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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
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The Teaching Department is responsible for providing educational content for EVE University and throughout New Eden. We provide live classes, practical exercises, and a freely available library of recorded classes on every aspect of EVE. We also maintain a library of syllabi and slide packs for our teachers and guest lecturers, and we maintain various players guides on our wiki - all of which is available to the entire EVE Online community. It is part of the Education Directorate.

Current Staff

Teaching Management

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The Director of Teaching oversees the teachers and guest lecturers. He is also responsible for the teaching and training resources EVE University provides.


Our current list of teachers can be found here.

For Students

  • Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming classes, or join our in-game mailing list Classes.e-uni for regular weekly updates.
    • Be sure to keep an eye out for CORE classes which cover basic mechanics for new pilots.
    • The calendar is also available as a feed for synchronisation with your personal calendars.
  • In addition to live classes and Q&A sessions, we have a large collection of recorded classes and slide packs covering lessons on many different subjects. These include additional special lectures available in the main EVE Uni Class Library.
    • Don't know where to start? For easy access, try using the Recommended Curriculum page, where new players can find a list of recorded classes covering the basics that we think they should consider.

Teaching Department 101

The Teaching Department schedules an average of 30 classes a month across all timezones (TZs) which reach about 500-600 students per month.

EVE University is proud of the professionalism and enthusiasm of our teachers and we have the tools and the experience necessary to ensure our efforts to educate and develop New Eden reach the widest audience possible.

The majority of E-Uni classes are open to the public; we are here to teach anyone that wants to learn, not just E-Uni members.

We have regular guest lecturers supporting the Teaching Department, as well as many special classes and lectures given by well-known 'personalities' from all parts of the game.

Joining the Department

Due to staff turnover and game changes etc, we are always looking for experienced players to teach classes and to share their knowledge.

Members of EVE University can also join the faculty and go on earn the title "Teacher" and eventually "Professor".

Non-members can help us out as Guest Lecturers as we are aware that there is a lot of experience out there that E-Uni members are interested in, but which E-Uni staff are not always subject matter experts in.

If you are new to teaching or you have never taught for E-Uni before, please contact a member of the teaching department staff before scheduling your class.

Useful Links For Teachers and Guest Lecturers

For general questions and discussion, visit: Teacher's Lounge

How You Can Help

If you are interested in helping us in our mission to educate EVE pilots everywhere, here are some things you can do: