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Sansha's Nation is a rogue state that occupies the Stain region. It was founded over a hundred years ago by Sansha Kuvakei, who wished to create a utopian society based around the exploitation of brainwashed slave labor and a small, cybernetically enhanced elite. Nation, as it is called by its citizens, was destroyed by a CONCORD-led coalition of the empires in YC 37, leaving only remnants behind. However, the survivors managed to band together and reemerged in YC105, gradually restoring its power and growing until launching a series of invasions into empire space in YC112.


Sansha's Nation is a dictatorship where the majority of citizens are "True Slaves" being controlled by brain implants. The "True Citizens" retain their free will though they also have the same slave implants.

The Sansha's Nation was once one of the strongest empires in EVE cluster. But in YC 37 the truth of Kuvakei's intentions and slave technology came out and a CONCORD-led coalition of the five empires, including the Jove, came and destroyed the nation and killed Kuvakei.

The Nation was thought to be gone but in YC 112 the Nation emerged with power. Nowaday the nation has sovereignty in region of Stain and regularly stages incursions to empire space.

The Sansha's Nation is perhaps the most technologically advanced entity in New Eden. Perhaps the largest advantage Sansha have is the knowledge on wormhole generation.

Sansha in PvE

Sansha's Nation rats are found in eastern Amarr Empire regions, Ammatar Mandate controlled regions and south from them. In there you can encounter Sansha ships in asteroid belts and Sansha combat site spawns. Sansha ships are also present in missions.

Sansha's Nation rats deal EM and thermal damage with emphasis on EM damage. They are weakest against EM damage with thermal being second best damage to use. They are armor tanked and will actively repair armor.

The EWAR of choice for Sansha ships is tracking disruption. For drone and missile ships this has no impact but turret based ships will suffer greatly when fighting against Sansha.

Notably in Incursions Sansha uses completely different kind of ships. In there the ships deal omni damage and do not have weakness to any particular damage type. They will also not use tracking disruptions.

Faction ships

Many of the Sansha's Nation ships are available for capsuleer use. These ships use laser turrets and have strong bonus to afterburner speed.

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