Soldier of Fortune

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The Soldier of Fortune (previously known as the Advanced Military Career Agent) is one of the five career agents in the game, which show new players different types of PvE activities in EVE. The Soldier of Fortune missions teach you about PvE combat as well as some basic PvP combat techniques; you should complete the Enforcer missions before you do them. In total these missions pay about 1.5M ISK in rewards.

You should always read mission text carefully, but this is particularly the case for these missions. If you don't follow the mission objectives carefully you will likely fail them.

The Swap (1 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Destroy rats.
Faction Serpentis
Best damage to deal Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Thermal damage ThKinetic damage Kin

  • A regular combat mission that is not too difficult. Take a fully fitted attack/combat frigate, fly to the deadspace mission area, and destroy three waves of Frigate rats.

Initial Defenders

Frigate 1 x Frigate Reinforcement 1
Reinforcement 1

Frigate 2 x Frigate Reinforcement 2
Reinforcement 2

Frigate 3 x Frigate

Angel of Mercy (2 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Approach a pirate structure to destroy it.
Rewards EWAR Frigate (AmarrCrucifier /CaldariGriffin /GallenteMaulus /MinmatarVigil) (granted upon acceptance)

  • Due to special ship restrictions, you have to fly the T1 EWAR frigate given to you for this mission.
  • You will lose your ship in this mission, so insure it at the highest level you can afford to get some ISK back. Also make sure the ship doesn't have any modules fitted and the cargohold is empty.
  • The acceleration gate takes you to some distance away from the target structure. Approach it while ignoring enemy fire. When you get sufficiently close, your ship will explode, destroying the structure and all enemy ships. Return to your agent's station in your pod.
  • This also generates a killmail, it lists the enemy structure as the aggressor and your ship as the victim.

Your Undivided Attention (3 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Use a Warp Disruptor module on a rat.
Rewards Civilian Warp Disruptor (granted upon acceptance)

  • Warp Disruptor is one of the two common module types (the other being a Warp Scrambler) which prevents other ships from warping away. Fit it to your ship. Even though the message during the mission says, “Activate Warp Scrambler,” a Warp Scrambler will not finish the mission; the Warp Disruptor supplied by the agent will work.
  • Fly to the mission's deadspace location, target-lock the "Fleeing Pirate" ship (despite the name, he will wait patiently for you), and activate your Warp Disruptor module. Any other nearby rats will warp off, and you will have completed the mission.
  • Warp Disruptors (and Scramblers) are particularly useful when fighting other players (PvP), as they will prevent them from warping away to safety. NPC ships (rats), however, will almost never warp away, so you generally do not need to fit a Warp Disruptor / Scrambler in PvE combat.

A Friend in Need (4 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Use a remote repair module to repair a friendly ship.
Rewards Remote repair module (AmarrGallenteCivilian Small Remote Armor Repairer /CaldariMimatarCivilian Small Remote Shield Booster) (granted upon acceptance); Remote repair skillbook (AmarrGallenteRemote Armor Repair Systems /CaldariMinmatarShield Emission Systems)

  • Remote Armor Repairer and Remote Shield Booster repair the armor or shield of another friendly ship. Fit it to your ship.
  • Fly to the mission location and locate the "Damaged Vessel". Target-lock and approach it, and once you're in range, activate the remote repair module. After the module completes a cycle, the friendly ship will thank you and warp off.
  • Repairing other ships in combat (referred to as "logistics" in EVE) is an important but somewhat specialized part of EVE gameplay. Most fleets (except perhaps the very smallest gangs) will include one or several logistics ships, who will try to keep their fleetmates alive under fire. While this mission gives a very basic introduction, it over-simplifies things perhaps a bit too much; it implies that using your repair module repaired the damaged vessel's warp drive - in reality, there is no way to "damage" a ship's warp drive, although you can (see mission 3) use modules to temporarily prevent ships from warping away.

The Stand (5 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Destroy one rat, and then lose your ship.
Faction Mercenaries
Best damage to deal Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Rewards Combat Frigate (AmarrPunisher /CaldariMerlin /GallenteIncursus /MinmatarRifter) (granted upon acceptance)

