Ship Replacement Program

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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The Ship Replacement Program (SRP) is an initiative of EVE University to encourage participation in combat fleets. The program is intended to both help new pilots get into PvP and to promote the use of important hulls that benefit the entire fleet.

Ship Replacement Program request forms

Do not fly anything you can not afford to lose. SRP is not instantaneous, nor is it 100%. Do not leave yourself without a way to make isk.

When is a loss covered?

To be eligible for reimbursement, all losses must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Pilot is a member of Ivy League or Ivy League Alt Alliance at the time of loss
  • Happened in an EVE University PvP fleet against another corporation
  • Had a reasonable PvP fitting and shows reasonable effort. Check with your FC if you are unsure about your fit.
  • Submitted kills can not be older than 1 month
  • Request includes sufficient comment to allow SRP staff to understand what happened. A single line comment will be denied. Two or three lines are ideal.
  • Is not in violation of EVE University Rules

Please note ships that are taken from any of the E-UNI hangars, or handed out for free during E-UNI fleets are not eligible for SRP

Pilots should have the necessary skills to fly the hull well. This is typically 4 or higher in the ship specific skill. Note that further fitting restrictions will apply for more advanced or expensive hulls. See below for specific requirements.

What ships are covered?

Base SRP (powered by EVE Uni Logistics Department)

All (values) are estimates. Actual SRP amounts are dynamic based on current market rates.

  • T1 Frigates (1M)
  • Faction Frigate (13M)
  • T1 Destroyers (2M)
  • T1 Cruisers (9M)
  • Faction Cruiser (40M)
  • T1 Battlecruisers (36M)
  • T1 Battleships (163M)

  • Fleet Interceptors [Malediction, Crow, Ares, Stiletto] (12M):
    • Warp Disruptor II
    • Nanofiber Internal Structure II or Overdrive II
    • 5MN MWD
    • Damage Control - T2 or compact
  • Assault Frigates [Vengeance, Hawk, Ishkur, Jaguar, Retribution, Harpy, Enyo, Wolf] (16M):
    • Full rack of T2 guns (The "RamJag" without turrets/launchers is also acceptable)
    • T2 or compact ADCU/DCU or Nanofiber Internal Structure II + MWD
    • T2 tank and/or ASB/AAR (Plate/Extender can be T2 or meta)
  • Electronic Attack Ships [Sentinel, Kitsune, Keres, Hyena] (16M):
    • MWD or AB (Microwarpdrive or Afterburner)
    • At least 2 EWAR modules for which it is has a bonus (Neuts/Vamps count as EWAR modules for the Sentinel)
    • Damage Control - meta 2 or compact (Except Kitsune which fit Signal Distortion Amplifiers)
  • T3 Tactical Destroyers [Confessor, Hecate, Jackdaw, Svipul] (37M):
    • Full rack of T2 guns
    • T2 tank and/or ASB/AAR (Plate/Extender can be T2 or meta)
  • Command Destroyers [Pontifex, Bifrost, Stork, Magus, Draugur] (28M):
    • Micro Jump Field Generator and/or Command Burst
    • Warp Scrambler or Warp Disruptor
    • T2 tank
  • Interdictors [Heretic, Flycatcher, Eris, Sabre] (34M):
    • MWD
    • Interdiction Sphere Launcher
    • T2 tank and/or ASB/AAR (Plate/Extender can be T2 or meta)
  • Stealth Bombers [Hound, Manticore, Nemesis, Purifier] (15M):
    • Appropriate fit for the specific hull
  • T2 Logistics Frigates [Deacon, Thalia, Scalpel, Kirin] (15M)
    • T2 tank
    • T2 rigs
    • Full rack of reppers
  • T2 Logistics Cruisers [Guardian, Oneiros, Scimitar, Basilisk] (101M):
    • T2 tank or above
    • 1600mm Plate or Large Shield Extender
    • 4 large reppers + 2 large capacitor transmitters for Guardians and Basilisks
  • Command Ships [Absolution, Damnation, Nighthawk, Vulture, Astarte, Eos, Claymore, Sleipnir] (144M):
    • At least two Command Burst modules
    • T2 tank or above
    • Appropriate fit for the specific hull
  • Recons [Pilgrim, Curse, Falcon, Rook, Arazu, Lachesis, Rapier, Huginn, Enforcer] (86M):
    • T2 tank or above
    • Appropriate fit for the specific hull.
  • Heavy Assault Cruisers [Zealot, Sacrilege, Eagle, Cerberus, Ishtar, Deimos, Muninn, Vagabond] (55M)
    • Full rack of T2 guns
    • Assault Damage Control II
  • Heavy Interdiction Cruisers [Devoter, Onyx, Phobos, Broadsword] (117M)
    • T2 tank or above
    • Warp disruption field generator
    • Appropriate fit for the specific hull.

Special Events

In order to encourage new pilots to participate and gain valuable PVP experience, EVE University is reimbursing some Fight Club losses.

  • Fight Club:
    • T1 frigates only, up to meta 4 modules, T1 drones and ammo (T2 Damage Control is allowed)
    • SRP limit is 5M per loss, max 2 requests per event
    • Losses must have occurred during a Fight Club event

E-UNI Doctrines

  • E-UNI doctrine SRP is subject to the same eligibility rules defined in the first paragraph on this page.
  • The loss must match the fleet doctrine, e.g., a NANO doctrine ship will not be reimbursed when the FC called for a RLML doctrine.
  • "Kitchen Sink" ( no doctrine ) fleets and off doctrine ships requested by the FC will be covered by the Base SRP. They will still need to follow all applicable Base SRP requirements.
  • Major deviations from the doctrine fits detailed in their respective forum post can lead to a rejection in SRP.

Armor Assault Frigates

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Armor Assault Frigates forum post.

  • DPS
    • Retribution (35M)
    • Enyo (19M)
    • Wolf (21M)
    • Republic Fleet Firetail (15M)
    • Federation Navy Comet (22M)
    • Imperial Navy Slicer (19M)
    • Hecate (55M)
    • Svipul (50M)
    • Confessor (61M)
  • Logi
    • Deacon (56.5M)
    • Inquisitor (26.5M)
  • Support
    • AAF Cruor (73M)
    • Armour Links Magus (64M)
    • Armour Links Pontifex (64M)

Brawling Cruisers

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the brawling cruisers forum post.

  • DPS
    • Rupture T1 (14M) / T2 (22M)
    • Maller T1 (24M) / T2 (31M)
  • Logi
    • Augoror T1 (19M) / T2 (35M)
    • Exequror T1 (21.5M) / T2 (31.5M)
  • Support
    • Armour Celestis T1 (9M) / T2 (14M)
    • Arbitrator T1 (12M) / T2 (19M)
  • Links
    • Prophecy (64M)

Magic Merlins and Derptrons

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the magic merlins and derptrons forum post.

  • Derptrons (2M)
  • Magic Merlin (7M)
  • Magic Merlin - Burst (7.5M)
  • Tackle - any frigate (Needs T2 point and/or T2 scram) (5M)


The following fits will be supported. Fits and requirements can be found in the NANO forum post.

  • DPS
    • Omen Navy Issue (55M)
    • Osprey Navy Issue (51M)
    • Orthrus (95M)
    • Kikimora (40M)
    • Brutix (48M)
    • Hurricane (52M)
    • Drekavac (84M)
    • Oracle (58M)
    • Gila (65M)
    • Caracal (22M)
    • Cormorant (8M)
  • EWAR
    • Keres (22M)
    • Kitsune (34M)
    • Sentinel (31M)
  • Tackle
    • Stiletto (46M)
    • Malediction (26M)
  • Utility
    • Bifrost (58M)
    • Jackdaw (37M)

RLML Caracals

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the RLML caracals forum post.

  • DPS
    • Caracal T1 (16M) / T2 (18M)
  • Logi
    • Scythe T1 (14.5M) / T2 (23M)
    • Osprey T1 (12M) / T2 (19M)
    • Kirin (54.5M)
  • Support
    • Bellicose T1 (14M) / T2 (21M)
    • Shield Celestis T1 (11M) / T2 (19M)
  • Links
    • Cyclone (58M)

Shield Battlecruisers (MS/LS)

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Shield Battlecruisers forum post.

  • DPS - Light
    • Drake T1/T2 (42M)
  • Logi - Light
    • Osprey (38M)
  • DPS - Medium
    • Drake T1 (38M)
    • Drake Navy Issue (92M)
  • Logi - Medium
    • Scimitar (179M)
  • Support
    • Ashimmu (100M)

Shield Battlecruisers (SBC)

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the SBC Shield Battlecruisers forum post.

  • DPS - Drake Core
    • Drake T1 (38M)
    • Drake T2 (46M)
    • Drake Links (74M)
  • Logi
    • Osprey T1 (15.5MM)
    • Osprey T2 (21M)
  • DPS - Drake Navy Issue Core
    • Drake Navy Issue (87M)
    • Drake Navy Issue Links (151M)
  • Logi -Drake Navy Issue Core
    • Basilisk (239.5M)
    • Loki (133M)
  • DPS - Nighthawk
    • Nighthawk (200M)
    • Nighthawk Links (277M)

GateCamp Thrashers

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the GateCamp Thrashers forum post. This doctrine is restricted to Low-Security space.

  • DPS
    • GateCamp Thrasher T1 (3M) / T2 (7M)
  • EWAR
    • GateCamp Keres (19M)
  • Logisitic
    • MWD Inquisitor (15M)

Heavy Armor

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Heavy Armor forum post. This doctrine is restricted to engagements that originated from Wormhole space and/or around Wormholes.

  • Logistic
    • Guardian (249.5M)
  • DPS
    • Sacrilege (96M)
    • Leshak (329M)1
  • Heavy Support
    • Bhaalgorn (450M)1
    • Devoter (195M)
    • Damnation (243M)
    • Prophecy (75M)
    • Scorpion (196M)
  • Light Support
    • Blackbird (9M)
    • Kitsune (42M)


For the Leshak and the Bhaalgorn to be SRPable, an FC or Senior FC from the FC Team (NOT Junior) must approve the undock of one of these ships. By doing so, they recognise that the pilot can be trusted with that ship, that the time is right to undock it, and that the fleet composition respects the minimum requirement. They would ping the Reimbursement Manager on discord BEFORE the undock of said ship, with the name of the pilot. The pilot will need to make a detailed AAR explaining how the loss happened, and link it to the SRP request.

Anti Cap

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Anti cap forum post.

  • Logistic
    • Kirin (72.5M)
  • DPS
    • Kikimora (57M)
  • DPS - Alternative
    • Hound (26M)
    • Manticore (30M)
  • Links
    • Stork (47M)
    • Bifrost (53M)
  • Interdictor
    • Flycatcher (80M)
    • Sabre (80M)
  • EWAR
    • Hyena (35M)
    • Keres (39M)

BLOPS Bombers

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the BLOPS Bombers forum post. This doctrine is restricted to Low and Null Security space.

  • DPS
    • Hound T1 (25M)
    • Hound Basic (25M)
    • Hound T2 (27M)
    • Manticore T1 (24M)
    • Manticore Basic (29M)
    • Manticore T2 (26M)
    • Nemesis T1 (23M)
    • Nemesis Basic (22M)
    • Nemesis T2 (25M)
    • Purifier T1 (27M)
    • Purifier Basic (25M)
    • Purifier T2 (28M)
  • Cyno
    • Prospect (32M): No standard fit: must have a Covert Cynosural Field Generator and a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

GlassCannon Destroyers

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Glasscannon Destroyers forum post.

  • Catalyst T1 (4M) / T2 (8M)
  • Cormorant T1 (4M) / T2 (7M)
  • Thrasher T1 (5M) / T2 (7M)
  • Coercer T1 (8M) / T2 (9M)

Doctrine of the Month: Small Ships Roaming

The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Small Ships Roaming forum post.

  • Tackle (16M)
    • SSR Incursus Tackle
  • DPS - Budget
    • Incursus Budget DPS T2 (7M)
    • Incursus Budget DPS Meta (8M)
  • DPS - Optimal
    • SSR Enyo (25M)
  • ECM (1M)
    • SSR Griffin

E-UNI Support Ships

  • E-UNI Support ship SRP is subject to the same eligibility rules defined in the first paragraph on this page.
  • These ships MUST be requested by your FC to be eligible for this special rate.
  • Major deviations from the fits detailed in their forum post can lead to a rejection in SRP.

Support Tackle

Support Tackle Ships are available to all fleets, including Kitchen Sinks, when requested by the FC. The following fits will be supported. They can be found in the Support Tackle forum post.

  • T1 Tackle - any frigate (Needs T2 point and/or T2 scram) (5M)
  • Nano Malediction (24M)
  • Armour buffer Malediction (29M)
  • Standard Tank Malediction (32M)
  • Standard Stiletto (40M)
  • RamJag (33M)

The following ships can only be SRPed for losses that occurred in Null Security or Wormhole space:

  • Hyperspatial Sabre (51M)
  • Hyperspatial Heretic (41M)
  • Tank Heretic (47M)
  • Hyperspatial Flycatcher (62M)
  • Tank Flycatcher (71M)
  • Hyperspatial Eris (54M)
  • Tank Eris (55M)

How is the ISK value for reimbursement determined?

E-UNI is a corporation dedicated to teaching EVE mechanics to capsuleers of all skill levels while promoting community-centric content which often take the form of fleets. In order to make the entrance barrier for this as low as possible, we grant our members the privilige of using our SRP program. With this program capsuleers need to worry less about the financial side of undocking a ship so they can focus more on learning new things and having fun. At the same time, we still want to hold true to the EVE cornerstone of losses having an impact on your life as a capsuleer. Therefore, with a few exceptions, SRP will not cover the full loss of your spaceship.

The way we determine our SRP amount is by taking the following factors into account:

  • Net loss of a ship hull after platinum insurance
  • Value of the average viable ship fittings, or a percentage of that
  • Inclusiveness value (ships for newer capsuleers are typically reimbursed at a higher rate)
  • What is sustainable for E-UNI financially

Please do note that SRP amounts or the supported ships might change at any time without prior notice. It's good to submit your requests in the hours after the loss happens to prevent this.

How do I request reimbursement?

  1. Verify that the loss meets the above criteria.
  2. Fill out this form.
  3. Be patient. Your request will be processed when a reimbursement officer is available to do it.

Please note: Always supply your full name as it appears in game. If you are requesting reimbursement, you must provide the URL of the specific loss on zKillboard. Do NOT paste the actual killmail, in-game kill report, your pilot details, other killboards or whatever happened to be in your clipboard at the time into the form.


What does a “PvP fleet against another corporation” mean?

  • The fleet must have a designated FC and its purpose must be PvP combat.
  • You must be operating as part of the fleet, following the FC’s orders.
  • In-corp losses are not covered by the SRP.
  • Fight Club events are an exception.
  • Specific examples:
    • Solo losses are not reimbursable.
    • Doing your own thing, while technically fleeted, is not reimbursable.
    • Getting jumped while running a PvE fleet is not reimbursable.
    • Events and in-corp sparring are not reimbursable.

How do you define a “reasonable PvP fitting”?

  • Not an obvious PvE fit.
  • Not an obvious comedy fit.
  • Not an obvious collection of whatever modules you happened to have lying around.
  • No empty slots without an obvious good reason.
  • Basically, if the fit has any chance at all of doing its intended job, you’re in good shape.

What constitutes “reasonable effort”?

  • You don’t have to win, but you have to give it your best shot.
  • Specifically, intentional chain suicides, comedy fleets, drunk roams, AFK losses and deliberate acts of monumental stupidity may be grounds to reject a reimbursement request. Each case is evaluated separately by the officer processing the request, so please provide sufficiently detailed comments on all losses.
  • Please note this in no way reflects management's views of the above; it simply means the University will not pay for them.

What does a “sufficient” comment mean?

  • At minimum, a comment must explain the situation which led to the loss.
  • For purposes of the SRP, this means that a comment should cover three basic elements:
  1. What was the fleet doing?
  2. What happened in the engagement?
  3. Why was your specific ship lost?

I submitted a request several days ago. Why haven’t I heard anything?

  • Are you a member of EVE University or other IVY League member corporation? If not, your request has been rejected.
  • Did you type your full character name exactly as it appears in game? If not, we may not have been able to find you.
  • Also, please remember the program is entirely run by volunteers who give up their game time to provide this service. Sometimes it may take up to a week for someone to be available (and docked in a delivery station, in case of replacement hulls) with enough time on their hands to clear any backlog we may have accumulated.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

  • A current list of active Reimbursement staff is available on the Reimbursement Department page.
  • For policy clarifications, please contact the Reimbursement Manager or your community SRP Managers.