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EVE University encourages those who wish to contribute to our student community to teach classes or organize educational events.


While most classes are taught by E-UNI Teachers, any member of EVE University with Sophomore status or higher is welcome to schedule a class.

Note: If you are NOT an E-UNI Teacher or Guest Lecturer, and you've never conducted a class for E-Uni before, you should contact the Teaching Department before scheduling your class.

See the Guide to teaching classes for further information about planning your class. Although we don't have any formal requirements requiring anything be submitted for pre-approval, you should follow these guidelines in order to ensure a successful class. Especially:

  • Prepare an outline of class notes in advance - look into our CORE Classes library for content already prepared for teaching.
  • Anticipate and prepare for questions.
  • Arrive early, start your class on time, and be respectful of your students' time.

Also, please keep in mind that you are representing the University to the rest of New Eden by teaching a class. Thus, we may on rare occasions request new lecturers to provide some proof of ability or knowledge before allowing their first class to go ahead. However, since we want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and help with the University's core mission, this is a fairly uncommon occurrence.

Practical Classes

With prior arrangement with the UNI Teaching Manager, Guest Lecturers may lead UNI fleets as the fleet commander, if they have +5 or better standing to the UNI, or if they are willing to be set +5 or better for the duration of the class, and these fleets do not violate any EVE University Rules. Note also that the UNI also has a special Guest Fleet Commander Program, if you simply want to lead a fleet operation or roam with UNIs.

Class scheduling and administration

  • Try to schedule your class at least one week in advance, to give people a chance to hear about your class, and make time in their schedule to attend.
  • Check the UNI calendar for available dates/times. Do NOT schedule a class at the same time of any other class or event.
  • Post an advert as a new topic in the Scheduled Classes section on the forums, using the standard format described below. If you do not have access to this forum, please ask the Teaching Manager to do this for you.
  • In the in-game calendar, post an Alliance event, using this procedure. It is best to not mark event as important, as the event will be marked as "classified" in the calendar feed and students will be unable to see anything about it. If you do not have access to the UNI in-game calendar, please ask the Teaching Manager to do this for you.
  • Note that for CORE classes, please prefix the title of the class in the calendar with "[CORE]" so that the record-keeping TeachingBot can spot it.
  • Run your class!

Class announcement format

Please use the following BBCode when announcing your class on our Scheduled Classes Forum

[img]link to suitable image to illustrate class[/img]

Short description of what this class is. Maybe who it's intended for, how it improves your game, etc. Feel free to pull from historical class announcements for the same class.

[color=#00FFFF]When:[/color] Thursday 12th january, 20:00 EVE Time
[color=#00FFFF]Where:[/color] Mumble and Class (EVE Uni)
[color=#00FFFF]Duration:[/color] 1 hour

[color=#00FFFF]Topics Covered:[/color]
[list][*]list points
[*]some more list points
[*]even more list points
[*]add more list points with the [ * ] prefix

[color=#00FFFF]Student requirements:[/color]
[list][*]Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational well before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up: [url][/url]
[*]Access to the Class (EVE Uni) in-game chat channel
[*]If students need specific ships, or need to be in a specific place, here would be where you say that.[/list]

Additional information: This class is primarily lecture, delivered in public Mumble and the Class (EVE Uni) channel, followed by Q&A. There is no practical component.

After class

  • After you've posted your after-class report, go back to the original forum advert post, and change the [CLASS] tag to [COMPLETED].

Cancellations and postponements

  • If you need to cancel a class, please do not delete your posts from the forum or the in-game calendar. Instead, please edit the tags on both to [CANCELLED]. If you need to postpone a class, please mark the original class as [CANCELLED] and create new posts for the new time on the forum and in-game calendar.
  • If you reschedule or cancel a class on short notice (e.g. within 7 days), please notify one of the Teaching Managers so they can update the Classes.E-UNI mailing list.


If you have any questions about any Eve University policy or procedure, please contact the Teaching Manager or Director of Education.