  • You will lose your ship in this mission (again)! Unlike in mission 2 you will actually need to destroy a frigate before going down, so fit your ship with a few cheap weapons and minimal ammunition. Also, insure your ship to the highest level you can afford.
  • Upon activating the acceleration gate, you will find a lone rat (a Kestrel with a single missile launcher) that you need to destroy.
  • Once it's gone, a large fleet warps in, including several cruisers (again, note their different Overview icons) and drones which will use Stasis Webifiers and other forms of electronic warfare on you. Though the fight is hopeless, fight them until your ship is destroyed. You would normally warp away to safety against such an overwhelming odds, but in this case, the mission requires that your ship be destroyed by the rats.
  • Once your ship is destroyed, you will (once again) be left floating in your pod in space. The rat fleet does not attack your pod, so look around for a wreck with your character's name on it - that's all that's left of your ship. In EVE, when your ship is destroyed, about half of the fitted modules and cargo are destroyed (along with all the fitted rigs), while the other half drop into space for anyone in the vicinity to pick up. It's not uncommon for your ship to be destroyed while playing EVE, so learn to treat your ships as expendable (or as the first golden rule of EVE says, never fly what you cannot afford to lose).
  • Almost all types of regular rats ignore your pod (there are a few exceptions, such as Triglavians).

Initial Defender

Frigate 1 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter Destroying triggers reinforcement

Drone 3 x Drone Spider Drone II Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 10 x Elite Cruiser Terrorist Remote Sensor Dampener

Don't Look Back (6 of 10)

Type Travel
Objective Zoom past a hazardous area.
Rewards 1MN Civilian Afterburner (granted upon acceptance); Caldari 100 x Civilian Scourge Light Missile /AmarrGallenteMinmatar ISK

  • You can fit the Civilian Afterburner to your ship, but a non-civilian version you already have is superior in performance.
  • Upon taking the acceleration gate, locate the "Asteroid Station" on your Overview and fly towards it. You will take continuous damage by the hazardous cloud on your way, so activate your afterburner to speed up your ship. When you get close to the station, the mission will be completed and you can return to your agent.
  • The missile rewards from the Isis caldari.pngCaldari agent are intended to be used for the faction-specific version of the subsequent mission.

Weapon of Choice (7 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Destroy a rat while (optionally) using your faction's signature weapon system.
Rewards Weapon system (AmarrCivilian Gatling Pulse Laser /CaldariCivilian Light Missile Launcher /Gallente2 x Civilian Hobgoblin /MinmatarCivilian Gatling Autocannon) (granted upon acceptance)

  • In addition to the turret weapons you've been using up to now, each faction also uses another weapon system:
    • Drones for Isis gallente.pngGallente ships, and to a lesser extent, Isis amarr.pngAmarr ships.
    • Missiles for Isis caldari.pngCaldari ships, and to a lesser extent, Isis minmatar.pngMinmatar ships.
  • If you are working for a Isis amarr.pngAmarr or Isis minmatar.pngMinmatar agent, then the weapon granted to you would indeed be the same weapon class you already have been using up to this point, possibly worse in quality since it is a civilian variant.
  • If you are getting this mission from a Isis caldari.pngCaldari or Isis gallente.pngGallente agent, you have a chance to try out your faction's signature weapon system.
  • Note that you can complete this mission without having to use the weapon granted to you - you can dispose of the rat in whichever way you please.

CaldariTrying out Missiles

  • In order to fit the light missile launcher module, you need a ship that has a launcher hardpoint. Note that there are many ships with multiple hardpoints but none of which are launcher-compatible. Regardless of factions, your corvette will allow mounting a missile launcher on them, and thus you are free to use it for this mission. Among the ships given out by Isis caldari.pngCaldari Career Agents in the station so far, Heron will serve nicely, and if you decided not to sacrifice one for mission 2, Griffin will also do.
  • The general combat mechanics of missiles are similar to how turrets work, with some notable differences.
    • Missiles have a limited range (roughly equivalent to their maximum velocity multiplied by their maximum flight time), but they do not have the optimal/falloff distinction - any missile that reaches its destination before its timer runs out hits the target, while they will be completely ineffective beyond their maximum range.
    • Missile damage is also uniform, meaning that it will not deal either higher-than-usual (e.g., wrecks, smashes) or lower-than-usual (e.g., grazes, glances off) damage.
    • They can't miss their target as long as it is in range, but they do take time to cover the distance from your ship to the target, and they will deal less damage to small and fast targets.
    • Missile launchers do not consume capacitor energy when firing, and they generally take longer to cycle and reload compared to turrets.
  • If you would like to try out missiles more, Kestrel is usually a good choice for beginning pilots, especially for early PvE contents.

