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Hello and welcome to EVE University! If you've just joined you're one big step closer to learning more about EVE Online. The information on this page should be read along with the Welcome mail that you will have received when you were accepted. We understand that this is a lot of reading but please make sure you review this information as it will help you get started and make the most of your time in EVE University. You may find it useful to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it in your first few days and weeks with us.

First steps

E-UNI Emblem.png EVE University offers
a class on:

What you should do first (once you're done reading this page) is visit our Hi and Bye Forum and introduce yourself. The button to create a new thread is in the top left of the forum next to the search bar and looks like this: Newthread.png It is quite normal not to get any response to threads in this section, because we do get a lot of new members! But this is a requirement to obtain your first title so its best to get it out of the way early.

EVE University, as you will have gathered during the application process, normally finds itself at war. During the application process you were asked to read the Wartime_Operations_in_EVE_University page. It would be a good idea to read over this as a refresher now that you are a member.

Remember that now you are a member we will expect you to follow the EVE University Rules and have our Overview installed.

Your access as a member of EVE University

As part of your being accepted to EVE University the Personnel Officer will have changed your access to that of a member. You should now have the following access:

  • Your access on our forum will be updated so you can access the members-only sections of our forum, as well as the public areas. The icon to the left of each section shows you who can view it: Eve.png means it is public, CorpForumLogo.png means current members and alumni, and Corp-only.png means current members only.
  • Your Mumble access will be updated also, so you can access the members-only mumble channels. Please note that it will take several hours for Mumble to show this change, so don't panic if you can't get into the other channels straight away. If you need to get into the channel e.g. for a fleet or class, ask in the Chat.E-UNI in-game chat channel for someone to drag you in.
  • You will see our Corp and Alliance channels in game, and in addition to the default channels, the Personnel Officer may have brought you into some other channels for members. See below for more information on our chat channels.
  • You will automatically be added to the Corp and Alliance mailing lists, meaning you will receive mails of general interest to the Corporation. These are often used to advertise classes, fleets and events, or to make announcements about the Corporation or Alliance. Please be careful about using these and do not click "Reply All" on a message, or it will be sent to the entire mailing list. It can be annoying for members to receive lots of mails about the same subject so keep these mailing lists as spam-free as possible.
  • EVE University uses an application called EVE Workbench for fittings and doctrines. For instructions see EVE Workbench.

Chat channels and their uses

We have various different chat channels and we understand that these can be a bit daunting for new members. The most important ones are summarised below.

  • The "Corp" channel is used to request skillbook reimbursement and to request items from our hangars.
  • The "Alliance" channel is used for forming fleets and also making announcements about fleets, classes or events happening soon. To understand how fleets are formed in the Alliance channel please read The Rookie's Guide To Fleet Ops.

The below channels are password protected.

  • The "General (EVE Uni)" channel is the general chat channel for EVE University, as well as where new members are welcomed into the Corporation. You can ask general questions in here. The password can be found here.
  • The "Questions (EVE Uni)" channel is a chat-free question and answer channel. You can ask any type of questions here, and since there is no chat it may be easier to get an answer. The password can be found here.
  • The "Intel (EVE Uni)" channel is our channel for reporting intel on war targets.

Other channels can be found here EVE University Chat Channels. Feel free to join any of the chat channels which cover an area you are interested in.

What to do next?

Now you've taken the step of joining EVE University you are free to make use of the various activities we offer, and we would encourage you to do so. If you're not sure where to start, try the following:

Obtain a mentor

Mentors are members who volunteer to assist newer players one-on-one. If you have less than 4 months experience in EVE Online and less than 6 million skillpoints you may be eligible to apply for a mentor. You will need to fill in a form indicating your timezone and areas of interest so that you can be paired with a mentor with a similar timezone and with experience in the areas you want to learn about. For more information and to apply for a mentor see our page on the Mentor Program.

Attend a class

Classes are advertised in various ways. Almost all classes will be listed on our calendar (if you click the clock in the bottom left corner of your screen in-game you will see the in-game calendar), as well as our Scheduled Classes forum. In addition, we send out regular bulletins to the mailing list about upcoming classes and they are normally advertised in the Alliance channel in-game shortly before they start.

Most of our classes are suitable for new players, check the forum thread of the class you are interested in to see whether there are any pre-requisites and where it will be held. Most will be held in voice on our public mumble server and will have an in-game channel assigned for questions. You do not need to RVSP to attend a class, just join the class' Mumble channel at the scheduled time. For more information on joining a class see our wiki page on Classes. We also record a lot of our classes for people to listen to later, and they are accessed via our Class Library.

Attend an event

Like classes, events are normally announced beforehand on the calendar, and will also be posted in our Corporation Events forum. Again, check the forum thread to see whether there are any pre-requisites for joining in. For some events there may be particular ships you should fly, so make sure you have the skills and the ship ready beforehand. You do not need to RSVP, just turn up on the day. Most events will also be suitable for spectators, if you just want to watch.

