Gaining faction standings fast

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Gaining faction standings fast
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This guide explains how to quickly gain Faction Standings without (or at least lessen) the need for endless mission grinding. This guide will be particularly useful for pilots wishing to join Factional Warfare, which requires +0.0 faction standing.


Main article: COSMOS

COSMOS mission can be completed only once. Each agent will offer a short chain of missions where the last mission gives standing bonus similar to storyline missions. To speed up the process most of the items required for the missions can be acquired beforehand.

However COSMOS missions require you to have high enough standing (either corp or faction) to accept the missions so only few of them can be used for repairing below -2.00 faction standing.

  • Caldari
    • Okkelen constellation (guide)
  • Gallente
    • Algintal constellation (guide)
  • Amarr
    • High Security - Araz constellation (guide)
    • Low Security - Kenobanala System
  • Minmatar
    • High Security - Ani constellation (guide)
    • Low Security - Audesder System

Data Centers

Main article: Data centers

Data center missions involve you giving the agent a set of pirate tags. This allows you to effectively exchange isk for standing. The data center missions can be completed only once. See the main article for more details.

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid accepting Missions against an Empire. The Gallente Federation will want you to fight the Caldari State: decline it.
  • Complete the Career Agents Missions.
  • Do Level 4 Security Missions. Blitz them with other pilots to speed up their completion.
  • Every sixteenth completed Mission will generate a Storyline Mission of the same Level