GallenteTrying out Drones

  • Your Drones skill dictates how many drones you can keep active at any given time; you will need this skill at level II to fly both of the light drones your agent gives you.
  • In order to use them, you must use a ship with a drone bay. All corvettes carry enough drone bay/bandwidth for one light drone except for the Velator which can carry two. Among the ships given out by Isis gallente.pngGallente Career Agents in the station so far, Imicus and Tristan are good candidates to try out the two light drones in.
  • Activate a ship with at least some drone capability and move your drones into the ship's drone bay.
  • Once in space, note that a new window has appeared on your UI: the drone control window, which shows you which drones you have in your drone bay and which you have in space.
  • There is a single rat in the mission location. Right-click on the Drones in Bay folder and select "Launch". Your drones will now start orbiting your ship (and you can see them in the "In Space" section of the drone control window). Target the rat, and order your drone(s) to attack it by right-clicking on "Drones in Local Space" folder and selecting "Engage Target" (alternatively, the much easier shortcut key is F).
  • Once the rat has been destroyed, recall your drones by by right-clicking on "Drones in Local Space" folder and selecting "Return to Drone Bay" (they won't follow you if you warp away). If you accidentally warped away before scooping the drones in, you can warp back to the mission location, right-click on your capacitor, and select "Reconnect to Lost Drones" to re-establish your link with the drones again.
  • If you find drone combats to your liking, then the Tristan serves as a good starting-level drone ship, although your damage potential would likely be quite limited compared to other options such as the Incursus until you reach level V of your Drones skill to be able to field all five drones.

The Pacifist (8 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Follow CONCORD instructions and retrieve hostages from a structure.
Faction Mercenaries
Best damage to deal Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Kinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Extra You are not supposed to shoot the NPCs.
warp-in message from CONCORD:
Welcome to the fray, egger.

I've ordered the fleet to hold its ground for the time being, but we're going to send you in to recover the hostages shortly. Move out to the next area where the pirates are. They're expecting a negotiator, but we're sending you instead.

You are not to engage unless I give the order. We need to maintain the appearance of peaceful negotiation until the safety of the hostages can be confirmed.

  • Once you warp to the mission location and start approaching the acceleration gate, a window will pop up with instructions from your (NPC) fleet commander, giving you detailed instructions. They will tell you to to:
    • Activate the acceleration gate.
    • In the deadspace pocket, do not engage any enemy ships.
    • Fly to the prison structure and retrieve (loot) the hostages to be returned to the station.
  • This mission is very straightforward and is intended to teach you to follow instructions from your fleet commander when flying in player fleets.

If you wish to shoot the enemy ships and are willing to fail this mission, this is the info.

Frigate 3 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter Reinforcement 1 for every ship killed
Reinforcement 1 (3x)

Frigate 3 x Frigate Mercenary Fighter killing all ships triggers mission failure and reinforcement 2
After destroying reinforcement 1 :
No! They killed the hostages! Note: You can repeat this mission after the daily downtime.

Reinforcement 2

Drone 2 x Drone Spider Drone II Stasis Webifier
Frigate 1 x Frigate Mercenary Wingman Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 3 x Cruiser Mercenary Lieutenant

You've now failed this mission. You can repeat this after the Daily Downtime.

Glue (9 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Use a Stasis Webifier on a rat.
Rewards Civilian Stasis Webifier (granted upon acceptance)

  • Fit your ship with a Stasis Webifier (either the T1 or Civilian variant).
  • Warp to the mission's location, approach the rat, and once you're within range, activate the module. You do not need to attack the ship yourself.
  • A CONCORD ship will then warp in and destroy the rat.

The Exam (10 of 10)

Type Encounter
Objective Destroy the Terrorist Leader.
Rewards <Faction> Destroyer skillbook (granted upon acceptance); Destroyer (AmarrCoercer /CaldariCormorant /GallenteCatalyst /MinmatarThrasher)

  • Destroyers are larger and slower than the Frigates you've been flying so far, but can mount many more weapons, making them particularly good at fighting frigates.
  • Should you wish, you can use whichever ship you've been using so far.
  • Three rat frigates will warp in upon your arrival at the mission location. One of them is the Terrorist Leader you're meant to destroy, and the other two are their wingmen. The Terrorist Leader will be flying a more advanced faction frigate, which will warp disrupt (preventing you from warping away) or web (slowing you down) you.
  • Use the skills you've learned so far to win the fight. Keep at the appropriate range for weapons, turn on your propulsion module, use a web on your target, and fire all your guns at one target until it's destroyed. It's up to you whether you want to destroy the terrorist leader or his wingmen first - but keep in mind that as long as the former is alive, his warp disruptor will prevent you from fleeing should the fight go badly for you.
  • The rats may drop some high value loot (~4M ISK) in the form of a Clutch Restrained Warp Disruption Field Generator, so it is worth checking the wrecks.

Frigate 1 x Frigate Terrorist Leader Mission Completion on Destruction Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Frigate 2 x Frigate Mercenary Trainee