Assault Frigates

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Assault frigates have good tanks and usually high DPS. If you get tackled by an assault frigate, you're generally not going anywhere: they're a pain to get rid of when properly fitted; however, they are slower than interceptors. They can provide decent damage in a fleet of small ships. If the fleet has larger damage-dealing ships assault frigates can lack a role, though they may still be a good defense against other small targets.

All assault frigates can equip the Assault Damage Control module class, which combines typical passive Damage Control bonus with a powerful active ability.

In PvE assault frigates can take on missions and combat sites which would normally be too difficult for a frigate-sized ship.

Both assault frigates of each race are based on the hull of that race's primary Tech 1 combat frigate (the Punisher, Merlin, Incursus or Rifter), and again are split into two sub classes, those with damage dealing bonuses, and those with tanking bonuses.

Tanking Assault

  • Isis amarr.pngVengeance: Uses rockets. Tough ship with three midslots.
  • Isis caldari.pngHawk: Uses missile launchers. Strong solo and small gang PvP ship, helpful in PvE.
  • Isis gallente.pngIshkur: Drone boat. Superb. 50m3 drone bay.
  • Isis minmatar.pngJaguar: Uses rockets. Has five midslots, a small drone bay and a bonus to shield boosters.
  • Isis triglavian.pngNergal: Long-term ramping disintegrator damage. Not commonly used, as the time require to reach its full damage is often longer than its life expectancy. Bonus resistances.

Damage Dealer Assault

  • Isis amarr.pngRetribution: Uses lasers. High DPS, however (like the Punisher on which it is based) it has only two mid slots, precluding the prop/scram/web trinity.
  • Isis caldari.pngHarpy: Uses hybrid turrets. Commonly fit with railguns as a mini-sniper.
  • Isis gallente.pngEnyo: Uses hybrid turrets. Commonly fit with blasters for face-melting point-blank DPS.
  • Isis minmatar.pngWolf: Uses projectile turrets. Very high DPS.