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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

EVE University [E-UNI] was founded on 15 March 2004 by Morning Maniac. It is the main corporation of the Ivy League Alliance and hosts the Uniwiki - EVE Online's principal player-run educational resource. The current CEO of EVE University is Devalt Yotosala.

Mission Statement

EVE University aims to provide an inclusive training environment for the community to learn about EVE Online, no matter how much or how little experience they have so far.

We value our neutrality, and although we encourage third parties to help us in our mission of education we do not show preference towards any third party. This means our alumni are free to join any corporation they choose.

We are a non-profit organisation run entirely on donations. We are entirely staffed by volunteers.

Central in our philosophy is our members' ability to choose their own learning path. Our communities across all areas of space allow members to experience different aspects of EVE Online at their discretion.

Our education is not limited to members only, we maintain a free and fully-public wiki and host free public classes to give as many players as possible the opportunity to learn with us.


EVE University was established in 2004. It was established by Morning Maniac, and its previous CEOs are Kelduum Revaan, Azmodeus Valar, Laura Karpinski, and Jilokari Kurvora.

EVE University has a whole wealth of history. The main points of note are recorded under History of EVE University.


EVE University has a code of conduct that requires members to be honest and respectful, and encourages them to give back to EVE University. Subject to this, our members are free to make their own choices. Our rules of engagement are NRDS in high sec, and NBSI everywhere else. You can read our full rules under EVE University Rules

Diplomatic policy

EVE University's diplomatic policy is one of neutrality, to allow our alumni to join any corporation of their choosing after leaving EVE University.