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show advanced ships
Logo faction amarr empire clean.png
Logo faction caldari state clean.png
Logo faction gallente federation clean.png
Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png
Corvettes Impairor Ibis Velator Reaper
Dreadnoughts Revelation Phoenix Moros Naglfar
Force Auxiliaries Apostle Minokawa Ninazu Lif
Titans Avatar Leviathan Erebus Ragnarok
Shuttles Amarr Shuttle Caldari Shuttle Gallente Shuttle Minmatar Shuttle
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Implements several changes to the ship matrix:

  • Adds the Hydra and Tiamat (AT XVI ships) to Special Edition Ships
  • Triglavian Collective ships moved from Pirate Faction Ships to its own category, as the Triglavian ships are officially T1, not faction, and have ships in several classes now (destroyer, BC, Logi) that the pirate factions do not have capsuleer flyable equivalents.
  • CONCORD ships moved from Special Edition Ships to its own category, since even though the Pacifier, Enforcer, and Marshal were all initially distributed only to Fanfest 2017 attendees, they can now be acquired in game outside of limited-time events (Monitor through LP, others through Project Discovery).
  • Combat-capable Society of Conscious Thought ships (Sunesis, Gnosis, Praxis) moved with Triglavian and CONCORD ships into a new category called "Other Factions".
  • Modified image links so that clicking them does not lead to their file.
  • Modified empire images to use their textless versions.
  • Added faction image for ORE.
  • Moved Exhumers and Expedition Frigates to their own rows.
  • Rearranged order of empire Cruisers (according to role), Battlecruisers, & Battleships (both according to original ship meta level)

I made this change on my own account page so other people can assess it before pushing it live.