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Combat sites

Combat site anomalies are ranked by difficulty into 10 levels/classes, and follow a naming scheme of (faction) (anomaly). Generally, the higher the difficulty of the site, the higher the rewards for completing it. Each faction's sites will only appear in regions where their rats are normally found (with the exception of Rogue Drone sites, which can appear anywhere). For example, the Heimatar region has Angel Cartel rats, and therefore only Angel Cartel and Rogue Drone combat sites will be found there. For a list of which pirate factions can be found in which regions, see EVElopedia.

The rank of the anomaly depends on the security status of the system you are searching in. Within high-sec (security status 1.0 to 0.5) the lowest third (in terms of difficulty/value) will be found. Low-sec (security status of 0.4 to 0.1) contains the mid third of them and the highest third will be found within nullsec. The anomaly names are identical for all factions with the exception of Rogue Drone sites, which also differ slightly in which classes of space they are found in.

Class Found in Angel Cartel Blood Raider Guristas Sansha's Nation Serpentis Rogue Drone Drone sites found in
1 High sec Angel Hideaway Blood Hideaway Guristas Hideaway Sansha Hideaway Serpentis Hideaway Drone Cluster High sec
1 Level 2 Angel Hidden Hideaway Blood Hidden Hideaway Guristas Hidden Hideaway Sansha Hidden Hideaway Serpentis Hidden Hideaway
1 Level 3 Angel Forsaken Hideaway Blood Forsaken Hideaway Guristas Forsaken Hideaway Sansha Forsaken Hideaway Serpentis Forsaken Hideaway
1 Level 4 Angel Forlorn Hideaway Blood Forlorn Hideaway Guristas Forlorn Hideaway Sansha Forlorn Hideaway Serpentis Forlorn Hideaway
2 High sec Angel Burrow Blood Burrow Guristas Burrow Sansha Burrow Serpentis Burrow Drone Collection High sec
3 High sec Angel Refuge Blood Refuge Guristas Refuge Sansha Refuge Serpentis Refuge Drone Assembly High & Low sec
4 High & Low sec Angel Den Blood Den Guristas Den Sansha Den Serpentis Den Drone Gathering High & Low sec
4 Level 2 Angel Hidden Den Blood Hidden Den Guristas Hidden Den Sansha Hidden Den Serpentis Hidden Den
4 Level 3 Angel Forsaken Den Blood Forsaken Den Guristas Forsaken Den Sansha Forsaken Den Serpentis Forsaken Den
4 Level 4 Angel Forlorn Den Blood Forlorn Den Guristas Forlorn Den Sansha Forlorn Den Serpentis Forlorn Den
5 Low sec Angel Yard Blood Yard Guristas Yard Sansha Yard Serpentis Yard Drone Surveillance Low & Null sec
6 Low & Null sec Angel Rally Point Blood Raider Rally Point Guristas Rally Point Sansha Rally Point Serpentis Rally Point Drone Menagerie Low & Null Sec
6 Level 2 Angel Hidden Rally Point Blood Hidden Rally Point Guristas Hidden Rally Point Sansha Hidden Rally Point Serpentis Hidden Rally Point
6 Level 3 Angel Forsaken Rally Point Blood Forsaken Rally Point Guristas Forsaken Rally Point Sansha Forsaken Rally Point Serpentis Forsaken Rally Point
6 Level 4 Angel Forlorn Rally Point Blood Forlorn Rally Point Guristas Forlorn Rally Point Sansha Forlorn Rally Point Serpentis Forlorn Rally Point
7 Low & Null sec Angel Port Blood Port Guristas Port Sansha Port Serpentis Port Drone Herd Low & Null sec
8 Low & Null sec Angel Hub Blood Hub Guristas Hub Sansha Hub Serpentis Hub Drone Squad Low & Null sec
8 Level 2 Angel Hidden Hub Blood Hidden Hub Guristas Hidden Hub Sansha Hidden Hub Serpentis Hidden Hub
8 Level 3 Angel Forsaken Hub Blood Forsaken Hub Guristas Forsaken Hub Sansha Forsaken Hub Serpentis Forsaken Hub
8 Level 4 Angel Forlorn Hub Blood Forlorn Hub Guristas Forlorn Hub Sansha Forlorn Hub Serpentis Forlorn Hub
9 Null sec Angel Haven Blood Haven Guristas Haven Sansha Haven Serpentis Haven Drone Patrol Null sec
10 Null sec Angel Sanctum Blood Sanctum Guristas Sanctum Sansha Sanctum Serpentis Sanctum Drone Horde Null sec

