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E-UNI Emblem.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.
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Mission Statement

“The EVE University Community aims to provide a welcoming and helpful environment for new pilots to learn the basics, and try out different activities to help them find their niche in EVE.”


  • Provide a starting point where new players can easily try their hand at PvP, missions, mining, manufacturing, and any other aspect of the game with ease.
  • Provide a thriving, knowledgeable, and welcoming community.

Community Details

Our Main Community is the general area of known space within 8 jumps of our headquarters in Stacmon, with a special emphasis put on the headquarters System of Stacmon itself and our Null-Sec Community.

Joining the Main Community

Requirements for joining the community

  • There are no title or skill requirements to join the Main Community. Simply follow the following steps to join.
  • Join the "HighSec (EVE Uni)" ingame Chat Channel (for E-Uni members and their alts only).
  • Join the Standing Fleet, join Mumble, and just fly down to Stacmon

Strongly recommended


Stacmon (0.6 HighSec)

  • Stacmon - The Quad | Community HQ, Clonebay
  • Stacmon - Furirams Furnace | Reprocessing
  • Stacmon - Maniac Memorial Labs ME,TE,Inv | Research & Invention
  • Stacmon - Karpinski Forge | Manufacturing (check bonuses)

Slays (0.5 Highsec) (1 jump from Stacmon)

  • Slays - Dairek's Chateau | Reprocessing, Moon Drilling
  • Slays - Either Ore Works | Moon Drilling
  • Slays - Karpinski's Retreat | Moon Drilling
  • Slays - The Omber Throne | Moon Drilling
  • Slays - The Woodshed | Moon Drilling
  • Slays - Willy Wonkas Rocklet Factory | Moon Drilling

Brellystier (0.5 Highsec) (Highsec island)

  • Brellystier - Ergan Eto Library | Reprocessing, Moon Drilling

PC9-AY (-0.2 NullSec) (7 jumps from Stacmon)

  • PC9-AY - Intaki Commerce Trading Post | NPC Station Staging
  • PC9-AY - Endor | Research & Invention
  • PC9-AY - New Republic Research Facility | Research & Invention
  • PC9-AY - Mon Calamari | Manufacturing (check bonuses)
  • PC9-AY - Sluis Van | Manufacturing (check bonuses)
  • PC9-AY III - Reprocessing II | Reprocessing

T22-QI (-0.2 NullSec) (1 jumps from PC9-AY, 8 jumps from Stacmon)

  • T22-QI - Lorzonic's Sadness | Manufacturing (check bonuses)
  • T22-QI - Neko | Reactions&Moon Drilling
  • T22-QI - The Field | Moon Drilling
  • T22-QI - Varris Thellere Refinery | Clonebay & Reprocessing

Community Services & Programs

  • Mentor Program - The Mentor Program offers guidance to new and returning members by pairing them with experienced pilots.
  • Flight Deck - The Flight Deck offers entry level ships free of charge.
  • Main Hangar Stock - Our hangars offer easy access to ships, modules, ammo and more.
  • Free station containers - Our Station Container program offers up to 10 Station Containers delivered free of charge to your hangar.
  • E-Uni Hauling Service - Need some goods hauled inbetween trade hubs and our community? Consider using the free hauling service.
  • Buyback - The Buyback program is a way to sell your loot easily without the hassle of having to haul it to a trade hub yourself.
  • Skillbook Program - Members have access to our Skillbook Program, which allows them to obtain reimbursement for up to three and a half million ISK of skillbooks per day.
  • The +3 Implants Program - Provides young members the ability to purchase one full set of basic +3 implants at a reduced price.
  • Mining ship program - Looking to step up your mining game? EVE University offers mining ships for sale in its main staging area, including up to 5 half-priced mining barges per member.
  • Ship Replacement Program - To encourage participation in combat fleets, the Ship Replacement Program compensates Uni members for losses suffered during PvP fleets.

Rules and Guidelines

In addition to the EVE University Rules, the following community-specific guidelines apply:


  • Fly only what you can afford to lose.
  • Members undocked in and around the community are highly encouraged to be in the Standing Fleet or special purpose fleet for their safety and the safety of other community members.
    • Only members of EVE University or the alts of members of EVE University are allowed to join the Standing Fleet.
    • If you are going AFK then you should drop fleet.
  • We strongly recommend you get on Mumble, and get involved in chatting, asking questions, etc. EVE is not fun alone. The best ship in EVE is friendship, after all! Make friends, it'll be a lot more fun, and you'll learn more!



  • Group PvE loot is the property of the group that agreed to rat or run sites together and should be distributed as per the prior agreement of the group.
  • Mission rewards should not be shared with the main Standing Fleet. If you are running missions as a group, you must form a separate fleet to share the standings.
  • Mission fleet members are advised to dock up when War Targets are identified nearby. This could assist local PvP efforts or secure high-priced ships. If you can assist in the fight, stand by to join the standing fleet and await announcements in the community chat or mumble.
  • The first person at a site (combat, event, data, relic, etc.) is considered the "owner" and Unistas are forbidden from contesting sites from other Unistas or our allies (aka "blues").
    • Generally speaking, you are only allowed to contest sites of legal PvP targets as defined in our Rules of Engagement.
    • This means: If you are allowed to shoot them, you are also allowed to steal from them.


