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The Logistics Directorate is one of seven main divisions (or Directorates) within EVE University. See EVE University Management for details of the other Directorates.
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The Logistics Directorate is one of several divisions that make up EVE University, but it is also the division with which most students will have the least personal contact. Four departments with a manager comprises the division: the Reimbursement Department, the Production Department, the Hauling Department and the Fittings Department.


Director of Logistics

AzmoValar.jpg Azmodeus Valar - Send a forum PM

The Director of Logistics is responsible for coordinating logistical support for EVE University, including providing EVE University supply services to benefit and support members.

Fittings Manager

NoPortrait.jpeg Vacant -

The Fittings Manager manages Fittings Staff and oversees the updating of EVE University recommended ship fittings.

Main article: Fittings Department

Assistant Managers: None

Hauling Manager

Hofborn.jpg Hofborn - Send a forum PM

The Hauling Manager oversees the University Hauling Program.

Main article: Hauling Department

Assistant Managers:

Cheradenine Zakalve.jpg
Zun Lurrin.jpg
Cheradenine Zakalve Zun Lurrin

Production Manager

Arieathellare.jpg Ariea Thellare - Send a forum PM

The Production Manager oversees the materials and processes for in-house and student manufacturing.

Main article: Production Department

Assistant Managers: None

Reimbursement Manager

DavidMatsuda.jpg David Matsuda - Send a forum PM

The Reimbursement Manager administers the Ship Replacement Program and The Implants Program.

Main article: Reimbursement Department

Assistant Managers:

Krevlorn Severasse.jpg
Pink Kondur.jpg
Krevlorn Severasse Pink Kondur


Ship Replacement Program

EVE University offers a simple Ship Replacement Program that offers ISK replacement for T1 frigate, destroyer, and cruiser losses, as well as partial reimbursements for several advanced ship types.

The +3 Implants Program

The Implants Program provides young members the ability to purchase basic +3 implants at a reduced price.

Fleet Support Program

The Fleet Support Program supports FC's in content creation by providing FC-chosen doctrine fits on corp contracts at the FC's chosen staging station.

Uni Structure Fuel Program

The Fuel Program of the Logistics Directorate supports campueses with fuel deliveries for their stuctures.