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Level 2
Type Mining
Objective Mine 5,000 x Lyavite (6000.0 m3)
Extra A large mining hold or multiple trips may be required.
Mission briefing
Well, we've got a bit of a weird one here. We've found an old mining post in <System>. But, the thing is, we can't find who used to own it: There are no records of its being built or even existing. It's simply empty. No sign of anyone left there, dead or otherwise. Our initial investigation found extensive fire damage, gas leaks — you name it, it went wrong. Lots of explosive damage, though we can't tell if that was accidental or intentional. And some marks... well, we just don't know what could do that to metal. It's damn creepy, that's for sure.

Anyway, near as we can tell, the miners were working on a large Lyavite deposit. They didn't finish, because there's still about 5,000 units of it at the site. Now, I know Lyavite isn't the most popular rock, but nobody just leaves that much ore lying around. And besides, the brains at the lab figure they can use the stuff for some of their research, so this opportunity is too good to pass up. That's where you come in. Warp in, mine the Lyavite, and warp out. It's that easy.

Mission ore's are normally only used as objective for a mining mission. Lyavite, this missions mining ore, is an exemption to that rule. It is used in Nation Mining Colony an incursions Vanguard site.