Upwell Covert Research Facilities

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Upwell Covert Research Facilities are combat anomalies, which are part of the ingame Lightning Strikes event running from the 15th to 29th of June 2020. They are found on the anomaly scanner in low security space as well as areas of nullsec associated with Upwell member corporations.


The rats found and fought in the combat anomalies are Rogue Drones. They come in four types, each with its damage type and resist hole, as well as in different hull classes with different EWAR.

Damage and resist holes

  • Type-A : EM damage and weakness
  • Type-B : Thermal damage and weakness
  • Type-C : Kinetic damage and weakness
  • Type-D : Explosive damage and weakness


  • Frigates: Scram and web
  • Destroyer: point and neut
  • Cruiser: point and weapon disrupt
  • Battlecruiser: point

Upwell Covert Research Facilities

The combat anomaly is an ungated pocket in space. Once entered it will appear as a beacon in the overview for all players. The site consists of 4 waves of random ships and a final boss wave.

Each wave will have 3-7 random ships.

Waves x4

Frigate 0-4 x Frigate random Anomalous Alvi
Destroyer 0-2 x Destroyer random Anomalous Alvior
Cruiser 0-2 x Cruiser random Anomalous Alvum
Battlecruiser 0-2 x Battlecruiser Renewing Anomalous Alvatis

The final wave is always the same. The Swarm Overmind spawns alone. It does heavy neuting, points and webs.

Final wave

Battleship 1 x Battleship Swarm Overmind 2102 Kill to make the cache decloak Warp Disruptor Energy Neutralizer Stasis Webifier faction modules, BPC, EDENCOM crafting materials.


Notable structures

Icon PersonalHangarArray.png 1 x Decloaked Backup Storage Vault clear the site for it to decloak. Destroy it to get loot. BPCs, skillbooks, boosters, materials.


The rewards from clearing this site is:

  • BPCs
  • Skillbooks
  • Boosters
  • Crafting Materials

Bounty from clearing this site is about 20.000.000 ISK.


Site Details
EDENCOM Covert Research Headquarters
Type Expedition
Rating Unrated
Found in Low
Max ship size Unverified
Faction Rogue Drones and Triglavians
Damage to deal
Damage to
Sig. Strength Expedition

Note: Incoming damage is significantly higher and is omni. Destroying the Swarm Overmind can make the site escalate to the EDENCOM Covert Research Headquarters. This escalation comes in two parts and are increasingly more difficult.