Pith Deadspace Depot

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Site Details
Pith Deadspace Depot
Type DED Rated Complex
Rating DED 2/10
Found in High/ Low?
Max ship size T2 Destroyer
Pirate faction Gurista
Damage to deal Kinetic damage Kin
Thermal damage Th
Damage to
79% Kinetic damage Kin
18% Thermal damage Th
Sig. Strength 10% in High Sec

Pith Deadspace Depot is a DED Complex that can be found via exploration.

Only Destroyers and Frigate sized ships can enter the complex.


Upon warping to the beacon
Supply depot for combat vessels and pirate cargo haulers alike. The Pith Guristas in these depots are very aggressive.

DED Threat Assessment: Minor (2 of 10)

Room 1

Upon entering the first room
The Pith Guristas rely on nimble fighters to stop any intruders into this complex by stationing them close to the gate-in beacon. In reality, the defenses are rather incompetent.

Sentry 6 x Sentry Pith Guristas Sentry
Frigate 22 x Frigate Pithi Infiltrator/Invader/Arrogator/Imputer
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate Blockade General Sade Drops the key to Room 2 and 3rd Tier Overseer's Personal Effects , Low chance to contain Dread Guristas modules

Room 2

Upon entering the second Room
The Pith wheel and deal in fuel, and a lot of supplies are stored in this deadspace pocket. Aware that they could be attacked at any time, they stock up just sufficiently to meet demands.

Sentry 3 x Sentry Guristas Sentry Gun
Sentry 3 x Sentry Guristas Stasis Tower Icon stasis webifier i.png
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate Supply Station Manager
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate Blockade General Sade Drops 4th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects, Low chance to contain Dread Guristas modules

Room 3

Upon entering the third room
The Pith Guristas collect and store cargo from various raids here. They liquidate their assets as fast as possible, so the actual amount being stored varies from day to day. The locales are relatively well defended.

Frigate 13 x Frigate Pithi Infiltrator/Invader/Supply Patrol/Tax Patrol
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser Pithum Gate Controller/TaxMan/Supply Patrol
Name Note
1 x Acceleration Gate Unlocks when all defenders are destroyed
1x Red Container Supply Taxes,5th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects, Can drop dread guristas modules,

Room 4

Upon entering the final room
Inside the last pocket of the Pith Merchant Depot resides the Superintendent. He oversees the collective storage space, collection of taxes and fees and manages investments. He is well guarded.

Frigate 8 x Frigate Pithi Infiltrator/Plunderer
Cruiser 9 x Cruiser Pithum Silencer/Ascriber
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate The Superintendant 6th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects, May contain Pithi frigate B-type Modules, or a worm BPC


Name Est. Value Note
Pithi B-type Modules The Superintendant
Worm BPC The Superintendant
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