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Golden Rules

"Everything we do in this world resonates in another" ,  eastern philosophy

SNEAK PEEK EVE University possibilities

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Icon ISIS size Small.png Icon ISIS Exploration.png Icon ISIS Resourceharvesting.png Icon ISIS Ecm.png Icon ISIS weapon Drones.png Icon ISIS Combat.png Icon ISIS defense armor.png Icon ISIS attack.png Icon ISIS Disruption.png Icon ISIS Energydestabilization.png Icon ISIS Warpprevention.png Icon ISIS Trackingdisruption.png Icon ISIS Targetpainting.png Icon ISIS Tackling.png Icon ISIS Support.png Icon ISIS Stasiswebifying.png Icon ISIS defense Shields.png Icon ISIS defense Shieldsarmor.png Icon ISIS Sensordampening.png Icon ISIS weapon Projectileturrets.png Icon ISIS weapon Missiles.png Icon ISIS Hauling.png Icon ISIS weapon Energyturrets.png Icon turret volley.png 112 64 4.png Icon incursion effect cyno.png Incursions sansha transmission.png

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nPvP practice is developed for the very fresh, rookie & novice pilots to learn the very basics of combat in EVE in a controlled Arena. With use of only rookie ships. This makes it faster to respawn and join the practice Arena again, again & again. Rookie ships are for free! To obtain a new one: with your capsule go to the nearest station were you have no ships stored when you dock there will be a rookie ship in the Inventory (alt-c) of the station. This process can be repeated many times for free. Rookie ships can not be manufactured, there are no blueprints, no reprocess value, it is not possible to sell them directly (You could put them in a contract). New rookie ships are equipped with one offensive weapon and one mining laser. So nPvP training is possible without having to invest any isk or buy/haul new ships!!! Very quick respawn is possible. So more fun for combat training!!!

  • If you have any questions about the above pictures/icons please ask the teachers/instructors.

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  • Respect all EVE University rules. EVE_University_Rules
  • Only rookie ships
  • No implants
  • Only fights in the setup designated Arena location
  • Discuss how to improve your combat skills with the other pilots/instructors/teachers

Icon ISIS Energydestabilization.png


Hit description Random damage modifier
Barely scratches 0.500–0.625
Hits lightly 0.625–0.750
Hits 0.750–1.000
Well aimed 1.000–1.250
Excellent 1.250–1.490
Perfectly 3.000

Icon turret volley.png


  • Arena = Controlled area in deep space used for practice/combat/games. Watched over by instructors/wardens. Scouts are watching in nearby systems for threats.
  • Teacher = Mostly teaches theoretical classes. Some do teach practical classes.
  • Instructor = Mostly teaches/overwatches practicals,exercises & games in Arenas. Sometimes they teach theory.
  • Supporter/Logi = People who support us with logistics (logi) or other services.
  • Spectator = People who do not want to take part of the practice/exercise/game but like to observe/study us.





Rookie ships:

Logo faction amarr empire clean.png Amarr --> Impairor

Logo faction caldari state clean.png Caldari --> Ibis

Logo faction gallente federation clean.png Gallente -> Velator

Logo faction minmatar republic clean.png Minmatar -> Reaper

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Example incursion Rats:
NameSig [1]Speed [2]Orbit / Speed [3]Damage / Volley [4]Range [5]Effective HP [6]
1 Icon red frigate.png Renyn Meten
Renyn Meten Webbing - 60% speed reduction at 15 km range
33 Signature 33 m 2550 Velocity 2,550 m/s 9000 9 km Orbit 410 m/s 192 192 dps Turret damage 960 hp 12000 10 - 12 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 8898 9k ehp 8,898 effective hit points (3,388 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Niarja Myelen
Niarja Myelen Jamming - 6 strength at 32+36 km rangeEnergy neutralizing - 450 GJ every 10 seconds at 18 km range
53 Signature 53 m 2760 Velocity 2,760 m/s 15000 15 km Orbit 405 m/s -1 (no weapons) -1 (no weapons) 3786 4k ehp 3,786 effective hit points (2,575 raw hit points)
3 Icon red cruiser.png Mara Paleo
Mara Paleo Remote Shield Booster - 700 hp every 5 sec for up to 3 targets at 70 km range
65 Signature 65 m 2050 Velocity 2,050 m/s 60000 60 km Orbit 310 m/s -1 (no weapons) -1 (no weapons) 29505 30k ehp 29,505 effective hit points (8,085 raw hit points)
5 Icon red battleship.png Deltole Tegmentum
Deltole Tegmentum Warp disruption - 1 strength at 20 km rangeEnergy neutralizing - 360 GJ every 12 seconds at 12 km rangeTarget painting - 37,5% strength at 45+90 km range
540 Signature 540 m 850 Velocity 850 m/s 12000 12 km Orbit 118 m/s 818 818 dps Torpedo damage 4,500 hp 45000 < 45 km Effective range 179075 179k ehp 179,075 effective hit points (73,150 raw hit points)
5 Icon red battleship.png Outuni Mesen
Outuni Mesen [7] Warp disruption - 1 strength at 24 km rangeEnergy neutralizing - 3,000 GJ every 24 seconds at 25 km rangeWebbing - 60% speed reduction at 20 km range
400 Signature 400 m 790 Velocity 790 m/s 18000 18 km Orbit 110 m/s 352 352 dps Turret damage 1,760 hp 65000 45 - 65 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 215104 215k ehp 215,104 effective hit points (92,400 raw hit points)
  1. ^ While using their propulsion module, they suffer the same signature bloom as players.
  2. ^ This is the speed of the ship while they try to get within orbit or as they try to chase after you, suffering the same signature bloom as players do with the propulsion module on. They will turn off any propulsion modules once they get close to their preferred orbit.
  3. ^ Preferred orbit range and regular speed while orbiting, which is their regular speed without the propulsion module turned on.
  4. ^ Damage per second as well as damage per volley. Unless stated otherwise, turrets do an equal amount of EM and thermal damage while torpedoes do an equal amount of kinetic and explosive damage.
  5. ^ This is the effective range of this ship, presented with two values for turrets, optimal and optimal + double falloff, as well as a single range for torpedoes.
  6. ^ This is the amount of damage this ship can take, taking into account their resists. All ships, except the Lirsautton Parichaya have omni tanks. Hover over the icon for information about raw hitpoints.
  7. ^ The Outuni Mesen does 82% EM and 18% thermal damage with its turrets.

Ships overview

Ships Database



show advanced ships
Isis amarr.png
Isis caldari.png
Isis gallente.png
Isis minmatar.png
Corvettes Impairor Ibis Velator Reaper
Dreadnoughts Revelation Phoenix Moros Naglfar
Force Auxiliaries Apostle Minokawa Ninazu Lif
Titans Avatar Leviathan Erebus Ragnarok
Shuttles Amarr Shuttle Caldari Shuttle Gallente Shuttle Minmatar Shuttle



