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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

Welcome to EVE University. If you are reading this, you must be new to EVE University, or possibly a returning member. This page is here to help guide you to information on how to make a smooth transition to Uni, and the game as well. As a member of EVE University, you are able to utilize several features not available to outside players.


Getting Started in EVE University

  • Mumble is our main choice for Voice Communication. Please install and set up Mumble. Follow the instructions here.
  • Discord is our main source of communication outside of the game and how we 'ping' people for fleets, classes and other activities in EVE University.
  • EVE University Forum This is where we post details about events, fleets and other important happenings within Uni.
  • EVE University Overview The overview helps you to see things relevant to you, in and around New Eden, for both PvP and PvE gameplay and help to keep your screen functional and organized.
  • Short Skill Plan The 'SSP' is a small set of skills that will get you started in EVE uni quicker and more efficiently. This includes taking part in fleets.
  • Avoid Losses to War Targets EVE University sometimes finds itself at war. Read over this to get the very basics of how to avoid dying to war targets.
  • Creating an Alt Hauler Creating an alt hauler is only one way to help prevent losses to War Targets.

Please note that you can find Corporation Events/Fleets in game by accessing the Corporation Calendar. To do this, simply click on the time display (at the bottom left of your screen) in EVE Online and it should pop right up for you to check what you can do with your Corpmates today!

Chat channels and their uses

We have various different chat channels and we understand that these can be a bit daunting for new members. The most important ones are summarised below.

  • The "Corp" channel is used to request skillbook reimbursement and to request items from our hangars.
  • The "Alliance" channel is used for forming and announcing fleets, classes or events happening soon. If you have questions about the announcement, PM the person who made the announcement.

The below channels are password protected.

  • The "Questions (EVE Uni)" channel is a chat-free question and answer channel. You can ask any type of questions here, and since there is no chat it may be easier to get an answer. The password can be found here.
  • The "Intel (EVE Uni)" channel is our channel for reporting intel on war targets.

Other channels can be found here EVE University Chat Channels. Feel free to join any of the chat channels which cover an area you are interested in.

Programs and services

  • Mentor Program This program is for players that are looking for one-one tutoring, whether for asking questions or practicing concepts ingame. You simply fill out the application provided on the page and our Mentor Manager does the rest! This is open to characters of any age and experience.
  • The +3 Implants Program This program is available to those who have been playing longer than 31 days and have been in the University for at least 7 days. These implants are available at a reduced prices and help with things like faster skill training.
  • Corporation Hangar Access to this service is available after you have applied for Freshman and received the title, but can be useful when you first join, if you ask another player with the title to help, you get free modules and frigates at the communities. In addition to that we have free ships for you to use on contract - there are called "Flight Deck" or "FD" ships and you are free to take one whenever you need a ship for a specific activity.
  • The Skillbook Program EVE University which allows you to obtain reimbursement for up to three and a half million ISK of skillbooks per day. The instructions are on the page for more info.
  • Ship Replacement Program The program (Commonly known as SRP) is intended to both help new pilots get into PvP and to promote the use of important hulls that benefit the entire fleet.
  • Sponsored Community Shipping Service Is a program that is intended to be available for nearly all communities. However, you can always ask in Mumble for help moving your items from where you are in space.


Our Education Department works hard to help our members and the players of EVE Online, to be able to better understand the game basics and make the game as enjoyable as possible. Most of our classes are available with a .PDF so you can read before you venture out to the great unknown and try something new.

  • Classes available at this time You can also check the in game Corporation Calendar at any point by clicking on the time display in the bottom left hand side in EVE Online.
  • Classes often taught at EVE Uni On this page you will also find instructions on requesting a class from this list on Discord.
  • Pod saving This class is at the very core of everything you do in EVE Online.

Training on Tap and other learning videos

Progression Titles in EVE Uni

As you learn and grow in EVE University, you may find that you want to do more. You can work towards our Freshman, Sophomore and Graduate titles. These indicate how far along EVE Uni's path you have traveled, and give you a sense of achievement, along with some in-corp perks.

  • Titles within EVE University Each title has perks with it. With the ultimate goal of becoming a GRADUATE.
  • Community Content Initiative As the name implies, the focus of the program will be "content generation" (i.e., activities) spread around multiple "communities" and/or areas of space.

Understanding Fleets

No matter what kind of ship you fly, or the Community you live at, there is always a FLEET available in the EVE University. It is a great part of being in a corporation. However, being part of a fleet means knowing a few basics.

  • Fleet Commands and understanding Fleets- Read this: Fleets (CORE class) This can make the difference in losing or keeping a ship sometimes when gankers come around to cause havoc.
  • Obeying EVE University's Rules of Engagement, when roaming or on fleets is a great way to make sure you are able to participate in all kinds of fleets and outings.

Community Life

With the exception of our Wormhole Community, our communities do not have an application or skill requirement. So, please join in at any of the activities that you wish to.

Main Community (Uni Headquarters)


The Main Community in Stacmon is our main staging area for the Uni. "The Quad" being our main staging structure for most Uni Events.

Within a few jumps radius of Stacmon, you can find areas in which to mine, run missions, participate in PVP, and there will be other corpmates engaging in those activities that you can join up with.

Wormhole Community (WHC)


The Wormhole Community focuses on living in wormhole space, and dedicated to educating students about wormhole life. The Wormhole Community is currently based in J211936, a C2 wormhole with hisec and C3 static connections; giving easy access to known space for logistics, and to higher class w-space for PvP and PvE. Wormhole space is one of the most hostile - but also one of the most lucrative - areas of space in EVE. For more information, visit the Wormhole Community page.

The Freshman title and some basic skills and ships are required to join the Wormhole Community.

Incursion Community


The EVE University Incursion Community works together to introduce students and alumni to that area of the game, and runs sites as a cohesive group. The community primarily focuses on running short-ranged, stationary shield fleets in Vanguard sites, and has a doctrine that is very forgiving for lower skill-point and cheaper hulls often associated with E-UNI students. For more information, visit the EVE University Incursion Community page.

While some roles in Incursions can be performed by players of all skill levels, please see their specific requirements listings.

Feeling a bit lost?

We know that this is a lot of information when you first join, so please don't panic! Bookmark this wiki page so you can refer back to it later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Questions (EVE Uni) channel.

Orientation Department

Orientation Logo.png

Got questions, ask anyone in the Orientation Department, on Discord or in Mumble. They are here to help you get settled in your chosen community or even help you with general game play questions you might have. Don't worry about asking 'stupid' questions - we have heard them all before and won't judge you! If you are new to the game, you should also consider applying for a mentor to help get you started. Orientation will help you with this process as well and even answer your questions if you have a wait for a mentor!

Management Support


If you need help from a particular department, there is a list of EVE University Management here showing who is responsible for each department. Most departments also have their own Wiki page for a list of staff you can reach out to. However, if you have a problem with that department, please make sure to talk to the Manager of that department for a resolution. However, if it is a personal problem, player to player, contact our Student Advocate whose role is to mediate disputes between members and bring any necessary matters to the attention of EVE University management.

Helping EVE University

EVE University does not have any paid staff: all its programs, services and departments are run by volunteers. We also rely on members to create content for each other and to help each other out by answering questions. It may not seem like you know a lot about EVE Online at the moment, but you almost certainly know more already than some other players who have been playing for less time than you. We really appreciate any members helping others out, no matter how new you are to the game. If you'd like some ideas on how you can give back to EVE University and help out other members, see Helping EVE University.