High-Sec Mining Rules & Guidelines
Category Rule(s)
General Rules Members are expected to join the in-game HQ standing fleet if they are mining or planning on mining in any of the high-sec stagings, except for Shared Cans, which may operate out of separate fleets. Furthermore, participating in the HQ Standing fleet on Mumble is highly encouraged for faster voice communication.
EVE University treats Moon Ore belts no differently than any other Asteroid Ore belts in New Eden. However, if the owner of an Athanor directly asks you to leave, please avoid unnecessary conflict.
Tips and Payments Tipping should neither be asked nor expected. Boosters who are members of EVE University may get boosting supplies from official sources. If tips are given for any reason, they need not be returned.
Just as we do not enforce payment from players who mine from our own belts after they spawn, EVE University does not impose any mandatory payment obligations.
While a corporation may own the structure operating the drill, miners are not formally required or obligated to provide tips for the ore they extract.
If a structure owner initiates a discussion about taxes in the local chat, it is advisable not to engage directly but to report the matter to community coordinators for resolution.
Incidents or disputes related to taxes will be addressed individually, with a focus on diplomatic communication and resolution.
Fleets Fleet Commanders for Shared Can Fleets, as in any other fleet, shall have final authority over the fleet members and interpretation of mining guidelines.
Fleet Commanders for BYOC and other impromptu fleets shall have no explicit authority other than to remind fleet members of proper etiquette and guidelines.
Crystals C-Type crystals should not be used on any Eve University moon field.
B-Type crystals should not be used on jackpot moons (Glistening variants), or in a fleet that has more than 15 members on grid, unless instructed otherwise by a shared can FC.
Sharing A rock should not have more than two active lasers mining it. If a pilot has both lasers on a rock, another pilot should not mine it. If a pilot has 1 laser on two different rocks, then another pilot can put 1 laser on each of the same rocks (making a total of 2). Mining drones do not count as lasers.
When boosters are present (E-Uni or neutrals) and actively mining with drones, other pilots on the grid should not mine the same rock. Do note that this does not mean boosters can ask other pilots to move from rocks that are being mined (Boosters can ask, but pilots do not need to acquiesce).

What can I do in the Main Community?

  • Join pre-planned classes and events: Regularly check the Scheduled Classes, Combat Fleets and Corporation Events sections of the Uni forums, and the in-game Calendar (found by clicking on the clock in the bottom left of your screen).
  • Join ad-hoc group activities: Join our Discord ping channels via the Open Groups on our EVE University Alliance Auth to get notifications for this type of content!
  • Create content for yourself or your fellow Unistas: Chose from a wide variety of activities available to you. Find some of the examples below.

PvE Activities

  • Missions are available from agents in star systems near our staging systems in Stacmon (High-Sec) and Null-Sec Community. You will often find Mission Fleets organised in our High-Sec staging area in Stacmon, allowing newer players to join higher level and thus more lucrative missions.
  • Ratting - Killing pirate NPCs in asteroid belts or in combat sites is a common activity to earn great amount of ISK
  • Stacmon and Slays (1 jump from Stacmon) both contain L4 Mission Agents
  • Amygnon (7 jumps from Stacmon) also has 2 L4 Mission Agents


  • HighSec Mining should relocate to Stacmon with regular moon pulls in Slays.
  • More high risk, lucrative mining will be available in the PC9-AY region.
  • The following Structures offer opportunities to reprocess mined resources:
    • Stacmon - Furirams Furnace
      • T2 Asteroid Ore Grading Processor
      • T2 Ice Grading Processor
    • Slays - Dairek's Chateau
      • T2 Moon Ore Grading Processor
    • PC9-AY III - Reprocessing
      • T2 Asteroid Ore Grading Processor
      • T2 Ice Grading Processor
      • T1 Moon Ore Grading Processor
    • T22-QI - Varris Thellere Refinery
      • T2 Moon Ore Grading Processor
      • T1 Asteroid Ore Grading Processor

Planetary Industry

  • POCOs around Stacmon offer low tax rates for members of EVE Uni.
  • More dangerous but also lucrative options are available in the PC9-AY area.


  • Blueprint Library available to Freshmen and above at Stacmon - Maniac Memorial Labs , PC9-AY - Endor and PC9-AY - New Republic Research Facility.
  • The following structures offer Research/Invention bonuses:
    • Stacmon - Maniac Memorial Labs ME,TE,Inv
      • T1 Invention Optimization
      • T1 ME Research Optimization
      • T1 TE Research Optimization
    • PC9-AY - Endor
      • T1 ME Research Accelerator
      • T1 Research Cost Optimization
      • T1 TE Research Accelerator
    • PC9-AY - New Republic Research Facility
      • T1 Blueprint Copy Accelerator
      • T1 Invention Accelerator
      • T1 Invention Cost Optimizer
  • The following structures offer manufacturing bonuses:
    • Stacmon - Karpinski Forge
      • T1 Basic Medium Ship ME
      • T1 Equipment Manufacturing ME
      • T1 Basic Large Ship Manufacturing ME
    • PC9-AY - Mon Calamari
      • T1 Basic Large Ship Manufacturing ME
      • T1 Advanced Large Ship Manufacturing ME
      • T1 Basic Capital Component Manufacturing ME
    • PC9-AY - Sluis Van
      • T1 Advanced Component Manufacturing ME
      • T1 Advanced Medium Ship Manufacturing ME
      • T1 Advanced Small Ship Manufacturing ME
    • T22-QI - Lorzonic's Sadness
      • T1 Drones and Fighters ME
      • T2 Advanced Component ME and T1 TE

Exploration (sites and wormholes)


Make sure to read and understand our Rules of Engagement, after that, the world is your oyster: