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This is a deprecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.

Class Information

"Only have to murder a few more Serpentis."

This class is aimed at introducing players to the Standings and Standing Mechanics in EVE Online. This includes a variety of topics that will be discussed in as brief a manner as possible while still achieving accuracy. This syllabus is written by Imiarr Timshae, to whom you may direct questions regarding standings ingame.

General Information

This class is intended to give an accurate but concise explanation of all significant aspects of standings mechanics. The intended audience is missioners, traders, epic arc enthusiasts, COSMOS potentials, and basically anyone who doesn't want to end up being shot by faction customs teams.

  • Duration: 1 Hour with 15mins allotted for overrun (Q and A basically. It's not a simple topic.)
  • Location: Anywhere - No Central Location or meetup.

Class contents:

  • What they are & How they function
  • What effects do they have on gameplay
  • The Different Types of Standings
  • Sources of Standings
  • Sources of Standing Loss
  • Fleet Mechanics
  • The Epic Arcs (Very Brief Introductions to them)

The estimated Course Time is about 10mins per topic. (I am aware this adds up to more than the allotted course time. It will make it interesting.)

Student requirements:

  • E-UNI public Mumble server registration - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. See public Mumble for instructions.
  • Access to the Lecture.E-UNI in-game chat channel

Additional information: This class may be recorded.

Notes for the Teacher

Required materials:

  • Access to the E-UNI public Mumble server: public Mumble
  • Access to Lecture.E-UNI chat channel, to receive questions and post relevant links
  • List any relevant links to teacher's references on the wiki or other resources, if needed
  • Dedication to some of the most boring mechanics in EVE Online and the ability to teach to an empty room.

Class Contents


Welcome to this class on Standings in EVE Online.

This course is designed primarily for missioners, traders, epic arc and COSMOS enthusiasts, and anyone trying to not get murdered by faction custom teams.

Over the hour we shall cover a variety of topics listed below with 15mins afterward for Q&A.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Imiarr Timshae, founder and operator of New Eden's first Standings service where we pair up mission runners with people seeking standings for a price. In my 5 years doing this I've come across all kinds of standings and every imaginable question has been put to me a recent client suggested I lecture here to help others navigate the standings system.

We have a few ground rules for this class:

  • Please put your Mumble settings on "Push to Talk" if you have not already done so.
  • Feel free to type any questions in the Lecture.E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. * At the end of my lecture, we'll open Mumble for any further questions or general discussion.
  • You should be docked up safely in a station or doing something simple enough to be able to follow the flow of the subject as they can be quite disjointed if you miss some of it.

Is everyone ready? OK, then - let's begin....

Standings - What they are and how they function

Standings are the numerical value assigned to "How much an entity likes you." Functionally they are increased by what we call "Raw Standings" which can be found in your Standings Transaction Log, found by navigating to an Entity, then the "Standings" tab, and then double clicking on where it says "Entity Name > Your Name" for example "Caldari Navy > Imiarr Timshae" If empty this indicates you have had no recent standings transactions with that entity. Listed are values in percentages. For rough indicators of value, a typical level 3 mission will award around 0.6% standing, a level 4 mission around 1%. These values are with Social trained to 5, this skill increases raw standings gain by 5% per level.

As standings to a particular entity increase, the number of standings you gain is reduced compared to the raw gain you obtained. For example at 0.00 a 10% change will take you to 1.00. At 9.00 a 10% change will take you to 9.10. This is true for all standings of all kinds - the higher you go, the slower it increases. For negative amounts, the effect is more dramatic, at -9.00 a 10% gain will result in -7.10 standings.

It is also true that at higher levels raw decreases in standings will result in larger actual decreases. The mathematics for these functions are listed below on the Syllabus Page on the EUNI wiki for anyone interested in spending two hours lost in calculation.

Standing - What Effects they have on Gameplay

Standings have a number of benefits as you increase them and a number of detrimental effects as they fall.

Positive Effects:

Agents of higher levels are unlocked, these requirements are listed on individual agents. Refinery stations tax you less. Refinery taxes gradually reduce and removes them completely at 6.67 modified standing to the corporation that owns the station. Reduced Broker Fee for selling items on the market. This affects orders placed in stations owned by the corporation. Faction standings affect this also depends on which faction the corporation belongs to, not the faction that owns the space. At high levels of faction standing, 9.9, 9.2 and 8.5 modified standing an agent in that faction's COSMOS area will offer you a two run Battleship, Cruiser, and Frigate BPCs respectively.

Negative Effects:

At negative 2.00 modified standings, a faction will no longer allow you to use any of the agents belonging to that faction's member corporations except for level 1 agents. This is also true of a corporation. Situations exist where you may have requisite standings to an individual agent but your corporation or faction standings lock you out from that agent. Note that either negative 2.00 or corporation or faction is required for lockout, not both. Therefore both must be repaired if you are negative 2.00 or lower to both.

At negative 5.00 modified standings, a faction's customs officers will shoot you on sight in their space. Having a negative 5.00 or lower to a corporation has no further effect than the above mentioned agent lockout at negative 2.00.

The lower you let your standings get the longer it will take to increase them again. That's the only real effect besides those listed above.


It is no longer required to have an 8.00 standing to install jump clones.[1]

The Different Types of Standings

Standings come in four main varieties.

Personal standings are how an individual agent regards you.

Corporation are how an NPC corporation regards you.

Corporate standings are how an NPC corporation or faction regards the player corporation you are in.

Faction standings are how an NPC faction regards you.

These are my personal terms and are not galactic standards. The main reason I use these is that what I deem as "Corporate" standings are almost always ignored in standings descriptions but are vitally important to many mechanics such as Estel Arador's Corporation services.

Personal standing

Personal standing allows you to get missions from that individual agent and are not of much use because obviously, you need the corporation level high enough to use the agent in the first place. In a situation where you are talking to a level 4 agent which requires 5.00 and your corporation falls below this, you can often continue missioning with the agent because your personal standings to that agent are above the required 5.00. As a side note personal standings increase faster than corporate so you can often mission run with a friend with a single agent and unlock missions with that agent before your corporation standings are high enough to unlock all agents of that tier.

Corporation standings

Corporation standings enable access to all agents belonging to that corporation once the required standing level is met with the exception of R&D agents who require faction standing also. Corporation standings enable jump clone use at 8.00 modified. As standings increase towards a corporation your refinery taxes gradually reduce, becoming 0% at 6.67 modified corporation standing. As standings increase towards a corporation broker fees for items sold in stations owned by the corporation gradually reduce. These never reach zero.

Corporate standings

Corporate standings allow members of a player corporation with 8.00 or greater standings to an NPC corporation to install jump clones in stations belonging to that corporation. These standings do not affect broker fees, refinery taxes, the ability to accept missions, or anything else. Corporate standings are also how a faction regards the player corporation and high standings are required to be able for that player corporation to join a faction militia. Corporate standings from a faction no longer affects highsec POS deployment (since 2014). Corporate standing is the calculated average of all members of that corporation who have standings to an entity. A character with no standings towards Caldari State, for example, is not calculated into the equation as "0", but is completely absent. While in a corporation the corporation's standings will gradually increase or decrease over the course of 7 downtimes until they reflect the average of all members. Corporate standings use the unmodified level of each member's standings, not modified.

Faction standings

Faction standings enable access to all agents belonging to all corporations of that faction once the required standing level is met. At 9.9, 9.2 and 8.5 agents located in the COSMOS sites specific to that faction will give you a non-repeatable mission which will award you a 2 run faction battleship BPC, Faction Cruiser BPC, or Faction Frigate BPC respectively. As faction standings increase they also reduce broker fees for stations owned by a corporation that are part of that faction; these reduce broker fees twice as effectively as corporation standing. For example between a character with 1.00 to Caldari State standing and another with 1.00 Caldari Navy standing the former will have twice the reduction of the latter. Corporation and Faction standing work simultaneously so the lowest broker fee possible is 10.00 to the faction and 10.00 to the corporation.

Sources of Standing Gain

Standings are gained through completing missions for NPC agents, however, the type of NPC agents are numerous.

