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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

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EVE University

Campus Groups:

Averon Mining Campus
Highsec Campus
Incursion Community
Low-Sec Campus
Null-Sec Campus
Wormhole Campus

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University Forum

EVE University operates in several locations across the EVE Universe. Over time, some groups have formed around a key activity or location, forming what we call "Campuses". Each campus will have its own internal programs that they run, separate from the main university.

Campuses are a part of our greater community, not a separate community - there are frequent inter-campus fleets, events and so on, and when one campus requires help, the campuses will often respond with support. You are not restricted to joining only one campus; many of our members move Jump Clones into multiple campuses and jump to wherever they feel like playing EVE. No matter which or how many campuses you may be in, you are always part of EVE University.

Each group is overseen by a manager, who is responsible for directing their campus (or community). The CEO, Director of Operations, and Director of Campuses assist the managers with inter-campus issues or with things requiring additional support.



EVE University's headquarters is based in Amygnon, at Station - Amygnon VIII - Moon 5 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility.

While Amygnon is where we also have our HSC there is many other options, To best get involved in the community and make the most of your time in EVE University we would recommend joining one of the campuses below.

Campuses and communities

These Campuses (and communities) are run by a manager and officers appointed by EVE University. They benefit from University resources & services, but in addition often operate their own internal programs, such as ship replacement and loot distribution/re-buying.

Managers and officers in these groups have the same authority and responsibilities as a manager or officer of any other division of the University. All official campuses require - if you are actively operating in the area - you to be logged into Mumble and in the standing fleet to coordinate activities whilst playing.

Averon Mining Campus (AMC)


The Averon Mining Campus organizes an outlet for miners in the University, and was founded to provide EVE University students with the opportunity to learn how to mine efficiently and safely, including both solo and fleet operation mining, in a friendly and supportive environment. For more information, visit the Averon Mining Campus page.

There are no title or skill requirements to join the Averon Mining Campus.

High Sec Campus (HSC)


The Highsec Campus, currently based in Amygnon in the Verge Vendor region, is intended to provide an educational location where newcomers to EVE can work together, learn, and flourish; and a starting point where new players can easily try their hand at PvP, missions, manufacturing, and any other aspect of the game with ease. For more information, visit the Highsec Campus page.

There are no title or skill requirements to join the Highsec Campus.

Incursion Community


The EVE University Incursion Community works together to introduce students and alumni to that area of the game, and runs sites as a cohesive group. The community primarily focuses on running short-ranged, stationary shield fleets in Vanguard sites, and has a doctrine that is very forgiving for lower skill-point and cheaper hulls often associated with E-UNI students. For more information, visit the EVE University Incursion Community page.

While some roles in Incursions can be performed by players of all skill levels, please see their specific requirements listings.

Low-Sec Campus (LSC)


The Low-Sec Campus focuses on living in low security space, currently based in Eugales in the Placid region (within easy reach of both Syndicate nullsec, and hisec). Its mission statement is to "provide an educational location where newcomers to low security space can learn the skills needed to not only succeed, but thrive under constant threat". For more information, visit the Low-Sec Campus page.

There are no title or skill requirements to join the Low-Sec Campus.

Nullsec Campus (NSC)


The Nullsec Campus focuses on living in null security space, currently based in PC9-AY in the Syndicate region (again, within easy reach of both Placid lowsec, and hisec). Its mission statement is to "establish and maintain a supportive base in NPC nullsec space, give students the opportunity to experience living in nullsec and with the risks associated, and provide the opportunity to learn to survive and to practice PvP and PvE nullsec activities". For more information, visit the Nullsec Campus page.

There are no title or skill requirements to join the Nullsec Campus.

Wormhole Campus (WHC)


The Wormhole Campus focuses on living in wormhole space, and dedicated to educating students about wormhole life. The WHC is currently based in J211936, a C2 wormhole with hisec and C3 static connections; giving easy access to known space for logistics, and to higher class w-space for PvP and PvE. Wormhole space is one of the most hostile - but also one of the most lucrative - areas of space in EVE. For more information, visit the Wormhole Campus page.

The Freshman title and some basic skills and ships are required to join the Wormhole Campus.

Travel Between Campuses

As previously mentioned, there are no requirements to stay within just one campus. Members are permitted to move between campuses at will, and often do so. To help determine routes between the campuses, consult the following map. Please remember to adhere to safety precautions when traveling in low and null sec, and even in high sec during any war in which EVE University is involved.

Uni Campus Map - Grid.png