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EVE University is a neutral corporation which focuses on training new EVE Online players on various aspects of the game. We are happy for members to join our corporation, learn what they want to and then leave, which also means we are happy for other corporations to send their potential members to us to get some training before joining their corporation.

What corporations is this open to?

As EVE University is a neutral training corp we do not have any preferred corporations. We are happy to accept players referred by any corporation in the game, and we do not require any payment or diplomatic changes on the part of the referring corporation. It is important for EVE University to maintain its neutrality and for this reason we do not disclose which corporations have referred potential members to EVE University, nor give preferential treatment to one corporation over another.

What do we expect from applicants?

We do not have any minimum SP requirements for applicants and we accept members on alpha accounts. However, we do have some requirements of applicants before they can put in an application:

  • The applicant's character name and bio must be suitable for a family-friendly corporation (EVE University)
  • The applicant must have an idea of basic game mechanics e.g. undocking, warping etc. Doing the tutorial should cover this.
  • The applicant must be willing to disclose to us their ESI key for the character they are joining on and any other characters they wish to have involved with the Eve University.

What can we teach them?

EVE University is a general teaching corporation, and we cover various aspects of the game, which includes (but is not restricted to): PVP, mining, mission running, industry, research, production, incursions, exploration, planetary industry, trade and ship fitting.

We have communities in high sec, low sec, null sec and wormhole space, to enable students to get experience in a range of different types of space.

There are a few things we cannot teach applicants, including: Piracy, faction warfare, subterfuge. Note we do not have a problem with our ex-members going on to involve themselves in these areas after they leave EVE University, but we restrict current members from these activities to preserve our neutrality. Additionally, while our members are allowed into sov nullsec we do not have a permanent presence there so this will not form a major part of our curriculum.

What is the process?

If your corporation would like to refer a potential member to EVE University, the potential member should be directed to our online application process to put in an application. They will need to follow a short application process to enable us to run background checks before they are accepted. Bear in mind the typical wait time is 3 days. It would help if the applicant states in their application which corporation they have been referred by. Note our background checks are designed to flag up any issues which may be a problem for EVE University, but we cannot make any guarantees and this should not be a substitute for your own background checks.

What happens once they have been accepted?

If an applicant is accepted they will be brought into EVE University but from that point on we expect them to make their own path. We offer a wide range of classes and communities, plus regular fleets and events. Those members who learn most are those who get involved in these the most. We do have a mentor programme for very new players, but aside from that no formal curriculum or one-on-one training. Potential applicants should be encouraged to get involved wherever possible to make the maximum use of their time in EVE University.

We are not able to provide update reports on the progress of applicants so if you wish to monitor their progress in EVE University we recommend you make arrangements with them directly. Similarly, we are not able to provide formal references for applicants but teaching staff or management may be willing to give an informal opinion with the applicant's agreement.

What about when an applicant is ready to leave?

Once the applicant is satisfied they have learned the basics and want to move on they can leave EVE University at any time without any adverse consequences. To join your corporation they should drop roles in game, and once the 24 hour timer runs out they will be able to join your corporation straight away. Again we can make no guarantees about where applicants choose to go after they leave EVE University. Members do not automatically receive a graduate medal on leaving EVE University, and must earn this through our progression titles, but this is not needed for them to leave EVE University.