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Rookie Ships Impairor Ibis Velator Reaper
Frigates ExecutionerInquisitorTormentorCrucifierPunisherMagnate CondorBantamKestrelGriffinMerlinHeron AtronNavitasTristanMaulusIncursusImicus SlasherBurstBreacherVigilRifterProbe
Navy Faction Frigates Imperial Navy Slicer Caldari Navy Hookbill Federation Navy Comet Republic Fleet Firetail
Assault Frigates VengeanceRetribution HawkHarpy IshkurEnyo WolfJaguar
Covert Ops AnathemaPurifier ManticoreBuzzard NemesisHelios CheetahHound
Electronic Attack Frigates Sentinel Kitsune Keres Hyena
Interceptors CrusaderMalediction CrowRaptor TaranisAres ClawStiletto
Destroyers CoercerDragoon CormorantCorax CatalystAlgos ThrasherTalwar
Interdictors Heretic Flycatcher Eris Sabre
Tactical Destroyers Confessor TBA TBA Svipul
Cruisers ArbitratorMallerAugororOmen MoaBlackbirdOspreyCaracal CelestisExequrorVexorThorax StabberRuptureBellicoseScythe
Navy Faction Cruisers Augoror Navy IssueOmen Navy Issue Caracal Navy IssueOsprey Navy Issue Exequror Navy IssueVexor Navy Issue Scythe Fleet IssueStabber Fleet Issue
Heavy Assault Cruisers ZealotSacrilege EagleCerberus IshtarDeimos VagabondMuninn
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers Devoter Onyx Phobos Broadsword
Logistics Guardian Basilisk Oneiros Scimitar
Recon Ships CursePilgrim FalconRook ArazuLachesis HuginnRapier
Strategic Cruisers Legion Tengu Proteus Loki
Battlecruisers ProphecyHarbingerOracle DrakeFeroxNaga BrutixMyrmidonTalos HurricaneCycloneTornado
Navy Faction Battlecruisers Harbinger Navy Issue Drake Navy Issue Brutix Navy Issue Hurricane Fleet Issue
Command Ships DamnationAbsolution VultureNighthawk AstarteEos ClaymoreSleipnir
Battleships AbaddonApocalypseArmageddon ScorpionRavenRokh HyperionMegathronDominix TempestTyphoonMaelstrom
Navy Faction Battleships Apocalypse Navy IssueArmageddon Navy Issue Scorpion Navy IssueRaven Navy Issue Megathron Navy IssueDominix Navy Issue Tempest Fleet IssueTyphoon Fleet Issue
Black Ops Redeemer Widow Sin Panther
Marauders Paladin Golem Kronos Vargur
Carriers Archon Chimera Thanatos Nidhoggur
Supercarriers Aeon Wyvern Nyx Hel
Dreadnoughts Revelation Phoenix Moros Naglfar
Titans Avatar Leviathan Erebus Ragnarok
Freighters Providence Charon Obelisk Fenrir
Jump Freighters Ark Rhea Anshar Nomad
Standard Industrial Ships BestowerSigil BadgerTayra NereusKryosEpithalMiasmosIteron Mark V HoarderMammothWreathe
Transport Ships ProratorImpel CraneBustard ViatorOccator MastodonProwler
ORE VentureProspectCovetorRetrieverProcurerHulkSkiffMackinawNoctisOrcaBowheadRorqual
Pirate Faction Ships
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Angel Cartel
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Blood Raiders
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Mordu's Legion
Logo faction sanshas nation.png
Sansha's Nation
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Sisters of EVE
Frigates Dramiel Cruor Worm Garmur Succubus Daredevil Astero
Cruisers Cynabal Ashimmu Gila Orthrus Phantasm Vigilant Stratios
Battleships Machariel Bhaalgorn Rattlesnake Barghest Nightmare Vindicator Nestor
Carriers Revenant
Special Edition Ships
Shuttles ApotheosisInterbus ShuttleLeopard
Frigates EchelonEchoHematosImmolatorTaipanViolatorZephyrGold MagnateInner Zone Shipping ImicusSarum MagnateSilver MagnateSukuuvestaa HeronTash-Murkon MagnateVherokior Probe
Assault Frigates CambionFrekiMaliceUtu
Covert Ops Chremoas
Interceptors Whiptail
Destroyers Aliastra CatalystInner Zone Shipping CatalystIntaki Syndicate CatalystInterBus CatalystNefantar ThrasherQuafe Catalyst
Cruisers Guardian-Vexor
Heavy Assault Cruisers AdrestiaMimirVangel
Logistics Etana
Recon Ships ChameleonMoracha
Battlecruisers Gnosis
Battleships Scorpion Ishukone WatchApocalypse Imperial IssueArmageddon Imperial IssueRaven State IssueMegathron Federate IssueTempest Tribal Issue
Industrial PrimaeMiasmos Amastris EditionMiasmos Quafe Ultra EditionMiasmos Quafe Ultramarine Edition

