage of the plan are as follows (at directly injectable prices):


Frigate DD Basic: 1,716,000 ISK (if you don't buy the skills your character already has)

Cruiser DD Basic: 6,825,000 ISK

Suggested shopping lists

We suggest that EVE University members spread the skillbook purchases over 3 days.

N.B. You will not need to purchase any of the skills you already have trained, which will reduce the costs. Each race starts with its own turret skill, for instance. If you have completed the tutorial you will also have your race's frigate skill.

If you have the Freshman title in EVE University, you can reimburse yourself for the cost of these skills by following the instructions on the Skillbook Reimbursement Program page. You can also check in the hangars for the campus you are based in, to see whether they have any of the skill books available.

If you are in EVE University but don't yet have the Freshman title, you can still obtain reimbursement for the cost of the skills. You will need to copy and paste the prepared messages (below each shipping list) into the "Corp" channel in-game so someone with the Freshman title or above can reimburse you from the Skillbook wallet. Remember to remove from the list any skills you already had trained.

The Day 1 shopping list contains all the skills for the Frigate DD Basic skillplan and the start of the Cruiser DD basic

Reimbursement request: Amarr Frigate (65k) Caldari Frigate (65k) Gallente Frigate (65k) Minmatar Frigate (65k) Small Energy Turret (39k) Small Hybrid Turret (39k) Small Projectile Turret (39k) Rockets (39k) Light Missiles (39k) Light Drone Operation (97.5k) Capacitor Emission Systems (97.5k) Missile Bombardment (130k) Repair Systems (58.5k) Shield Operation (71.5k) Weapon Upgrades (104k) Shield Upgrades (130k) Energy Pulse Weapons (169k) Sensor Linking (162.5k) Target Painting (130k) Weapon Disruption (130k) TOTAL: 1,735,500

The Day 2 shopping list contains around half of the skills for the Cruiser DD Basic skillplan

Reimbursement request: Amarr Destroyer (130k) Caldari Destroyer (130k) Amarr Cruiser (1.3m) Caldari Cruiser (1.3m) Medium Energy Turret (162.5k) Medium Hybrid Turret (162.5k) Medium Projectile Turret (162.5k) Energy Grid Upgrades (102.7k) TOTAL: 3,450,200

The Day 3 shopping list contains the final skills needed for the Cruiser DD Basic skillplan

Reimbursement request: Gallente Destroyer (130k) Minmatar Destroyer (130k) Gallente Cruiser (1.3m) Minmatar Cruiser (1.3m) Heavy Assault Missiles (162.5k) Heavy Missiles ( 162.5k) Medium Drone Operation (162.5k) TOTAL: 3,347,500

In-game corporate skill plans

The Short Skill Plan is available as a set of in-game skill plans. EVE University members may directly access the plans through the Corporate Skill Plan utility. Non-members may access the plans using the links on this page, as described below.

EVE University Members: To find these skill plans, choose "Skill Plans > Corporation Plans", on your in-game Skills interface.

Where to find the in-game Corporate Skill Plans

All Players: The skill plans shown later on this page each have their in-game Corporate Skill plan name listed, along with text that can be copied to produce a link to the skill plan in-game. To utilize the link, copy all text listed after the "Corporate Skill Plan link" for the plan you want to generate a link for, including the leading <url> and trailing </url>. Then paste this string of text into your in-game notepad, and the game will automatically convert the pasted text into a link, which can then be used or shared.

The copy-and-paste link method described above, can be used by characters outside of EVE University, to access the EVE University skill plans.

A link to the Skill Plans can also be generated and shared in-game from the plans themselves.

Skill plans

These are the actual skill plans. They are set out in a particular format so that you can copy/paste them into your skill queue.

Frigate DD Basic:

This skill plan will enable you to sit in all racial Tech 1 Frigates and put together a basic T1 fit.