Standard Agents

Most standard mission agents are just referred to as "Agents" and offer missions of different types such as distribution, security, mining, and R & D. They involve tasks the player has to complete to be rewarded with ISK, Loyalty Points, and standings. These regular missions do not reward faction standing, they reward corporate standing towards the entity that "owns" the agent, and standings to the agent themselves.

Storyline Agents

For every 16 missions you complete of these standard agent missions for agents of the same level and faction, you will be awarded a storyline mission. The mission will be offered by the closest available storyline agent for that faction in reference to the last mission of the 16 you completed. Completing storyline missions awards faction standing and significant corporation standing, as well as personal standing; although this agent standing has no functional use because you cannot accept missions from these agents, they are only offered to you per every 16 standard missions. As with almost all faction standing gain, you lose standings via the derived standings mechanics which are covered in "Sources of Standings Loss", our next topic. If you fail to respond to a storyline mission offer and it times out you will receive no penalty of any kind - regardless of the "You failed, you are a disgrace." type evemails you receive from the agents. Storyline missions do not share corporation or faction standing rewards with other pilots in your fleet. It has been recorded that fleetmates get a 1% of the appropriate faction standing gain in rare cases, however, this may be due to other factors other than the mission itself. If your fleet completes these missions the corporation and agent standings will be split accordingly to members but only the mission owner will receive their share. Essentially: If your fleet completes storyline missions a portion of the standing will disappear if you chose to share the mission rewards.

Career Agents

Next are the career agents. These are the "tutorial" mission givers, who typically give out a ten mission chain in the highsec starter systems. These can be found with the same agent finder by setting it to "Career". There exist 3 locations with 6 agents per faction. Completion of each 10 mission chain rewards corporation and faction standing. With Social V the completion of each mission chain awards 1.875% faction standing, with the exception of the Exploration Career Agent, which awards 1.3652%. These missions take time as they are numerous but are very easy. As with most faction standing gain these missions give derived standing loss which is covered in the next section. These are not repeatable missions.

Circle Agents

Circle agents are some very little known agents. There exist only a few per faction. They ask you to take an item to another agent, who then asks you to take an item to another agent, and so forth. The sizes are small so they can be completed in a cargo expanded frigate. The final mission takes you back to the agent that started it all and you are awarded a small amount of faction standing, similar to that of career agents. These are not repeatable missions. As with most faction standing you lose derived standings.


COSMOS agents exist in a single constellation for each faction and give out a variety of interesting mods and missions but primary to our interests, is faction standing. These give out varying amounts of corporation and faction standing and require a variety of corporation or faction standings to use. As with most sources of faction standings, you will get derived loss from these missions.

Data Center Agents

EVElopedia Link. These are agents located in a few locations for each faction. They give out missions whereby either couriering a small item (10m3 or less) to a nearby location or giving them Pirate NPC tags will result in corporation and faction standing increases. These are the fastest way to increase faction standing but have different requirements to access them and some of the tags are disproportionately expensive in that the most expensive tags by a factor of 10 do not give respective amounts of standings. As with most forms of standings listed here they both give derived standings that are not repeatable.

Epic Arc Agents

The epic arcs are the only source of faction standings that do not create derived losses. There is a single epic arc agent for each faction and an extra one for The Servant Sisters of Eve. There also exist pirate faction epic arcs that have several starting agents for each. We're not going to go into those there but the short news is that you should be able to do them no matter how much the pirate factions hate you and they are designed for small vessels such as interceptors or assault frigates and they lead you into nullsec. The Epic Arc corporations are Expert Distribution for Caldari, Impetus for Gallente, Ministry of Internal Order for Amarr, and Brutor Tribe for Minmatar. To do each epic arc you require 5.00 modified corporation or faction standing. You'll be sent to other agents but once you have started the arc you need no further standings.

The arcs have multiple different paths which can be taken. I am currently in the process of authoring some guides for these updates for 2014 so you should be able to find this linked ingame in the MOTD of the channel called "Epic Arc Community". This community is being built around teaching and working together to complete the epic arcs so if you're interested in learning more or potentially running them there are more details available there.