Derived from : Template:ShipsMatrix

About Fleets


About Criminal activities



Mining (Moon Mining· Ice Mining · Gas Cloud Mining
Ships Concepts Classes
Mining frigate Mining barge Exhumer Industrial
Mining Fleets
Asteroids and Ore
Mining Yield
AMC Search & Rescue Operations
Mining 101
Mining 102
AMC Intro
EVE University Averon Mining Campus (AMC)
AMC Buyback · AMC Refining · AMC Forum ·

Mining Ships

Ship Type Ship Use
Frigate Venture Low yield, tank and ore hold compared to specialized ship. Greater agility and speed. Only ship in the game with a gas harvesting bonus. Is cheap and takes minimal training.
Mining Barge Procurer Specializes in defense (shield tank).
Retriever Specializes in ore hold capacity.
Covetor Specializes in ore yield.
Exhumer Skiff] Specializes in defence (shield tank).
Mackinaw Specializes in ore hold capacity.
Hulk Specializes in ore yield.
Support Command Ships Can fit gang assist modules and provide security.
Industrial Command Orca Bonuses towards gang link modules, has considerable cargo room, can fly in high-sec.
Capital Industrial Rorqual Capital ship, bonuses towards gang link modules, can compress ore in cargohold (vastly increasing capacity).

Venture Prospect 1) Procurer Retriever Covetor Skiff Mackinaw Hulk Orca Rorqual
Relative Mining Efficiency* tbd tbd 76.4% 83.3% 100% 84.1% 91.6% 115.0% tbd tbd
Effective Hit Points** tbd tbd 60,000 14,000 11,000 67,000 30,000 23,000 tbd tbd
Price (isk)*** 300,000 18,000,000 20,000,000 27,500,000 32,000,000 180,000,000 200,000,000 230,000,000 700,000,000 2,100,000,000
Base Time to Align (s)**** 5.99 5.82 13.86 18.26 19.13 13.86 18.27 19.13 55.45 81.79

∗[Kronos patch] Relative to the Covetor (100%) assuming max skills and optimal fittings for mining. Your results may vary.
∗∗[Kronos patch] EFT calculation, using Tech I modules and intermediate fitting skills as of Kronos patch. Again, your results may vary.
∗∗∗[17Feb2015] Jita/Amarr best price.
∗∗∗∗[17Feb2015] Time to warp mostly equals Time to align.
1) Prospect is the only mining ship that can fit Covert_Ops_Cloaking_Device_II AND has the fastest align time.


Amarr quarter Caldari quarter Gallente quarter Minmatar quarter
1.0 and lower Veldspar Veldspar
Scordite Scordite
Clear Icicle Clear Icicle
Veldspar Veldspar
Scordite Scordite
White Glaze White Glaze
Veldspar Veldspar
Scordite Scordite
Blue Ice Blue Ice
Veldspar Veldspar
Scordite Scordite
Glacial Mass Glacial Mass
0.9 and lower Pyroxeres Pyroxeres Pyroxeres Pyroxeres Plagioclase Plagioclase Plagioclase Plagioclase
0.7 and lower Kernite Kernite Plagioclase Plagioclase Omber Omber Omber Omber
0.4 and lower Jaspet Jaspet Kernite Kernite Jaspet Jaspet Kernite Kernite
0.3 and lower Glare Crust Glare Crust Glare Crust Glare Crust Glare Crust Glare Crust Glare Crust Glare Crust
0.2 and lower Hemorphite Hemorphite Hedbergite Hedbergite Hemorphite Hemorphite Hedbergite Hedbergite
0.1 and lower Dark Glitter Dark Glitter Dark Glitter Dark Glitter Dark Glitter Dark Glitter
0.0 and lower Spodumain Spodumain
Gneiss Gneiss
Crokite Crokite
Arkonor Arkonor
Bistot Bistot
Mercoxit Mercoxit
Gelidus Gelidus
Krystallos Krystallos
Enriched Clear Icicle Enriched Clear Icicle
Dark Ochre Dark Ochre
Crokite Crokite
Spodumain Spodumain
Bistot Bistot
Mercoxit Mercoxit
Gelidus Gelidus
Krystallos Krystallos
Pristine White Glaze Pristine White Glaze
Dark Ochre Dark Ochre
Crokite Crokite
Arkonor Arkonor
Bistot Bistot
Mercoxit Mercoxit
Gelidus Gelidus
Krystallos Krystallos
Thick Blue Ice Thick Blue Ice
Spodumain Spodumain
Gneiss Gneiss
Arkonor Arkonor
Bistot Bistot
Mercoxit Mercoxit
Gelidus Gelidus
Krystallos Krystallos
Smooth Glacial Mass Smooth Glacial Mass

