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"Normally, we would launch a whole campaign to remove CONCORD scum from our space, but my superiors want to see you handle this situation."

Angel Sound is the Angel Cartel Epic Arc which takes place in the Angel controlled Curse Null Security Region.


You will fight:

  • Frigates
  • Destroyers
  • a few Cruisers

You will get:

  • 1x Domination Target Painter for completing Wrath of Angels
  • 1x Cynabal Blueprint Copy (one run) and +30% base Angel Cartel Faction Standing (with no derived standings) from completing the final Mission
  • ~65M ISK
  • ~15% Archangels and Dominations Corporation Standings

You will lose:

  • 2.4% Minmatar Republic Faction Standing
  • minor amount of Guristas Pirates Faction Standing

General Advice

Angel Sound takes place in the Curse Null Security Region. This means a variety of things for you:

  • Nullsec mechanics apply, meaning Warp Disruption Fields created by Interdictors and Mobile Warp Disruptors can and will be used against you.
  • Players may decide to hunt you down if they see you roaming the region. Locals know which systems the arc takes place in.
  • Only few NPC stations exist in the region, making docking up for repairs or safety difficult.
  • Local markets may be inaccessible when in player structures, very expensive or simply not stocked.
  • If you want to tip things in your favour, pay the region a visit in a fast, cheap frigate. Make tactical gate bookmarks, instant-undocks and safe spots in all the relevant systems.

Preparation - fitting your ship

The gated pirate epic arc missions have special ship restrictions. Any T1/T2 frigate or T1/T2/T3 destroyer will be able to take the mission gates. The main challenge this Epic Arc will present you with will not be the combat in the mission pockets - the hostile NPCs do feature some electronic warfare, but are (mostly) easily killed or avoided. Instead, you will have to complete the entire arc in hostile space and get the rewards to your home system without falling victim to other players.

When preparing for the arc consider the following:

  • An Interceptor can be fit to to ignore Warp Disruption Fields. Having this ability will grant you a major advantage.
  • If you decide against using an Interceptor and go for another ship type, consider bringing a Mobile Depot and a Travel fit to switch to.
  • You will not be able to fight your way out of a gate camp. Focus on being hard to catch, consider using a Microwarpdrive and getting your align time as low as possible.
  • Due to the aforementioned difficulty of resupply consider bringing a generous amount of ammunition. If you have room, bring ammunition for a variety of engagement distances.
  • If you have the Thermodynamics skill trained - which you should, when you attempt the arc - bring Nanite Repair Paste to repair heat damage.
  • Name your ship in a way that does not give away any intel on you. If you name it "Epic Arc Runner" others know exactly what you are here for - and what you are fit for. They will gladly expedite your way home.
  • Don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

Execution - maneuvers on grid

  • Focus on the objectives. Many missions do not require you to kill everything. The less time you spend in a mission pocket, the less time you spend being stuck in one location.
  • Your main defense is staying mobile - if anything reduces your speed or prevents you from warping out, kill it first.
  • Some missions include enemy ship combinations that can be quite punishing, especially for newer players. Don't be afraid to kill a few, dock up, repair, rinse, and repeat.

Execution - utilising information warfare

You will have to travel through hostile space constantly. Being aware of what happens in the systems surrounding you and on your path will help you not being caught.

  • Use external tools such as zkillboard, EVE Gatecheck and Dotlan to stay up-to-date on what's happening. Do not activate a mission pocket or go through systems without checking if there was any activity along the way.
  • When in a system, keep an eye on local, but never speak. You don't want to give away the fact that you're active.
  • D-Scan is your lifeline. Do a 360 scan every few seconds while running your missions. Look for combat scanner probes first and foremost - they are the only way pirates can find you inside a mission deadspace pocket. Also keep an eye out for other ships so you know who's active in the system. If you see assault frigates or interceptors they're most likely doing the arc themselves, hunting you or both.

General tips and tricks

  • Once you accept a mission you should minimize the agent conversation window instead of closing it. This way, once your objectives are complete the window will pop back up, giving you a clear indication that your work is done.
  • Many of the missions can be handed in and/or accepted without docking; be sure to always do "Start Conversation" with the agent to see if you can talk to them remotely.

Starting Agents

Angel Sound Starting Agents
Agent[1] Corporation[1] Faction[1] System Region Mission
Aton Hordner Republic Security Service Minmatar Republic Egbinger[2] Molden Heath The Balance of Power
Arajna Ashia Amarr Navy Amarr Empire Sendaya[3] Derelik Mistaken Identity
Ellar Stin Dominations Angel Cartel Konora[4] Metropolis Headhunted
  1. ^ a b c You need at least -2.00 Standing with all and at least 3.00 Standing with the Agent, their Corporation or Faction.
  2. ^ Minmatar Shipyards Beacon.
  3. ^ Abandoned Research Station Sigma Nine Beacon.
  4. ^ The Coward Ellar Stin Beacon.

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