For the purposes of this lecture about standings however the key points are that epic arcs are repeatable once every 3 months, which means you can do the Caldari Arc, Amarr Arc, Minmatar Arc, and Gallente Arc all in a week and then repeat them all 90 days later, or you can do the in any fashion you choose. The 90 day timers are individual to the arc so you don't need to do them all together. If you pause the arc by not completing a mission the mission will never time out. Unless you reject it you can go back to it at any time and pick up where you left off with no penalty. If you reject a mission you will have to wait 90 days and start the arc again. The same is true if you lose a unique mission objective during the arc.

On completion of the arc, you will usually receive around 13% faction standing with Social 5. As said above this does not cause derived faction loss. The only way to ever be liked by everyone is to eventually do the epic arcs repeatedly.

Corporate Standings

As a footnote for the "Corporate" standings type mentioned earlier the final way of obtaining these standings is to simply join a corp that has them already. Be aware they cannot be used for most of the functions standings typically are used for. I went into detail about this earlier so if you missed it recap on the syllabus.

Sources of Standing Loss

There are two main sources of standing loss that are not generally indicated to the player when you start EVE Online.

Standings Loss

The first is the obvious one - shooting things. If you engage in combat with Gallente Federation ships, you will lose standing with them. This is true if you just shoot the customs officers at stargates or if you accept missions for example where the Caldari State has you destroy Gallente Federation vessels. These reductions will be small but they add up quickly. These missions from "standard" agents can be rejected so long as you do not reject more than one mission per 4 hours per individual agent. As someone who values having high standings with all races, I can advise anyone with similar interests to simply not do missions that involve conflict with other factions. It is worth noting that many missions have in their story a conflict of interest such as "Pick Your Poison" where you must rescue either a Minmatar or Amarr emissary. In this mission, a small force of ships belonging to the other faction arrive and engage you and you must deliver the emissary you did rescue into a structure and then leave. If you don't shoot the Faction NPC that arrives you won't receive any kind of standings loss at all, regardless of the Mission Description that says the opposite. All the plot type missions that you get from the standard agent pool cannot lower your standings unless you shoot faction NPCs. Some missions of course require you to, be aware when choosing which missions to accept. EVE Survival is a great resource for this.

There are exceptions to this rule, however, where you shoot faction NPCs and receive no standing loss. These ships can sometimes be identified by the names "Independant Apocalpyse" or have the description of "This vessel bears no markings linking it to the Amarr Empire", for example. The amount of missions that potentially work this way is numerous so I can't list them all there. EVE Survival is an excellent resource for this as also it generally lists whether or not shooting something will drop standings. If in doubt and you can't find any advice you can simply do the mission, take a small hit, and then learn to never do the mission again.

Derived Standings

The second is "derived" standings. This is the galactic term. Any time you gain faction standing to an entity (except for the epic arcs) you gain a loss to other entities that dislike the person you are gaining standings to. The logic behind this is that essentially you are working for, for example, the Caldari State and so the Gallente Federation and other enemies of the Caldari start to dislike you. Similarly, other allies of the Caldari State will like you more. The amounts gained can stack up quickly if you do not pay attention to them, particularly when younger players find the lucrative rewards from storyline missions and do them religiously and suddenly realise they are kill on sight by certain customs forces. Derived standings are not calculated on standings loss. You cannot gain standings to the Caldari by shooting their Gallente Federation enemies. It only affects where you gain to Entity A and now the enemies of Entity A start to dislike you. If you want to be certain what derived standings will come into effect you can look at the entity with whom you are gaining standings and look under "Liked" and "Disliked" on their standings page. You will be awarded standings respective to the levels shown here. For example, if you gain an amount to Entity A, who is disliked by Entity B by -5.00 and Entity C by -2.50, you will lose half as much standing with Entity C as you do with Entity B (before your existing standings with them are calculated). Due to the way that "raw" standings increase or decrease your actual standings by different amounts (this applies to derived standings) you may gain or lose different amounts. For example, if Entity B already dislikes you by -9.00 and Entity C is at -1.00, even though you lose twice the "raw" standings to Entity B, it will reduce by a lesser amount than Entity C. Feel free to ask questions about this bit at the end, it isn't simple.

