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This page contains all of the titan descriptions seen during the Amarr Foundation Day limited time event in August 2020.

Each titan (with the exception of the Jamyl and Tash-Murkon fleets) had a couple of sentences noting the sacrifices made by royal heirs to bring forth the next emperror.

Royal Heirs that commit ritual suicide in accordance with the Rite of Shathol'Syn are considered to have sacrificed their lives for the Amarr faith in order to usher in the reign of a new emperor. Such lords and ladies of the Great Houses of the Amarr Empire attain a saintly status by their sacrifice.

The ship-specific description portions are listed below.


TES Jamyl the Liberator

Empress Jamyl I has been venerated as a saint of the Amarr faith since her death at as the result of a Drifter attack in YC117. It is normal for occupants of the throne of Amarr to be considered major saints once they pass on, particularly as emperors are considered living prophets of the faith. Not all are venerated with the degree of fervor attached to the memory of Empress Jamyl I. Popularly known as "St. Jamyl the Liberator" for her "divine return" in order to repel a Minmatar invasion of core Amarr worlds in YC110, some Jamylite cults carry their worship of her so far that it treads into heretical territory.

TES Yonis the Pious

Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur was noted throughout his life for considerable piety, tastes approaching the ascetic, and a great concern to spread the Amarr faith and improve the lives of the faithful. Yonis Ardishapur's development of the Ammatar Mandate is considered his greatest achievement by House Ardishapur and is being continued by Lord Arim Ardishapur.

TES Uriam of Fiery Heart

Royal Heir Uriam Kador was well-known as a man of deep passions that made him a rather impulsive leader of House Kador. Uriam's most notorious act was to order an incursion into the Gallente Federation by the Kador Fleet in late YC110. The ensuing military disaster and its aftermath greatly diminished the prestige of House Kador, though it has been restored in large part by the efforts of his successor, Lady Hamideh Kador.

TES Garkeh of the Marches

King Garkeh Khanid II's decision to bring the Khanid Kingdom once more under the greater Amarr Empire's dominion led to his being considered a Royal Heir upon the death of Empress Jamyl I. His death was followed by a declaration by King Farokh Khanid III that his predecessor be known as "St. Garkeh of the True Vigil on the Khanid Marches". A gigantic Grand Basilica is being constructed on Khanid Prime V in the memory of "Garkeh of the Marches".

TES Articio the Redeemed

Royal Heir Aritcio Kor-Azor effectively had two lives in his time as head of House Kor-Azor. The first consisted of his capricious and brutal reign of terror over the Kor-Azor demesne, only curtailed when his depredations on commoners and vassal nobles alike led to severe action by the Order of the Speakers of Truth. His "second life" was marked by many acts of generosity and tolerance as head of House Kor-Azor. His personal selection of Lady Ersilia Kor-Azor as successor was in recognition of her great skill as a diplomat and administrator.

TES Merimeth the Serene

Royal Heir Merimeth Sarum was forced to wait a long time for confirmation of his status as head of House Sarum due to the circumstances of Jamyl Sarum's "first death" and the corrupted court politics of the Karsoth Interregnum. His short reign as official Royal Heir of House Sarum is perhaps most significant for his support for Lord Arrach Sarum as his designated successor.

TES Catiz of Tash-Murkon

Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite is now considered the head of the Emperor Family, and strictly no longer a member of House Tash-Murkon. Nevertheless, it is a point of pride for the Tash-Murkon that within a relatively short time of their elevation to Royal Family status they have provided an Empress of Holy Amarr. It is particularly notable that House Tash-Murkon has a strong Udorian lineage which they do not seek to conceal. As a result, Empress Catiz I is the first occupant of the Throne of Amarr known to have uncontested Udorian ancestry.