  • EVE University Corporate Skill Plan Name: EUni- Short Skill Plan 1 - Frigate DD Basic
  • Corporate Skill Plan link: <url=skillPlan:a8a40ce3-7ad1-46e1-b2c3-2e6fb08edfaa:917701062>EUni- Short Skill Plan 1 - Frigate DD Basic</url>

Frigate DD Basic

Expand this box to view a Skill queue to use in-game

Amarr Frigate I
Caldari Frigate I
Gallente Frigate I
Minmatar Frigate I
Small Energy Turret I
Small Hybrid Turret I
Small Projectile Turret I
Rockets I
Missile Launcher Operation II
Light Missiles I
Light Drone Operation I
Repair Systems I
Shield Operation I
Capacitor Emission Systems I
Missile Bombardment I
Shield Operation II
Drones II
Sensor Linking I
Target Painting I
Weapon Disruption I
Hull Upgrades III

Cruiser DD Basic:

This skillplan will enable you to sit in all racial Tech 1 Cruisers and put together a basic T1 fit

  • EVE University Corporate Skill Plan Name: EUni- Short Skill Plan 2 - Cruiser DD Basic
  • Corporate Skill Plan link: <url=skillPlan:a7c2b26e-31cf-4b80-9952-62ddc2c368ec:917701062>EUni- Short Skill Plan 2 - Cruiser DD Basic</url>

Cruiser DD Basic

Expand this box to view a Skill queue to use in-game

Capacitor Emission Systems I
Capacitor Emission Systems II
Missile Bombardment I
Energy Pulse Weapons I
Energy Grid Upgrades II
Repair Systems I
Shield Operation I
Sensor Linking I
Target Painting I
Weapon Disruption I
Shield Operation II
Hull Upgrades III
Amarr Frigate I
Small Energy Turret I
Small Energy Turret II
Small Energy Turret III
Amarr Frigate II
Amarr Frigate III
Amarr Destroyer I
Amarr Destroyer II
Amarr Destroyer III
Amarr Cruiser I
Medium Energy Turret I
Caldari Frigate I
Missile Launcher Operation II
Missile Launcher Operation III
Light Missiles I
Light Missiles II
Light Missiles III
Caldari Frigate II
Caldari Frigate III
Caldari Destroyer I
Caldari Destroyer II
Caldari Destroyer III
Caldari Cruiser I
Heavy Assault Missiles I
Heavy Missiles I
Gallente Frigate I
Drones II
Drones III
Light Drone Operation I
Small Hybrid Turret I
Small Hybrid Turret II
Small Hybrid Turret III
Gallente Frigate II
Gallente Frigate III
Gallente Destroyer I
Gallente Destroyer II
Gallente Destroyer III
Gallente Cruiser I
Medium Drone Operation I
Medium Hybrid Turret I
Minmatar Frigate I
Small Projectile Turret I
Small Projectile Turret II
Small Projectile Turret III
Minmatar Frigate II
Minmatar Frigate III
Minmatar Destroyer I
Minmatar Destroyer II
Minmatar Destroyer III
Minmatar Cruiser I
Medium Projectile Turret I


Once you have trained these skill plans, you will be able to fly a basic version of fits used in many University fleets, including the following hulls:


Fast tackle

Damage / secondary tackle


For some ideas for some ship fits you will be able to fly see Short skill plan ships. These are not EVE University doctrine fits, but they will allow you to fly useful hulls and join fleets while you are training the more advanced skills required for the doctrine ships.

Where next?

EVE University does not require any particular direction in skill training for members, but pilots might find the following resources useful:

  • Reading about skills and learning will help you think through longer-term skill planning, and will show what you can do to train skills faster.
  • The Pyramid Skill Plan offers a useful way to conceptualize routes through more advanced training.
  • Fitting skills make it easier to fit any ship.
  • Support skills are important aids in getting the most out of your ships.
  • The Magic 14 skills are not a formal plan and should not all be trained to V at once (that would be boring), but they are 14 skills which benefit every ship you fly, and players who plan to spend much time in space—that is, almost all players—will find them useful.