Glow roid grid.jpg An asteroid belt, as seen on the overview. Note the belt's warp-in point (marked with an inverted triangle), as well as the variety of different asteroid types (all labelled according to what kind of ore they contain).


Ore variants

Each asteroid type has two further subtypes, which yield more (+5% / +10%) minerals when refined. Otherwise they are identical in every way to their base ore, and are found in the same regions (just in lower quantities). For instance, if an asteroid belt has Omber asteroids, it will also have some Silvery Omber asteroids and a few Golden Omber asteroids. If you get the chance, you should always mine the higher-yield variants before mining the base ore.

Base ore +5% variant +10% variant Found in
Veldspar Veldspar Concentrated Veldspar Dense Veldspar Everywhere
Scordite Scordite Condensed Scordite Massive Scordite Everywhere
Pyroxeres Pyroxeres Solid Pyroxeres Viscous Pyroxeres Amarr and Caldari 0.9 (or lower) space
Plagioclase Plagioclase Azure Plagioclase Rich Plagioclase Caldari 0.7 (or lower) space
Minmatar and Gallente 0.9 (or lower) space
Omber Omber Silvery Omber Golden Omber Gallente and Minmatar 0.7 (or lower) space
Kernite Kernite Luminous Kernite Fiery Kernite Amarr 0.7 (or lower) space
Caldari and Minmatar 0.4 (or lower) space
Jaspet Jaspet Pure Jaspet Pristine Jaspet Amarr and Gallente 0.4 (or lower) space
Hemorphite Hemorphite Vivid Hemorphite Radiant Hemorphite Amarr and Gallente 0.2 (or lower) space
Hedbergite Hedbergite Vitric Hedbergite Glazed Hedbergite Caldari and Minmatar 0.2 (or lower) space
Gneiss Gneiss Iridescent Gneiss Prismatic Gneiss Amarr and Minmatar 0.0 (or lower) space
Dark Ochre Dark Ochre Onyx Ochre Obsidian Ochre Caldari and Gallente 0.0 (or lower) space
Spodumain Spodumain Bright Spodumain Gleaming Spodumain 0.0 space (or lower, except Gallente)
Crokite Crokite Sharp Crokite Crystalline Crokite 0.0 space (or lower, except Minmatar)
Arkonor Arkonor Crimson Arkonor Prime Arkonor 0.0 space (or lower, except Caldari)
Bistot Bistot Triclinic Bistot Monoclinic Bistot All of 0.0 (or lower) space
Mercoxit Mercoxit Magma Mercoxit Vitreous Mercoxit All of 0.0 (or lower) space


Overview ORE & ICE & Security Galaxy


Ore Refining

Before you can refine your ore, you must place the ore in your hangar at a station with a refinery. The following table lists the batch size and the minerals that you would receive from a perfect refine (some of these numbers changed with the release of Tyrannis):

The following table lists the mineral content of each ore type, and the location(s) where they can be found. Compressed ores require 1 unit to refine, while uncompressed ores require 100 units.

Note that actual yields depend on reprocessing equipment, player skills, level of reprocessing implant (if any), and corporation standings if using an NPC station.