Some anomaly types may have more difficult variants (featuring elite/commander rats) in addition to the basic version, sub-divided into 3 more categories:

  • (Faction) Hidden (anomaly) - easiest, but still harder than the basic version
  • (Faction) Forsaken (anomaly) - middle
  • (Faction) Forlorn (anomaly) - hardest

Types of Combat Sites

Combat sites come in three general types, DED Rated Complexes, Unrated Complexes and Expeditions/Escalations.

DED Rated Complexes

DED Rated Complexes each have a difficulty rating associated with them on a ranking scale from 1/10 to 10/10. The rating can help to give a direct indication of the difficulty of the site, as well as the maximum size of ship that can be taken through the complexes acceleration gate. In general the ship hull class that can enter the site goes up by one as the rating goes up by one, until you reach 5/10.

Rating Maximum Ship Size Allowed
1/10 Frigate
2/10 Destroyer
3/10 Cruiser (Not including T3)
4/10 Battlecruiser (Not T3 Cruiser)
5+/10 Battleship

DED Rating Found In DED Rated Complexes
High Low Null Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
1/10 ? ? Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm Old Meanie - Cultivation Center Pith Robux Asteroid Mining & Co. Sansha Military Outpost Serpentis Drug Outlet -
2/10 Angel Creo-Corp Mining Blood Raider Human Farm Pith Deadspace Depot Sansha Acclimatization Facility Serpentis Live Cargo Distribution Facilities Rogue Drone Infestation Sprout
3/10 Angel Repurposed Outpost Blood Raider Intelligence Collection Point Guristas Guerilla Grounds Sansha's Command Relay Outpost Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation
4/10 Angel Cartel Occupied Mining Colony Mul-Zatah Monastery Guristas Scout Outpost Sansha's Nation Occupied Mining Colony Serpentis Phi-Outpost -
5/10 Angel's Red Light District Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive
6/10 - Crimson Hand Supply Depot Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp Sansha War Supply Complex - -
7/10 Angel Military Operations Complex Blood Raider Coordination Center Gurista Military Operations Complex Sansha Military Operations Complex Serpentis Paramilitary Complex -
8/10 Cartel Prisoner Retention Blood Raider Prison Camp Pith's Penal Complex Sansha Prison Camp Serpentis Prison Camp -
9/10 - - - - - -
10/10 Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard Blood Raider Naval Shipyard The Maze Centus Assembly T.P. Co. Serpentis Fleet Shipyard -
- Serpentis Logistical Outpost: Though Unrated, seems to fill the role of the otherwise non-existent Serpentis 6/10 DED Site.
- Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost : Though Unrated, seems to fill the role of the otherwise non-existent Angel 6/10 DED Site.
- There are no 9/10 DED Rated Complexes, some consider the [faction] Fleet Staging Point to be their equivalent.
Unrated Complexes

Unrated Complexes, unlike DED Rated Complexes, do not have a direct in game difficulty rating assigned to them. However thanks to Unrated Complexes roughly following the pattern of [Faction Name][Site Name] (i.e. Serpentis Base) their relative difficulties can be very easy to remember. The exception to this naming convention is the Rogue Drone sites, which are named totally differently.

The size of ship allowed in Unrated Complexes does not follow a predictable pattern, each site, even of the same size but from a different faction, can have a different ship size limit.

