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Incursions staging icon.png Scout sites

Distress Beacon
Forward Reconnaissance Outpost
Nation Industrial Proxy (belt)
Propaganda Cluster

Incursions vanguard icon.png Vanguard sites

Nation Commander Outpost
Nation Mining Colony
Override Transfer Array

Incursions assault icon.png Assault sites

Nation Commander Stronghold
Nation Consolidation Network
Overwhelmed Civilian Facility

Incursions headquarter icon.png Headquarter sites

Nation Rebirth Facility
True Creations Research Center
True Power Provisional Headquarters

Mothership sites

The Kundalini Manifest

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A template to be used for incursion sites, for easy browsing and keeping the reader on relevant pages. See also Template:Incursions sites horizontal.


For main pages about individual incursion sites, add {{incursions sites}} to the top of the page, it'll add the portal-like menu of other sites.
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