Ore Type Uncompressed Volume Compressed Volume Tritanium Pyerite Mexallaon Isogen Nocxium Megacyte Zydrine Morphite Location
Veldspar 0.1 0.15 415 1.0 (All Space)
Concentrated Veldspar (+5%) 0.1 0.15 436 1.0 (All Space)
Dense Veldspar (+10%) 0.1 0.15 457 1.0 (All Space)
Scordite 0.15 0.19 346 173 1.0 (All Space)
Condensed Scordite (+5%) 0.15 0.19 363 182 1.0 (All Space)
Massive Scordite (+10%) 0.15 0.19 380 190 1.0 (All Space)
Pyroxeres 0.3 0.16 351 25 50 5 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Solid Pyroxeres (+5%) 0.3 0.16 368 26 53 5 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Viscous Pyroxeres (+10%) 0.3 0.16 385 27 55 5 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Plagioclase 0.35 0.15 107 213 107 0.9 (Gallente, Minmatar), 0.7 (Caldari)
Azure Plagioclase (+5%) 0.35 0.15 112 224 112 0.9 (Gallente, Minmatar), 0.7 (Caldari)
Rich Plagioclase (+10%) 0.35 0.15 117 234 117 0.9 (Gallente, Minmatar), 0.7 (Caldari)
Omber 0.6 0.07 85 34 85 0.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Silvery Omber (+5%) 0.6 0.07 89 36 89 0.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Golden Omber (+10%) 0.6 0.07 94 38 94 0.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Kernite 1.2 0.19 134 267 134 0.7 (Amarr), 0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Luminous Kernite (+5%) 1.2 0.19 140 281 140 0.7 (Amarr), 0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Fiery kernite (+10%) 1.2 0.19 147 294 147 0.7 (Amarr), 0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Jaspet 2 0.15 72 121 144 72 3 0.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Pure Jaspet (+5%) 2 0.15 76 127 151 76 3 0.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Pristine Jaspet (+10%) 2 0.15 79 133 158 79 3 0.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Hemorphite 3 0.16 180 72 17 59 118 8 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Vivid Hemorphite (+5%) 3 0.16 189 76 18 62 123 9 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Radiant Hemorphite (+10%) 3 0.16 198 79 19 65 129 9 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Hedbergite 3 0.14 81 196 98 9 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Vitric Hedbergite (+5%) 3 0.14 85 206 103 10 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Glazed Hedbergite (+10%) 3 0.14 89 216 108 10 0.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Gneiss 5 1.03 1278 1278 242 60 -0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Iridescent Gneiss (+5%) 5 1.03 1342 1342 254 63 -0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Prismatic Gneiss (+10%) 5 1.03 1406 1406 266 65 -0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Dark Ochre 8 3.27 8804 173 87 -0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Onyx Ochre (+5%) 8 3.27 9245 182 91 -0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Obsidian Ochre (+10%) 8 3.27 9685 190 95 -0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Spodumain 16 16 39221 4972 78 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Brige Spodumain (+5%) 16 16 41182 5221 82 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Gleaming Spodumain (+10%) 16 16 43143 5496 86 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Crokite 16 7.81 20992 275 367 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Sharp Crokite (+5%) 16 7.81 22041 290 385 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Crystalline Crokite (+10%) 16 7.81 23091 309 403 -0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Bistot 16 6.11 16572 118 236 -0.6 (All Space)
Triclinic Bistot (+5%) 16 6.11 17402 124 248 -0.6 (All Space)
Monoclinic Bistot (+10%) 16 6.11 18230 130 259 -0.6 (All Space)
Arkonor 16 3.08 6905 1278 230 115 -0.6 (All Space)
Crimson Arkonor (+5%) 16 3.08 7251 1342 242 121 -0.7 (All Space)
Prime Arkonor (+10%) 16 3.08 7596 1406 253 127 -0.7 (All Space)
Mercoxit 40 0.1 293 -0.8 (All Space)
Magma Mercoxit (+5%) 40 0.1 308 -0.8 (All Space)
Vitreous Mercoxit (+10%) 40 0.1 323 -0.8 (All Space)
Ore Type Uncompressed Volume Compressed Volume Tritanium Pyerite Mexallaon Isogen Nocxium Megacyte Zydrine Morphite Location

If you have less than the batch size, none of that ore will be refined. If you have more, only even batch sizes will be refined. For example, if you had 378 Veldspar, 300 would be refined into Tritanium, and you would have 78 Veldspar left over in your hangar. If you have the more dense ore (see Mining), you will get that percentage more minerals.

A pilot's ability to use a refinery is affected by three factors: equipment efficiency, refining skills and the equipment use tax.

ICE mining

Assuming perfect refining skills (0% waste), ice asteroids refine to the following:

Faction isotopes
Heavy Water
Heavy Water
Liquid Ozone
Liquid Ozone
Strontium Clathrates
Strontium Clathrates
Logo faction amarr empire.pngHelium Isotopes
Helium Isotopes
Logo faction caldari state.pngNitrogen Isotopes
Nitrogen Isotopes
Logo faction gallente federation.pngOxygen Isotopes
Oxygen Isotopes
Logo faction minmatar republic.pngHydrogen Isotopes
Hydrogen Isotopes
Faction Clear Icicle Clear Icicle 50 25 1 300
White Glaze White Glaze 50 25 1 300
Blue Ice Blue Ice 50 25 1 300
Glacial Mass Glacial Mass 50 25 1 300
Enriched Enriched Clear Icicle Enriched Clear Icicle 75 40 1 350
Pristine White Glaze Pristine White Glaze 75 40 1 350
Thick Blue Ice Thick Blue Ice 75 40 1 350
Smooth Glacial Mass Smooth Glacial Mass 75 40 1 350
Standard Glare Crust Glare Crust 1000 500 25
Dark Glitter Dark Glitter 500 1000 50
Gelidus Gelidus 250 500 75
Krystallos Krystallos 125 500 125

Like asteroid ore, unrefined ice takes up a large amount of space and can therefore be time-consuming to transport. The best sub-capital ship for transporting ice (and ore) is the Miasmos, a Gallente industrial which can transport up to 63,000 m3 (63 blocks, or about two loads from a Mackinaw) of ice. If you need to haul even larger quantities, it may be worth training to fly a freighter (which can hold over ten times as much), or to ship the ice by courier contract.

GAS Cloud Harvesting

  • To mine a gas cloud you will need the skill Gas Cloud Harvesting. The skill book currently runs 24M isk, and is available from all normal NPC sellers.
  • To learn the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill you need Mining at level 4
  • Cross-references:
  • See also Wormhole_Campus for recommendations about skills , ships & fits in Wormholes.


Types of gas

GAS Cloud Types
Name Volume Found in isk. **) M.isk/10,000m3 *)
C320 5m3 Core 67,000 134
C540 10m3 Core 77,500 77.5
C50 1m3 Perimeter 5,500 55
C32 5m3 Frontier 24,400 49
C28 2m3 Frontier 8,000 40
C72 2m3 Perimeter 8,000 40
C70 1m3 Perimeter 2,600 26
C84 2m3 Perimeter 4,400 22
C60 1m3 Perimeter 1,700 17
**) Jita market price @ October 2015); Actual prices see Fuzzworks 'Handy tool' below.
*) Million isk. per 10,000 m3 {Prospect ore hold capacity} so for c320 GAS full ore hold bay 134 Million isk.


GAS Sites Compositions and Defences

Name Gas1 [m3] Gas2 [m3] Sleepers
Barren Perimeter 3000 C50 (3000m3) 1500 C60 (1500m3) 5 Frigates
Token Perimeter 3000 C60 (3000m3) 1500 C70 (1500m3) 1 Cruiser, 2 Frigates
Minor Perimeter 3000 C70 (3000m3) 1500 C72 (3000m3) 2 Cruiser
Ordinary Perimeter 3000 C72 (6000m3) 1500 C84 (3000m3) 5 Sentry Guns IMMEDIATE ACTIVATION
Sizeable Perimeter 3000 C84 (6000m3) 1500 C50 (1500m3) 6 Frigates
Bountiful Frontier 5000 C28 (10K m3) 1000 C32 (5000m3) 4 Cruisers, 6 Frigates
Vast Frontier 5000 C32 (25K m3) 1000 C28 (2000m3) 8 Cruisers
Vital Core 500 C320 (2500m3) 6000 C540(60K m3) 4 Advanced Battleships, 4 Frigates
Instrumental Core 500 C540 (5000m3) 6000 C320(30K m3) 4 Advanced Battleships (The only Gas site to have Warp Scramble


