The Blood-Stained Stars

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"Remember the strange datacore you found? We've determined that it must have been made by rogue drones of some kind..."

The Blood-Stained Stars is the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc which takes place all over New Eden in High Security Regions.

The Blood-Stained Stars is an introductory Epic Arc that can be completed in a community fitted "Tech 1 SOE Epic Arc" Destroyer.

Note that mission rewards listed in this walkthrough are not affected by the Negotiation skill, but the standings gains (for various corporations during the arc, but mostly Sisters of EVE, and for the empire faction of your choice at the end) are affected by the Social skill. The arc does not give Loyalty Points.

Also, note that you sometimes can not interact with the mission NPCs you meet floating in space if you are a member of a fleet (tested with the "Retribution" expansion). Only after dropping fleet will the option "start conversation with..." become available.

You will also receive an important storyline mission for every 16 missions (by type) you complete for the epic arc. These are optional but provide benefits if completed.

Though the epic arc requires a lot of traveling as well as being very long, it is completable in a single day.

NOTE: The Blood-Stained Stars can be restarted after every 3 months (90 days), no matter if you failed or completed it the last time.

Ship choice

The epic arc contains missions with moderate combat and lots of traveling. The best ships for doing the arc are destroyers as they have high firepower while also being fast. Common choices are MinmatarThrasher, GallenteCatalyst, CaldariCormorant, and AmarrCoercer. A Tactical Destroyer will make this arc extremely easy, and due to its high speed and agility will be the fastest option as well. For older pilots with more training, a T3D will be the best option.

The second last mission "Our Man Dagan" is especially notorious for its hard to kill boss. You may want to bring modules with you to refit for higher DPS for this mission. You will also need 150m3 of cargo space for mission 19 in the chain.


Completing the missions gives money but no LP. The more lucrative reward is the faction standing boost you get from the final mission. +0.7 to the empire faction of your choice with no derived standing changes (+0.875 with Social V). This is especially useful to those who have ruined their standing to below -2.00.

Starting agent

The Blood-Stained Stars Starting Agent
Agent Corporation Faction System Region Mission
Sister Alitura Sisters of EVE Servant Sisters of EVE Arnon Essence A Beacon Beckons

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