These standings are almost always the cause of pilots ruining their standings to a particular group. Plenty of storyline missions ask you to shoot other factions and additional give derived losses. No-where in the new player experience is the mechanic of derived standings explained anywhere - even in the Career agents who themselves incur standings losses on characters. You will never incur derived standing loss to anyone so long as you never do storyline missions, career agents, data center agents, circle agents, or COSMOS agents. Corporation standings do not incur derived standings losses, for example, while doing standard missions for Caldari Navy you will not lose standings to Federation Navy.

Derived standings are calculated in the first instance only. For example, gaining standings to Caldari State will drop Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic, and a few others, and increase Amarr Empire and a few others. The derived gain to Amarr Empire will not then cause more derived and increase Caldari State again. Derived standings are only generated once from a specific agent interaction that causes gain.

Declining/quitting Missions

Each Standard NPC Agent allows you to decline one mission every four hours. There exists no way to reduce this timer. If you decline missions moer frequently than once every four hours (there is a notification to warn you of this unless you have disabled it) you will lose personal, corporation, and faction standing to the agent, her corporation, and the owning faction. These can be substantial, for example, rejecting Mission of Mercy level 3 reduces corporation standing by -2.2%, more than twice what completing the mission awards if you are successful.

If you accept a mission and then decide you cannot do it and "quit" it by talking to the agent this drops personal, corporation, and faction standings. There is no timer for this. Once accepted a mission must be completed. Letting it time out will reduce standings.

As both of these are negative transactions no derived standing is gained from them. Note: If you are offered a mission but you have not accepted it letting it time out reduces no standings whatsoever. You can simply ignore mission offers until they are removed from your journal.

Fleet Mechanics

Fleet Mechanics relate to standings significantly as players often team up to mission together and share the rewards. As with all other rewards, they are split equally up to 10 members in the fleet. Following what was probably a design choice by CCP, faction standing cannot be shared via the fleet mechanics. This includes shooting things. If you are in a fleet with someone murdering Gallente Federation ships you are totally unaffected unless you shoot them too.

For this section we will use an example of Pilot A and Pilot B. Pilot A is the one getting missions, and Pilot B is assiting with shooting stuff.

Standard Mission

  • Pilot A completes "Guristas Extravaganza"
  • Both Pilots receive 50% of the ISK, LP, and standings gain awarded by the mission, both to the corporation and agent who gave the mission.
  • Only Pilot A's level of the Skill "Social" (5% standings gain increase per level) affects the standings awarded.
  • Both pilots lose standings to the Guristas because they were killing them.

Standard Mission (Against Gallente)

  • Pilot A completes "Lights Out".
  • Pilot A and Player B share the ISK, LP, and corporation and personal standing gain.
  • Pilot A shot a bunch of Gallente Federation ships and loses standing with them.
  • Pilot A does not gain or lose any derived standing to anyone because the transaction is a negative one (losing standings by shooting things)
  • Pilot B remote repaired player A and did not shoot any Gallente Federation ships and therefore loses no standings.
  • Neither pilot loses faction standing by turning the mission in.

Storyline Mission

  • Pilot A completes a storyline mission.
  • Pilot A and Player B share the reward ISK and LP equally.
  • Pilot A gains corporation standing towards the corporation.
  • Pilot A gains faction standing towards the faction.
  • Pilot A gains derived standings to the faction's allies.
  • Pilot A loses derived standings to the faction's enemies.
  • Pilot B gains and loses no faction standing.
  • Pilot B gains no corporation standing.

Every Other Mission Type (Data Center, Circle, Career, Cosmos etc)

  • Pilot A completes the mission.
  • Both pilots equally share ISK, LP, corporation, and person standings.
  • (If Applicable) Pilot A gains faction standing.
  • (If applicable) Pilot A gains derived standings to the factions allies.
  • (If applicable) Pilot A loses derived standings to the factions enemies.
  • (If Applicable) Pilot B gains and loses no faction standing.

To Summarise

  • In the Standard NPC Agent pool unless you physically shoot a faction's NPC's you cannot lose standings to anyone.
  • If a mission rewards faction standing only the person who owns the mission will gain and lose standings/derived faction standings.
  • Negative transactions are not shared via the fleet mechanics and do not cause derived standings.