Go on a fleet

You may think that you need more skillpoints before you are ready to go on a fleet, but this is not the case. EVE University is a corp with hundreds of brand new players, and our fleet commanders will be prepared for inexperienced fleet members. A lot of fleets are advertised in advance on the calendar and the Combat Fleets (ILN) forum, but some of them are just announced when a fleet commander feels like taking a fleet out, so keep an eye on the Alliance channel. Before you attend your first fleet make sure you read over the Rookie's Guide to Fleet Ops, which will teach you how to join a fleet and some basic fleet commands. Fleets labelled as Noobs on Patrol in particular will be aimed at brand new players (but they are not the only fleets you can join by any means!).

Once you see a fleet you are interested in joining, read the forum thread to see if there are any pre-requisites. Some fleets will have a 'doctrine' meaning only certain ship fittings are permitted, whereas some will be 'kitchen sink' meaning you are free to fly whatever you like (providing the fleet commander allows it). You can find out all about the tools we use to share common doctrines here

As with classes and events, there is no need to RSVP. If you are a little nervous, make sure you are at the starting destination a little bit early and ask any questions in the our chat channels in game. Our other members will be more than willing to help you out.

Join a campus

Campuses are groups of EVE University members living together in different areas of space, with EVE University support. They each have their own community, including their own forum, chat channels, mumble channels and hangars, but they are still part of the wider corporation. The campuses are one of the biggest strengths of EVE University, as they give members an opportunity to try out living in different areas of space to see what they enjoy, without the commitment of joining a more specialized corporation.

Aside from the wormhole campus, which requires the Freshman title and some skills to be trained to ensure that you can participate in all activities, all our campuses are suitable for brand new members. If you are interested in joining a campus, read up on their wiki page to find out a little more about them and how to join. Some of the campuses have a hauler service to move your ships there with less risk. You can join as many campuses as you like and you can switch between them whenever you want to, you are not fixed to the campus you first choose.

Making Use of EVE University's Services

EVE University has lots of services to offer its members, and they are designed to give you a kick-start in EVE Online, so make the best use of them you can. You can find more information on all our our services in the Services category. The following services are of particular relevance to new players.

You can find links to these services (and other useful links) on the bulletins in the in-game corporation window, the icon for which looks like this: CorporationIcon.png

Skillbook reimbursement

From the first day you join you can start making use of our skillbook reimbursement. You won't have access to the skillbook wallet at first, so you'll need to ask someone to help you out in the Corp chat channel (once you have the freshman title you can reimburse yourself, and also help out others who don't yet have the title). EVE University will reimburse any skillbooks you buy, provided they cost less three and a half million (3,500,000) ISK each. You can claim multiple reimbursements per day, up to a maximum of three and a half million (3,500,000) ISK per day. For full details of how it works, see The Skillbook Program.

Corporation Hangar

EVE University has corporation hangars, both at our Headquarters and at all our Campuses which are intended for use by members. In the hangars we keep a stock of frigates, weapons, modules, ammunition, drones, skillbooks etc. Like with the skillbook reimbursement, you won't be able to access these at first, but you can ask in the Corp chat channel for someone to get something out of the hangar for you. Once you have the freshman title you can access the hangars yourself. For more information see Corporation Hangar.

+3 Implants Program

There are certain implants which are used to speed up your skill training, which can give you a real boost, especially as a new player. EVE University gives all its new members the opportunity to purchase a set of +3 Implants at a significant discount. Your character will need to be less than 3 months old to qualify. For more information on how to request a set, see The +3 Implants Program

Ship Replacement Program

At EVE University we want to promote people taking part in PVP and going on EVE University fleets. Therefore if you lose your ship on an EVE University PVP fleet, provided you meet certain conditions (e.g. you comment on the loss to show you have learned something, you were flying a reasonably fit ship and you were on an EVE University PVP fleet) you can claim reimbursement. So even if you lose your ship, you don't lose out! Each ship type has certain requirements to be eligible for reimbursement, see Ship Replacement Program for all the requirements and how to claim reimbursement.

Titles in EVE University

You will have noticed that some of our services and one of our campuses require a certain 'Title'. As you spend more time in EVE University and get involved more you will become eligible for different titles. For more information on how titles work and how to apply for them, see Titles Within EVE University.

Helping EVE University

E-UNI Emblem.png EVE University offers
a class on:

EVE University does not have any paid staff: all its programs, services and departments are run by volunteers. We also rely on members to create content for each other and to help each other out by answering questions. It may not seem like you know a lot about EVE Online at the moment, but you almost certainly know more already than some other players who have been playing for less time than you. We really appreciate any members helping others out, no matter how new you are to the game. If you'd like some ideas on how you can give back to EVE University and help out other members, see Helping EVE University.

Feeling a bit lost?

We know that this is a lot of information when you first join, so please don't panic! Bookmark this wiki page so you can refer back to it later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the General (EVE Uni) or Questions (EVE Uni) channel, or on our forums or in Mumble. Don't worry about asking 'stupid' questions - we have heard them all before and won't judge you! If you are new to the game, you should also consider applying for a mentor to help get you started.

If you have issues with another member contact our Student Advocate whose role is to mediate disputes between members and bring any necessary matters to the attention of EVE University management. If you need help from a particular department, there is a list of EVE University Management here showing who is responsible for each department.

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