Found In Unrated Complexes
High Low Null Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
Angel Hideout Blood Hideout Gurista Hideout Sansha Hideout Serpentis Hideout Haunted Yard
Angel Lookout Blood Lookout Gurista Lookout Sansha Lookout Serpentis Lookout Desolate Site
Angel Watch Blood Watch Gurista Watch Sansha Watch Serpentis Watch Chemical Yard
Angel Vigil Blood Vigil Gurista Vigil Sansha Vigil Serpentis Vigil -
Provisional Angel Outpost Provisional Blood Outpost Provisional Gurista Outpost Provisional Sansha Outpost Provisional Serpentis Outpost Rogue Trial Yard
Angel Outpost Blood Raider Outpost Gurista Outpost Sansha Outpost Serpentis Outpost Dirty Site
Minor Angel Annex Minor Blood Annex Minor Guristas Annex Minor Sansha Annex Minor Serpentis Annex Ruins
Angel Annex Blood Annex Guristas Annex Sansha Annex Serpentis Annex -
Angel Base Blood Raider Base Gurista Base Sansha Base Serpentis Base Independence
Angel Fortress Blood Raider Fortress Gurista Fortress Sansha Fortress Serpentis Fortress Radiance
Angel Military Complex Blood Military Complex Gurista Military Complex Sansha Military Complex Serpentis Military Complex Hierarchy
Angel Provincial HQ Blood Provincial HQ Gurista Provincial HQ Sansha Provincial HQ Serpentis Provincial HQ -
Angel Domination Fleet Staging Point Dark Blood Fleet Staging Point Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point True Sansha Fleet Staging Point Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point -
- Serpentis Logistical Outpost: Though Unrated, seems to fill the role of the otherwise non-existent Serpentis 6/10 DED Site.
- Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost : Though Unrated, seems to fill the role of the otherwise non-existent Angel 6/10 DED Site.

Expeditions / Escalations

When the commander of an Unrated Complex is destroyed, there is a relatively small chance that a pop up window will open explaining that details of the location of another enemy site have been found. The site's information is then added to the journal in the expeditions tab.

When the site listed in the journal is finished, there is a chance that it will escalate farther, leading to yet another site. Most expeditions have up to 4 parts.

Unrated Complex Expeditions
Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
High Sec Expeditions may appear in lower security systems.
(Faction) Hideout
Haunted Yard
Blue Pill Frentix Sooth Sayer Drop Mindflood Pulverize The Pioneers
(Faction) Lookout
Desolate Site
Chasing the Dragon Following the Blood Trap? Slave Breeding Plants Angel Kickbacks Mare Sargassum
(Faction) Watch
Chemical Yard
The Nuclear Small Arms Project Medical Twilight Terrorist Plot! Nation on the Rise Jet-Set Hooligans Hunting the Drudge Factory
(Faction) Vigil The Big Blue (expedition) The Rewards of Devotion Kidnapped! True Power Shipyards Booster R&D -
Low Sec Expeditions may appear in lower security systems.
Provisional (Faction) Outpost
Rogue Trial Yard
Domination Surveillance Squad Blood Surveillance Squad Gurista Surveillance Squad Sansha Surveillance Squad Guardian Angels Surveillance Squad Moving Day
(Faction) Outpost
Dirty Site
Salvation Angel's Shipment Save The Slaves Gurista Productions Shipment Hidden Riches Elite Playground Loose Ends
Minor (Faction) Annex
Angel Owned Station Blood Owned Station Guristas Owned Station Sansha Owned Station Serpentis Owned Station Menacing Mechanics
(Faction) Annex Angel Powergrid Blood Raider Powergrid Guristas Powergrid Sansha Powergrid Serpentis Powergrid -
Null Sec
(Faction) Base
Toxic Waste Scandal! Religious Fury Consequences Smonsequences True Power HQ Contract Killers The Drone Roulette
(Faction) Fortress
Operation Spring Cleaning Dubious Assignment Hired Gun Shady Operation Shady Operation Molting Season
(Faction) Military Complex
Pioneers Peril Frontier in Flames Pirate's Path David V Goliath Colony Under Fire Trouble in Paradise
(Faction) Provincial HQ Special Forces Fountain of Youth No Quarter The Ancient City Serpentis Secrets -
(Faction) Fleet Staging Point Angel Domination Fleet Staging Point 2 - - - Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point 2 -

Credit for the inspiration and a considerable amount of the information listed above goes to EVElopedia