GAS notes

For quick and easy reference, Fuzzworks has a handy tool showing current gas market prices by unit, m³ or "by Venture", i.e. a full ore hold of 5000m³. Note that while C320/540 is highly valuable, the risk versus reward is too high for beginners. A more manageable target is to harvest C50 as the risk is low and the reward is decent. The sleepers can be cleared very easily and the site can be cleared very quickly due to the small size of the gas.

Note on the more valuable gasses

When you start getting up to the C320/540 stage you will need several people working together to clear the site due to its size. You will probably need haulers and also someone acting as a dedicated scout. Remember, there is nothing like watching someone clear a site then ganking them and taking all the gas it took them hours to harvest in a matter of minutes.



Mining Strategy / Dynamic Mining



Patch notes for EVE Online: Citadel Released on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Features & Changes Audio:

A brand new epic theme song for the Citadel expansion. Citadels:

Four New Citadel Structures

Added 4 new Citadel Structures to the game

  • Astrahus (Medium)
    • 25% bonus to all structure combat rig effects
    • 25% reduction in Citadel service module fuel consumption
  • Fortizar (Large)
    • 25% bonus to all structure combat rig effects
    • 25% reduction in Citadel service module fuel consumption
  • Keepstar (Extra Large)
    • 25% bonus to all structure combat rig effects
    • 25% reduction in Citadel service module fuel consumption
  • Upwell Palatine Keepstar (Extra Large)
    • 25% bonus to all structure combat rig effects
    • 25% reduction in Citadel service module fuel consumption

Citadel blueprints

Added 3 new Citadel blueprints to the market in Upwell Consortium member corporation stations

Citadel Links

Rules of Engagement

This is a rough breakdown of which ships1 are valid targets. If you have setup your overview according to Uni standards, "flashies" are always valid targets. Please note that shooting any target in high-sec or low-sec will generate a Limited Engagement which allows your target to shoot back. Pilotless ships or unanchored pos structures are free to be repurposed for your use. Alliance/Corp/Fleet members should not be shot without management approval.

To shoot anchored structures2 you need specific directoral approval to do so.

Category All Space W-Space Null-sec Low-sec High-sec Note
Being aggressed Outlaw/
Plus10.png Friend of the Alliance Tick.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png If you are fired upon without provocation you may retaliate in order to defend yourself. Do not Pursue.

All Incidents Must be reported to a diplomat immediately.

Do not buy or use killrights against them. Do not help them attack or defend structures without Director approval.

Plus5.png Non-Aggression Pact Tick.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png
Neutral.png Neutral / No standings Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png Remember to notify a diplomat if attacked by a neutral.
Minus5.png Hostile toward the Alliance Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png Your Security Status should be taken into account in Low-Sec.
Minus10.png Enemy of the Alliance Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Your Security Status should be taken into account in High-Sec3 and Low-Sec.

High-sec is mostly intended for WT alts. Don't go crazy.

War.png War Target Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Destruction of War Target pods is actively encouraged.
1 Ships are defined as any pilotable item including combat ships, industrial vessels and capsules, along with temporary deployed items such as warp bubbles or mobile depots..
2 Structures are defined as any static structure, such as Player Owned Starbases, batteries and arrays for that, Custom Offices and Outposts.
3 Attacking an Enemy in HiSec without them being flagged will result in your ship being destroyed by CONCORD. Please use this sparingly and only against targets with a long history of aggression and a justifiable reason.

Scifi° (talk) 10:29, 13 May 2014 (UTC)